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9 Tips On How To Do Organic Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing
(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

It’s been a while that i posted a new article. I was observing the user behavior from quite some time to determine which device is used the most by any user. Undoubtedly mobile phone nowadays is the most common device used. If you want to know how to do a successful marketing in today’s world, mobile marketing is the best choice.

Just keep these 9 tips on Organic Mobile Marketing in your mind, and you will succeed for sure.

1. Create a mobile-friendly website:

Mobile marketing

Create a mobile-friendly website. Research says that 83%+ traffic comes through the mobile phone for any website. You may lose out on your business and new customers if you do not have a mobile-friendly website. After 2013 any WordPress theme which is launched is mobile friendly looking at the increased usage of mobile phones. Try and add AMP plugin and make your pages mobile responsive in WordPress.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

To come on top of Google SEO plays a vital role in any website. If you are making a mobile site just take care of small things while doing SEO and you will find it easy for the user to navigate through your website for a better mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing 1. Do not write long content for SEO friendly website specially for Mobile marketing. Make it short and “To the point.” Paragraph length should be 300 words. Maximum 9-10 words in a sentence are enough, and 4-5 sentences in a paragraph are enough.
2. Put the images or videos at the end of the section. Try n put square size images, In rectangular images, you may lose out on the subject.
3. Page load speed is essential.
4. Optimize all the images to make sure that that the page load speed should be okay. (Maximum 11kb or 72dpi is the best resolution for the pictures.)
5. You may use GIF, PNG, JPEG images, but check the size of the mage that’s important.

3. SMO -(Social Media Optimization)

Mobile marketing

Social media plays a vital role in the promotion of any website. Make sure that you create a Facebook page, twitter page and also use other social media platforms for your mobile website promotion. In twitter on mobile phones, you can see up to 140 characters and then you have a “see more” option. Try to mention the subject clearly in the 1st 140 characters.

4. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing helps you generate more leads and visitors. Make sure to do the email marketing for your mobile-friendly website. You can use email platforms like MailChimp etc. for email marketing. In any responsive email on the mobile phone always check the falloff area. It should never overlap. Take the help of the coder and make sure that it works fine. In the email keep these points in mind to help succeed.

Mobile marketing 1. Keep the USP at the top and in the subject line.
2. If not required do not use images in mobile email marketing.
3. Start the Email with USP (unique selling point). First 2 lines should be USP.
4. Moral of your email should be at the top. It’s called bottom down approach.
If a user is interested in your USP and moral of the story, then they will open the email. The ratio of conversion increases in these cases.

5. Local business works excellent on mobile phones. Mobile searches convert into conversion at the maximum. If you have a local business and you are coming on top of search engine on the mobile phone, the ratio of conversion increases.

6. Do Guest posting but only on mobile responsive sites to increase the visibility of your mobile website.

7. SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing is also a part of mobile marketing. Check Domino’s SMS marketing example: Buy 1 get 1 free. Check Starbucks example: Drinks only in rs 100. These examples explain very clearly that small offers work excellent with SMS marketing.

Mobile marketing 1. SMS marketing works mainly for information flow.
2. It works for information about the sale, discounts, etc.
3. SMS marketing will work for engagement, but it’s not a good idea for costly products. If you would try to sell a 2.5 Million $ Apartment by SMS marketing, it may not be a good idea.
4. Small value products are good for SMS Marketing.
5. SMS marketing works excellently to take feedback if you are a restaurant or a service provider. It increases the engagement and helps you maintain your customer base.

8. Proximity Marketing:

Well proximity marketing is a new trend. It means that your phone number would be on a rare surveillance and if you are in a 5km area of the particular store, you will get a message with any offer of urgency. Example: Buy today and get 20% extra off.

9. App Marketing:

Mobile marketing Mobile App Marketing is also a part of mobile marketing. Always use a customized mobile application for your user. Make it easy to use and navigate. Interactivity plays a significant role in mobile application marketing. The mobile app is today’s business requirement. We will discuss mobile application in details in the upcoming articles.

If you follow these nine tips for mobile marketing, you would be 100% successful in promoting your business on mobile phones. Just remember to think as a user and work on all these tips, you will see the difference in your business growth. If you have better ideas feel free to comment on the same. Sharing always helps.

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