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How to Brand Yourself as a Specialist to Get More Job Offers and Business Opportunities

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Apple, Amazon, and Bruce Bennett: They’re all brands and well-known brands. As such, simply hearing one of these brand names is enough to inspire a whole idea of what their business represents. You know their excellence, personality, and identity—just from the way they portrait themselves to users. Personal Branding can help you make more deals, with less effort.


Your personal brand is how you the world look at you. To become a trusted person in your industry, it’s important for people to be aware of whom you are as a professional and as a human too. Being genuine and intriguing is the only key to brand yourself. Personal branding is all about developing a reputation, a brand that describes and portrays your career as a professional and personal too. A personal brand besides your resume tells anyone and everyone who you are professional; it’s a future career path. In this article, we will enlighten personal branding to get more job offers, but the same principles apply to get more business opportunities as well.

1. What is your existence?

brand yourself, what is personal branding, how to brand yourself, personal branding examples, personal brandingMost of the organizations want experts to work with them; they want people with excellent skills and experience. Even if you have particular expertise to get the best job offers you will have to prove your existence and knowledge. You will have to brand yourself as a brand. Do you want to be seen as refined and professional? Quirky and inventive? Helpful, friendly and approachable? Corporate and serious? Focus on how you want to be observed by others. First understand what is personal branding and how to brand yourself?

Your personal brand is how people see you ; how they’d define you—similar to how people portray famous individuals or companies. It is the set of values and attributes that describe who you are and guide your choices—in work and life. How to brand yourself is what presents you, YOU.

Also while doing personal branding keep your target market in mind or whom you want your brand to resemble with. Customers of your industry? Business Industry peers and professionals? Probable employers? Ironing out these details ahead of present will make the rest of the rule much easier. Through experience, I can say very confidently that Personal Branding is the best way to get the dream job. However, you will have to understand what is personal branding for you and how to brand yourself? I am sharing the best personal branding examples. I have gone through a situation before which most of the people faces while they search for jobs, despite having an attractive resume on so many employment portals and an active LinkedIn profile, I was not getting my dream job. But with my branding, I am getting relevant job offers, and I do not have to hunt for jobs again.

2. How to brand yourself to get the dream job or business?

brand yourself, what is personal branding, how to brand yourself, personal branding examples, personal brandingBrand yourself – A Brand doesn’t mean anything if you don’t market it. You will have to take the initiative to promote yourself just like company markets their product or service. Also, you will have to concentrate on making a recognizable and positive brand. Gary Vaynerchuk has said “It’s important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have. Your reputation online, and in the new marketing world is pretty much the game, so you’ve got to be a real person. You can’t hide anything, and more importantly, you’ve got to be out there at some level.” This is one of the best personal branding examples.

Although there are a lot of good jobs and good people, then as well Organizations are always complaining about the difficulty of finding excellent people to work with them and experts are always complaining about not having enough sound and relevant jobs in the industry. It happens just because we do knowledge work and knowledge work is not quantifiable. The demand of experts is huge on the market but being an ‘expert’ is a subjective thing. There is no measurement for us to certify someone as an expert. You become an expert with signs of expertise – which for many people is accidental, but for most of the people like me, it’s a deliberate effort. What is personal branding & How to brand yourself as an expert is what we need to know in this article.

How To Brand yourself in so many convenient ways:

1. Set up a personal website or portfolio that showcases your accomplishments and your work.

2. Conduct a social media account to ensure you’re upholding your brand online.

3. Create business cards.

4. Get professional photographs taken.

Pull together everything which portrays your identity and message in the world.

That’s what normally anyone starts with, but I think that’s not enough to stand out from the crowd. Here you will have to consider and implement your strategy differently from other people. The reason I am saying this is because people are naturally selfish. We typically don’t communicate with a brand unless we’re getting something from it. And, in a professional setting, this rule also holds true for people.

We want to derive value from the people we engage with—whether it’s a new beneficial relationship, access to new talents or expertise, or even a career opportunity. To establish a positive professional identification, you should plan to offer a distinct value for others also you will have to brand yourself distinctively.

3. How to Brand Yourself – How to Become Experts from “Ordinary People”?

brand yourself, what is personal branding, how to brand yourself, personal branding examples, personal brandingBecoming an expert is effortless. Everyone has unique skills, experience, and expertise if you have one YOU are also an expert. To get recognized as a brand is the most difficult thing in this world. Most of the people think that networking with good organizations and referrals can help them with everything they need, but the question is how much you can expand your network and how you are engaged in the network? What is personal branding for you and how to brand yourself?  There is always a limit to it.

Even if you are an influential speaker in an event people will not remember you for more than six months, Personal Branding the key here.
Always remember how to brand yourself to grow your network. With certain techniques, you can grow your network to big numbers and engage with everyone like popular brands.
 Best personal branding examples says that For Some people, Branding happens naturally, and some don’t even try. According to Wikipedia, an Expert is an individual who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area. But the question is how do others decide who experts are? Research says there are some indications of Experts amongst ordinary people:

Experts Write: Experts write books, great informative articles on their blog. Many people read their blog. They post articles on alleged publications, newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Experts Speak: Experts do guest lectures at universities, speak at seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Experts are Thought Leaders: Experts have unique ideas, concepts, and theories which they have developed over a period. In short, they are professionals and thought leaders in their area of work.

