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How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website?

increase the domain authority
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

A new era has begun today. In the new year, let’s talk about some essential things which are very important to increase the domain authority of your website.

Let’s understand What is Domain Authority?

DA (Domain Authority) is nothing more than a website metrics developed by Moz and a countable part of SEO. The higher DA, your website has, it’s more likely to get more traffic and high rank. Domain Authority is scored on a level of 1 to 100, wherein one is the worst and 100 being the best.

It’s essential to understand How to move your DA up or how to increase the domain authority?

increase the domain authority1. Domain authority is based on a lot of factors. It depends on link profile factors such as how many backlinks are pointing to your website and how authoritative those sites are.

2. It is challenging to gain a DA number of 100. Websites like Facebook and Google have it, so don’t be disheartened if you never hit 100.

3. DA is difficult to influence directly. You can’t change your DA score like you can change your meta tags.
It will increase slowly with all the positive activities done towards your website.

Well, the Question is How to improve the Domain Authority?

Primarily To improve the domain authority just follow two steps:

1. Gain good links

2. Get rid of bad links

Option 2 is quite easy. You want to get rid of bad links just request for the removal of links or disavow them.
Option 1 is not difficult, but it requires a lot of hard and smart work. You need unique content and backlinks from high authoritative websites for the same.

I am sharing Eight steps which will help you increase the domain authority (DA): Take a closer look:

1. Choose a good Domain Name

increase the domain authorityIf you are just starting up choose a good domain name that’s relevant to your website. You can check for expired domain names which may have some domain authority from the beginning just because of the domain age. Domain Age matters a lot. The more is the age of your domain, the higher authority it will have.

2. Ensure your On-Page SEO is in Place.

Whatever is required to do your on-Page activity correctly, do it. Check the website structure, navigability, breadcrumbs, URL structure, meta tags, header tags, word count, keywords, alt tags, etc. Make sure your on-page activity is up to the mark before you move further in the pursuit of DA. Right On-Page SEO activity increase the domain authority slowly.

3. Create Linkable Content

increase the domain authority

Content drives your business. The better your content is, the more likely it will be that another authoritative site will link to it. This means that your content has to be relevant to your brand and to your audience, informative, creative, and well written. Create articles for more than 1000 words with lots of infographics. It’s not mere content alone that drives links, of course. It’s top-notch content with power, authority, and value.

4. Improve the internal linking structure of your site

increase the domain authorityInternal linking weaves a robust network within your site that benefits both the user and the search engines that crawl and index your site. You can create a powerful network on your website if you have ample content. Wikipedia is an excellent example of internal linking, because for every individual entry on Wikipedia they build dozens, and sometimes even numbers, of internal links to the other results. Internal links help prevent visitors from leaving out of disappointment and also help to keep them involved with your website at the same time. Additionally, internal links make it easier for search engines to index your entire site. Also it helps you increase the domain authority of your website.

5. Remove Toxic Backlinks on a regular basis

increase the domain authorityThe only way you’re going to have a tidy link profile — cleaning it up regularly. You can build the most awesome link-backs the world has ever seen, but if your profile is full of spammy backlinks, you’re not going to experience the success you want from content marketing. Your DA will remain low. It can be a difficult to check on every link on your website. But if you want your DA to be up you will have o keep an eye on the toxic or broken links, and you will have to them before your website looks spammy.

6. Check if your Website is Mobile Friendly

increase the domain authorityMany people use mobile phones to access any website. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you may lose out on many of your potential customers. It will also decrease your mobile search engine ranking. To check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can visit this Mobile-Friendly Test by Google Developers page. It will examine your web page and let you know how mobile-friendly your site is.

7. Increase the Page Load Speed of your Website

People are very impatient for a page that takes a long time to open. Poor landing pages can improve the bounce rate of your website anytime. You can also check your website’s loading speed with the PageSpeed tool by Google Developers. Not only it will analyze the speed of your site, but it will also identify some ways for you to make your site faster and improve the user experience.

8. Be Patient

increase the domain authorityIf you follow what I have discussed in the above methods, the DA of your website will rise automatically. You’ll find plenty of content elsewhere on the web that explains how you should improve your DA. You can’t simply “improve your DA” by jiggering this and tweaking that. Instead, you must look at the bigger picture of today’s SEO — it’s content marketing. And you can only win in the other areas — domain authority, traffic, organic search results, and ranking — by focusing on your content.
Better content means better everything else. You can improve your domain authority. It’s all about your content.

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