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7 Tips On How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

How To Start A Money Blogging And Make It Successful- 7 Tips before you Start Money Blogging

If you are planning to start a blog this year or in the coming year and make money from blogging. This article is for you. Try these 7 Tips on how to make money with a blog for beginners.

Well to share my experience, when I started blogging, it was challenging for me to remember everything about blogging. I did not have any idea about starting the blog, choosing the topics, etc. I started blogging after one of my friends helped me with the tips and tricks of blogging. I am going to share the same tips and tricks with you today. And if you follow these 7 tips on how to make money with a blog for beginners you will certainly achieve the success.

Well, before you think some excellent figure ($100,000) earning from blogging, let’s start with basics. Let’s try and guess what topic should I blog on if I have to monetize my blogs. If earning from blogs is the ultimate goal where to start with. I am going to share my experience, from where I started. I am sharing these 7 Tips on how to make money with a blog for beginners

How to make money with a blog for beginners?

  1. Choose the Topic of the blog wisely: Evergreen Topic

how to make money with a blog for beginnersPeople who are successful in blogging always write on evergreen topics. Topics which never get old.

Well, one of my colleagues explained this to me with a simple example. He asked me – Do you like “Split moong dal halwa,” I said yes “I do.” Then he asked me “Would you like it after two years.” Though I am fond of sweet dishes, I said: “Of course yes.” Then he asked me “Would, you like it after ten years,” I said, “Probably yes.” The moment I said yes he replied, well that’s an evergreen topic for you. Start blogging on it. If you also choose an evergreen topic, you will always get the audience to your blog, and your blog topic will never get old.

  1. # of searches for your blog topic should be decent.

how to make money with a blog for beginnersWhile choosing the blog topic, always keep in mind that the number of searches for that particular blog topic should be sufficient. The specific subject should have the minimum of 2000-3000 searches per month. The higher number of searches the topic has, the better it is.


  1. Average Competition should be considerably less for your topic

how to make money with a blog for beginners

Well, this is important. The more competition you have in blogging for the same topic, the more difficult it would be for you to rank higher. The moment you have made the mind to do blogging for money choose your niche and check the competition. Average competition for any topic on which you start blogging for money should never be more than 2,00,000. Try n pick topics which have comparatively lesser competition once you plan to start blogging for money. This is an important point out of 7 Tips on how to make money with a blog for beginners

  1. Choose Target Country as Foreign Countries for Money Blogging

Writing for regular websites and blogs and writing for money blogs are two different things. If you want to earn a handsome amount by blogging, choose target country as foreign countries (USA/UK), etc. Target countries with higher currency values, where you can earn handsome amount by blogging and AdSense.

  1. Choose Small and Related keywords for Money Blogging.

how to make money with a blog for beginnersMoney blogging keyword selection is just opposite of SEO keyword selection. In search engine optimization we preferably work on long tail keywords, however, in money blogging, we work on short tail keywords with value. Also, try and use the related keywords for the topic which you choose. I took the example of “Split moong dal halwa” which I choose as a topic to start working for money blog. For that, I selected the keywords “Moong dal,” “Split moong dal,” “Moong vegetable,” “Moong halwa,” etc. All these keywords are related to Moong that means they belong to the same category and also the keywords are small.

  1. Get Topic Related Domain Name

Try and get the domain name for money blogging similar to your topic. If I get “” in my scenario, that would be icing on the cake. No matter I blog on “Moong dal halwa,” “moong dal vegetable,” “Moong dal pakaude” or “fried moong dal,” they are all related to the same topic “moong dal.” All these posts will belong to “” It’s easy to make money and rank well in money blogging if you have the same domain name as your topic.

  1. Rich Content

how to make money with a blog for beginnersAlways write rich content for your blog to attract a lot of traffic. The ultimate goal is to earn money from blogging, and until and unless you have ample traffic on the blog, making money from blogging can be difficult. As Content is King, so make your content rich. You can make content rich in several ways. Make sure you write contents in your money blogging articles for at least 1000 words each. You can make your content rich by embedding videos, images, eBooks, slide shares, PPTs, etc.

Try to make your audience engaging by offering free e-books for an exchange of email address.

Build trust with your audience by providing a steady stream of useful content.

Try and offer a product or service related to your topic to your audience that can genuinely help them.

how to make money with a blog for beginnersAs per my experience, if you are planning to do money blogging, do need not be experts on that topic. You can purchase content but as a marketer don’t forget to make the content rich before publishing. To buy content, you can take help from,, Facebook PBN, etc.  The bottom line is, making money as a blogger is feasible and very straightforward. Keep theses 7 Tips how to make money with a blog for beginners in mind that I mentioned earlier and you have a solid foundation for becoming a successful blogger!

So, what does this mean for you?


Are you ready to start blogging? If so, why not try out my free 30 Day Blog Challenge, where I give you a small task every day for a month, and by the end of the month you will build a solid framework for your blogging career!


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