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How AI and Voice Search will impact SEO in 2019 and beyond? – Expert’s Advice

AI and Voice Search impact SEO

AI and Voice Search Impact SEO, Lets see how voice search analytics Impact’s SEO and will impact in the coming time. 

SEO is a significant part of any online marketing strategy. Proper SEO enables the e-commerce website to survive as well as grow. SEO helps to drive more traffic to the website. The thousands of customers searching for a particular product or service may not be aware that a specific website offers the product or service which they are seeking. SEO enables the website to reach out to the potential customers and convey them that the company is providing the same product or service.

SEO had undergone drastic changes over the years and getting higher rankings on search engines by stuffing the content with too many keywords is a thing of the past.

Recently, the major search engines have been more favorable to websites which are mobile-friendly and hence the business website was optimized for mobile searches. As a result of technological advancement, SEO is to undergo more drastic changes, and the two latest technologies that are expected to influence SEO to a very great extent are AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Voice Search.

How Will AI And Voice Search Impact SEO?

AI and Voice Search impact SEOAccording to internet marketing experts, the impact of AI and Voice Search on SEO can be expected in 2019 and after that. Changes are inevitable in selecting the target market and the way for writing the web content.

Digital marketing is to undergo phenomenal changes under the influence of AI and Voice Search. Internet marketers have to evolve a strategy that can accommodate all the changes brought by AI and Voice Search.

In 2019 the digital marketing companies can expect a lot of voice searches, and by 2020, about 50% of the searches will be either voice searches or image-based searches.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

AI and Voice Search impact SEOMany people are now asking, “How will AI and Voice Search impact SEO”? But, they will be surprised to know that the impact of AI is already there on SEO.

The first impact of artificial intelligence on business is that it has made narrowing down of the target audience easier and faster. AI can process any amount of information, and the relevant data in the feedback is beneficial to narrow down a target audience. Now, one may ask how AI is changing SEO.

AI enables the search engines to detect black hat techniques quickly and as a result keyword stuffing and other black hat techniques will be eradicated entirely very soon. Since artificial intelligence search engine optimization is in its initial stage, the impact of artificial intelligence in marketing will be felt in 2019 and 2020.

Now the digital marketing companies know how to use AI for SEO, and in coming years AI will dominate in developing the SEO strategies of the digital marketing companies. In digital marketing, presently AI is used to determine the quality of the content, to collect ad targeting data, to organize marketing campaigns and to determine the emotional values that have maximum impact on the target audience.

From 2019, AI will be used by the companies to acquire higher rankings on search engines. The inevitable changes that are going to occur in SEO in the near future are abolition of keywords stuffing and spam backlinks, real-time personalized customer service by online marketers, improvement in the quality of visual content as a result of innovation of video SEO, optimization of websites with conversational keywords and generating massive quantity of real-time data.

In 2019 and beyond, most of the online searches will be in the form of conversation, and as a result, the online marketers will give more importance to artificial intelligence keywords for optimization of the web content.

New Methods To Improve SEO Ranking

AI and Voice Search impact SEOThe impact of artificial intelligence in business has also brought changes in the way searches are made. In the new approach, one primary keyword phrase is to be adapted, and the same is to be optimized for related phrases. Instead of repeating the same keyword phrase, again and again, associated phrases are included throughout the content.

Branding will be essential to acquire higher SEO ranking with AI. The websites are to be made more mobile-friendly to ensure more exposure as well as brand awareness. Interesting and beneficial content is vital for artificial intelligence search engine optimization.

The user must feel that the content is relevant as well as informative and instead of repeating the same keywords one has to write many blog posts which are related and focusing on the same topic.

Impact Of Voice Search On SEO

More than 50% of mobile phone users started using voice search right from 2015, and so we can expect that in 2019 and after that not less than 50% of searches will be in the form of voice search.

How Will Voice Pursuit Affect SEO?

AI and Voice Search impact SEOAs a result of the increase in voice searches, Google can understand the exact requirement of people in a better way. This impact of voice search has paved the way for semantic search. Invoice search marketing, content should be optimized for the customers and not for the search engines. Content that is dry and stuffed with the keyword will be of no use in 2019 and beyond.

The customer service teams of the digital marketing agencies are required to maintain a collection of queries that are often made by customers, and they should also use the same words used by the customers.

They should also listen to the customers when they appear on social media and should go through the customer reviews in detail. Due to the impact of voice search, online marketers should ensure that they use ordinary language only so that the customers can understand. Since the mobile phone is the origin of voice search, it is all the more important to make the business website more mobile-friendly.

Voice Search Is Bound To Continue Beyond 2019

Typing requires more time whereas voice search requires less time. Hence the AI and Voice Search impact SEO, will remain, and voice search will not go away. People have changed their way of navigation, the method of making purchases and way of gathering information. Changes in SEO strategies are unavoidable in voice search marketing, to ensure that the brands remain visible.

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