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How To Make Revenue From Your Website Visitors?

Make Revenue From Your Website Visitors
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

It’s been a long time I did not post anything. Well, never the late let’s talk about how to make revenue from your website. Everyone wants to make money from the work they do. I am sure if you are reading this blog you must be interested in the same. It’s easy to create a website and generate traffic, but it’s difficult to make money from the website. If you want that people should engage with you to buy your product, you will have to build that trust in your potential customer. Well, Let me make it very clear it’s not a one day game. It’s your hard work and time which will bring success closer to you.

Let’s understand it using a sales funnel. If you are going to get thousands of visitors to your landing page, you might get around 50 leads from that 1000 visitors and from that 50 leads you might end up having two people who go ahead and buy your product. It all starts with brand awareness.

1. Top of the Funnel – Brand Awareness

Make Revenue From Your Website VisitorsWhen anyone hears about your brand for the first time that’s called brand awareness. Quality of content matters a lot when you are trying to engage your target audience. The basic first touch point for any customer comes from blogs, search engine optimization, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Events, E books, Live streaming, content marketing, etc. If you are reading this post today, you could either be a first time visitor or a returning visitor to my website. That’s brand awareness, and without brand awareness lead generation can never happen. Making the top of the very funnel firm is essential for good conversion. All the assets of the top of the funnel work like a magnet which attracts the customer to the next level.
Now the question is how to get the contact information of the person looking at your brand. Most of your potential customer may not trust you while giving the contact information. That’s what takes you to the next level of the sales funnel.

2. Lead Generation – The Next Level

Make Revenue From Your Website VisitorsWhen you ask for contact information from anyone most of the people are hesitant giving that information thinking that you may misuse their information. Instead, if you incentivize people by encouraging them to provide their contact information by offering something free to them, that’s more fruitful. To get something for free as a free E-book, Free Course, Free trial, Free App Download, your potential customer will provide you their basic information (Name, Email Address &Phone Number). It’s like the ethical bribe. The more information you have about your lead, the better it is for you. Becoming a club member, incoming emails, incoming calls or filling up and inquiry form is also a part of lead generation. Any contact information of the potential lead who will be a paying customer for you in future is lead generation. A Lead is a lead only when you have the contact information which further gets converted into a sale. So focus on getting the details of your lead first, it will bring to closer to the next level of the funnel.

3. Lead Nurturing – Coming Closer to Sales.

Make Revenue From Your Website VisitorsTo build the trust of your leads, it’s essential to nurture them. Do not focus on making the sales at the very top of the funnel follow the steps carefully and sale will happen automatically. Developing and communicating the trust is very important. In the nurturing stage introduce your product or services. You can give free courses or case studies, provide the exciting freebies to keep your audience engaged. The more content you provide, the more people will get to know about your brand, and indeed it will build the trust to nurture and intensify the desire of your leads. Also, it will increase the desire for more content or products from your side. Until and unless you nurture your leads conversion is difficult to happen.

4. Conversion – The Final Step

Conversion is the step where your leads either buy your direct product or an affiliate product from you. If you are just writing blogs and doing SEO, without thinking about monetizing your site or moving from one step of the funnel to the other level then its a waste. Having your product or doing affiliate for any product is essential. When your leads have trust in your brand following the steps of the funnel, they will for sure buy your product. For that, you need to have your product or an affiliate product. If you have your product and if you follow this sale funnel you can make a good amount of money. It’s important to be focused on what to sell, How to make sales is going to be an easy task.
So, If you are following the steps keep me updated on how this funnel changed your conversion. Cheers!!

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