Experts Train: Experts also train other people.

Experts Consult: They work as specialists in many corporations and organizations because they are experts!

brand yourself, what is personal branding, how to brand yourself, personal branding examples, personal brandingIf you want the world to recognize you as an expert or if you want to know how to brand yourself, you should begin doing as many elements as possible from the list above and gradually you will climb the “expertise ladder.” I am helping you with a panacea here , the best personal branding examples, and if you follow this, you will become a Tough Leader from an Expert. “Showcase your knowledge when you brand yourself.” Organize your thoughts, increase the level of your expertise and share it by teaching other people what you have.

Teaching increases your level of expertise and helps you build on top of what you already know and understand. I am sharing the best personal branding examples. Albert Einstein has said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Now though we know what is personal branding and how to brand yourself, let’s get to know how to do the right things. 

The steps to brand yourself. I am writing here is what I follow, which makes my Personal Branding visible and profound in this digital world: Follow these  personal branding examples:

5 Steps on How to Brand Yourself

1. Discover, Learn, Think & Share

2. Create a Brand Identity and brand yourself in the Market

3. Establish your Digital Communication & Broadcasting Channels

4. Publish Unique Articles on your Blog, Speak, Train people and Help

5. Market yourself to take it to the next Level

And you are all set for personal branding!! Now you know what is personal branding and how to brand yourself.

1. Discover, Learn, Think & Share

brand yourself, what is personal branding, how to brand yourself, personal branding examples, personal brandingLearning is an everyday process, but in the process of learning, if you are not taking notes of what you are learning, you will forget it for some time. The primary requirement to be an expert is to learn and to take note of what we have learned. Make a habit of taking notes of your ideas, inspiration; business thoughts if you cannot write it on the piece of paper publish it on twitter or any of your casual blog.

I do that, and some of my notes are the foundation of serious articles or blogs. Later, you can use these notes to publish more classified and read-worthy content on your blog. Always share news, videos, tweets, blog articles related to your industry. Being updated and sharing your branding sense on social media helps you boost your achievement and expertise in your field. I always do that; it helps me getting recognized easily. I always share links on any social media platform by adding something of my own to it to make it more real, and it helps me a lot.

2. Create a Brand Identity and Brand Yourself in the market

brand yourself, what is personal branding, how to brand yourself, personal branding examples, personal brandingUnderstand what is personal branding in a proper way to create a brand identity for yourself; it’s essential to use some brand elements for yourself like profile pictures, username, taglines, primary colors, website URL, “about me.” and elevator pitch. I would suggest

* Get your professional Picture shot so that you can put it on all professional channels. It’s easy for people to remember you with a good professional photo and you will get an immediate recognition with the help of your professional photograph.

* Choose a unique and consistent username. Do not change your username once you publish it on all social media and your website network. It should be unique, and that username will become your identity in branding yourself like I have chosen “Monarch Web World“as I am related to the digital marketing industry.

* Create a short description – elevator pitch for yourself and you can publish it on various online platforms. It will help anyone to know who you are and what you do.

3. Establish your Digital Communication & Broadcasting Channels

In the digital world, digital platform plays an important role. Your original blog or web URL should be your central channel and to drive traffic to your primary channel use as many social platforms as you can like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Guest post, Emails, Secondary Blog and much more. Whenever you publish an article or anything on your Primary blog, update all your social media channels with the same to bring in traffic to your primary blog. Though you have the complete idea of what is personal branding, this will help you brand yourself as a Personal Brand in a better way.

4. Publish Unique Articles on your Blog, Speak, Train people and Help

Only post those articles on your primary blog on which you research very well, which is unique and in depth. For any other writing purpose always use your secondary blog. Your primary blog content should be valuable. Also, share it on social media with a short description. I am sharing personal branding examples: I wrote about “3 Biggest Opportunities in Digital Marketing in 2017” I created a small presentation about it and shared it on social media. You can also upload the description of your content on YouTube. When people see the short description about your article, they will be interested in reading it, and it will allow more visitors to your article. If you follow and do all these steps you will have the complete idea of what is personal branding.

5. Market yourself to take brand yourself to the next Level

brand yourself, what is personal branding, how to brand yourself, personal branding examples, personal brandingBefore you take it to the next level, it’s essential to market yourself. Look for offers to speak, train and help people and organizations in your industry. Once you reach up to a high level of connections and branding, you will be in demand you will have the complete idea of what is personal branding. And all these things lead to make the profit once you brand yourself.

Providing feedback and comments to different authors and publishers helps a lot also taking reviews and feedback on your blog or articles is very important. Try re-targeting all the people who follow you. Writr e-books and make it available for people to read it for free, once people start following you, you can provide online training also. Try creating a forum in your article to make it open for discussion. Create info-graphics for your blog and publish it on a regular basis. It helps a lot. There are several other ways to improvise your branding; however, following the above-mentioned methods will give you a lot of ideas for your personal branding.

If you have questions or ideas kindly comment below, also you can share it tweet it and pass it along. This is a method of marketing in which you will not feel like being marketed to.

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