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Why is Digital Marketing the Next Big Thing in India?

Digital Marketing the next Big change in India

Why is Digital Marketing the next big change in India? Have you heard about Digital Marketing?? Do You know why digital marketing is the next big thing? If you want to shift your career to Digital Marketing in 2017-18 or grow your business using digital mediums, get the hands ON on reading about Companies who sell products and services using the Digital Medium. You will understand it’s an essential need of today’s technology. You need to advertise where people hang out. Well, if you do that that’s great. People used to watch TV, listen to Radio and read Newspapers. So companies used to advertise on these channels a lot. But in 2017-18, we the people don’t use TV, Radio, and Newspapers anymore.

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaNow, people use all the digital mediums like laptops, tablets and mobile phones! ? ? Even you are reading this on the internet! That’s a huge change in Indian culture. And that’s why is Digital Marketing the next big change in India. I am sure that your usage of TV and Newspapers have come down because of social media and internet. Traditional media is in steep decline. ?And digital media is on the rise??. Telecom companies like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, etc. have increased internet usage in India. The question is Why? Why is Digital Marketing the next big change in India? Well, Change is the result of all real learning. One should walk hand in hand with the entire world. Not only India but the whole world has stepped in the Digital Marketing world and is moving forward towards it.

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaIf companies keep spending money on old mediums; they will die. To survive, they need to start advertising on the digital and internet channels. The entire world is moving towards digital channels very rapidly. Digital channels include Search Engines Optimization, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Paid Advertisements, Mobile Marketing and so on. And all the digital mediums are important nowadays. That’s why is Digital Marketing the next Big change in India?. Google estimates that a total of 80 Billion Dollars will be spent on digital channels by 2020. ??

That’s nearly 5,52,000 Crore Rupees! ??

Digital marketing spending is growing every year. ?Small businesses, Business people, and Corporate will be spending this money on digital channels. Also, they need digital marketers to handle this spend! ?Even political parties and non-profit organizations are looking at digital marketing aspects to spread awareness.

So what’s in it for us?

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaIf you are a student, you have a great future in the digital marketing field. If you are a working professional, you can consider shifting to the digital marketing field. And, If you are an entrepreneur, you should learn digital marketing to grow your business using digital channels. So how to get started with learning digital marketing? ?There are plenty of resources online to learn digital marketing. You can learn for free from many places, or you can enroll in a paid courses. If you do not know where to start, I can help!

Here are six reasons why is Digital Marketing the next Big change in India?

1. Cost-Effectiveness ?

The cost of Digital Marketing is much less as compared to the traditional channels of advertising such as television, banners, etc. Also, You can promote your product to the target audience. You do not have to spend a lot to show your product to the entire world until it’s required. You can target all those people who are interested in your product. Specific targeting option is only available in Digital Marketing.

2. Digital Marketing has a huge range ?

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaDigital marketing offers an extensive variety of tools (Search Engine Optimization, lead generation, AdWords, Email Marketing, Content Marketing) to promote your cause. From content marketing to social media marketing, there are numerous options and methods in which each business can proceed according to the specifications and plans which suits them the best.

Thus, the diversity of this platform invites and attracts more and more businesses making it a very lucrative enterprise. You have several options to choose for your business.

3. Count your Growth ?

Digital Marketing is a field where you have a day to day growth data available online. You can calculate whether your business is growing or not. The best way to mark the progress of an idea is to know the stats that it generates.
Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaAccording to, the total spending on digital marketing was $104.58 Billion in 2012. IWell, this is not huge, because it increased to $122 Billion in 2013, $170.5 billion in 2015 and a whopping $252 Billion by 2018.

The growth rate shows the opportunities in Digital Marketing. Also, it shows Why is Digital Marketing the next Big change in India. It has more to offer. More and more people realize the hidden potential in Digital Marketing, and hence we see the new successful business on the rise and raking in the money now and then, and digital marketing will become more strong in the time to come. If you have not decided to be digitally active, it’s the high time for you to step in the digital world.

4. The rise of Social Media ?

Social media is indeed a part of the entire Digital Marketing Platform. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have seen an unprecedented growth in their use as a marketing tool, and newer social media platforms are coming up and taking the scene by storm. Some of these include Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaStarting from personal use the social media platforms has turned into a strong business platform tool too. One can directly tap into individual interests based on the information available through these sites and cautiously can apply target marketing strategies.

This may sound a little complicated if you are new to digital marketing, but if you step in the digital marketing world, social media targeting will help you increase your business a lot.

5. Why Digital Marketing has lots of Opportunities? ?

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaGiven the cost-effective nature of the business which already makes it attractive to clients, the platform is full of opportunities for those who want to establish a business around the digital marketing concept. Also, it has the potential to hire digital marketers to help them grow. Be that proud marketer who can help a big brand grow. Learn all the aspects of Digital Marketing as it is the future. Also Digital Marketing the next big change in India.

If you know how to do digital marketing and if you think you can run a business that involves digital marketing, the fundamental things that you need are a laptop and an internet connection, and you’re set to start digital marketing. Once you start getting adhesion, you can expand.

You Do not require a lot of money if you are planning to be an entrepreneur using digital marketing technologies. This is one reason why many aspiring entrepreneurs are attracted to this concept, and this trend is more to catch on more vigor in the time to come.

6. Who can learn Digital marketing? ?

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaYou do not need to be an A-class engineer or an Einstein to learn the concepts of Digital Marketing. You can, in fact, learn it quite easily. Anyone can learn digital Marketing. No matter you are a student, an entrepreneur, a working professional, a startup, you can begin learning the aspects of digital marketing for your business or personal growth. You could be a helping hand for any of the big brands. Also, you could be a future big brand learning digital marketing. I can help you learn digital Marketing.

Who am I? ?

MonarchwebworldWhat’s my experience with Digital Marketing? Hi! My name is Monarch, and I started my first website in 2010. It was a site about details of website designing and development. It began as a hobby, but within four years, it became the No.1 Website development and designing knowledge site in India with more than 1,00,000 visitors per month.
I grew my website with SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

I used this experience to help a lot of businesses with digital marketing such as Witinfotech, Genexis, etc. Also, I started writing about my experiences at a new blog Monarchwebworld and applied the same concepts to grow my blog! And within a month, it has grown to 1,00,0+ page views a month, + email subscribers! I write & publish about digital marketing. ?

Start learning -> Sign up at and get enrolled for the digital marketing course. ??

Thank you!

Digital Marketing the next Big change in IndiaAny questions? I am here to help!

These attributes make Digital Marketing a glowing pot of opportunities in the time to come. This is why Digital Marketing the next Big change in India. It is very likely that we will see numerous success stories and big business in the field as more and more innovative minds turn towards digital marketing. It is thus definitely a big thing for business in 2018 and the subsequent time to come.

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  1. Great article! I was reading stuff about digital marketing on the internet and i found this article. It’s wonderful. The information is simply great. I felt like i got all the knowledge about digital marketing at 1 place.

  2. Thank you Monarch for this valuable guidance. No doubt this blog post will guide thousands of digital marketing aspirants and newbies like me. Keep sharing such kind of wisdom with us.

  3. Very Informative!!! thanks for giving me this beautiful article to help more than better understand marketing n create a new energy for become a best marketer you are unique!! You are my ideal in digital marketing field. if i see u you create me new energy in my life thanks so much. Each of your blogs results in new learning!!!!I would like to keep following you and become a successful digital marketing professional myself!!

  4. I have started my blog recently and want to learn technicalities of digital marketing,to promote my blog. From which platform should I do a professional course in digital marketing ? If you could help me on this,please guide me..

    1. Hi Swati , If you have recently started the blog, and want to promote start with social share in the beginning. Also, I am emailing you the professional course details. you can check that, it would help you.

  5. I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this web site. Thanks , I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

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