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How to Build a Sales Funnel to Enhance The Conversion?


In the last blog, we spoke about the basic sales funnel strategies of AdWords. In this blog, we will discuss how to build sales funnel to increase conversion? With time I have realized that search engine marketing in a vast ocean. It’s time to get deeper than just doing keyword research and focusing on landing pages. It’s imperative to understand our audience and their behavior for better targeting and performance. The day you start a website, if you add the Google analytics code, it will help you get your customer’s insight data. If you do effective keyword research and analyze the available data before running an ad campaign you will have this information:keyword reserch sales funnel

  • How many potential customers do you have?
  • How engaged and interested your potential clients are?
  • Is your audience familiar with your brand?
  • Which all products or services they are more interested in?
  • Are they ready to purchase?

In our post about sales funnel, we have already discussed the customer journey from awareness to be paying clients in brief. In this blog, we will discuss the sales funnel strategy for AdWords in Details. There are different stages of the funnel where we apply different strategies to meet our goal. It’s essential to set your business goals for each part of the sales funnel before we get into the details. Let’s start from the top of the funnel.

Which Strategy Should you Apply At the Top of Sales Funnel?

Top of the funnel creates Brand Awareness. In the top of the funnel, the audience is unaware of your product and services, and they require awareness and education. The best part is that AdWords allow to you to target a broad range of potential customers. The Internet world is a vast world, creating a brand and then maintaining the brand management needs to be taken care of at different stages of the sales funnel. For brand awareness.

* Start with Google Display Network Engagement Formats:brand awareness in sales funnel

The primary purpose for any startup or a new product or service is to create brand awareness and product need. Before you move to the plan, finalize your goal first. Use Google Display Network Engagement formats at this stage of the funnel. GDN Engagement formats include the intense exposure about the product or service. It may include static pop-up ads, rich media ads and video ads about the product and brand services. You can use strongly branded catalogs, videos and pop-out banners. The more engagement announcements will be available; the chances of an audience being aware of the brand will increase.

* Move to Google Display Network

You may be thinking, what does Google display network do? GDN is the network of websites across the internet where Google allows you to place ads. As per Google GDN has a range of more than 2 million websites, and it covers more than 90% of internet users. display ad sales funnelGoogle display network ads can appear on Google ads approved sites, YouTube, Gmail and some mobile websites and apps. As GDN covers a wide range, the chances of brand awareness increase when you run ads through display ads. Now, the goal is set: i.e., to create brand awareness. Use Branded banner ads to reach the goal. Show regular static branded banners or Gif’s on the display network with broad match keyword and confined targeting. You can run video ads on YouTube and also can target Gmail to show your ads. Ads on Mobile websites and apps also help you increase your brand awareness. It will help you reach maximum potential customers, and don’t forget to use demographics to target right audience. Using the correct analysis to target the audience can save your money too in ads spending.

* Use Facebook and Twitter Paid Ads.

paid ads in sales funnelSocial media is a powerful platform to advertise your brand. There are numerous active social media available nowadays. The purpose to use Facebook and Twitter paid ads is to create brand awareness. Also, social media paid ads helps to educate a precise audience segment about the brand and product or service. Use brand oriented and product focused paid ads on social media. Demographics help a lot to target particular customer segment to do brand advertising. Demographic targeting is a helpful feature to target the potential audience in paid Facebook and twitter ads. Once you reach the goal of brand awareness and you have the data of your potential customers, it’s time to educate your audience more about your products. Shall we move to the middle of the sales Funnel?

Which Strategy Should You Use for Middle of Sales Funnel?

once you achieve the target of the top of the funnel it’s the time to maintain your brand awareness and also you will have to educate your audience about your product or service. Let your audience know the need of your product or service in their routine. It’s now the middle of the sales funnel.

* Start with Re-marketing:

Remarketing is the process of targeting defined audiences who visited your website before. remarketing sales funnelShowing your ad to those people who has visited your site before is a smart way of running display ads. I consider remarketing in the middle of the funnel because bidding on remarketing search terms can be expensive than GDN engagement or paid ads. It may or may not deliver the required return on investment at this level of the funnel. The Goal to do remarketing at this stage of the funnel is to educate your target audience more about your product.

* Remarketing Previous purchase Interest

Sales-Funnel -remarketingYou can show ads to an audience who recently made any purchase based on their purchase interest or product. For example, If Someone bought a laptop you can show them accessories like laptop bags or headphones. If someone acquired a service to create the website, you could show them services for SEO, Marketing or lead generation. Here the goal is to create interest of customers who purchased a product towards relevant product or services. This remarketing is used to attract potential clients and get converted into paying customers easily. It’s a kind of smart work.

* Move to Remarketing of Highly Engaged Audience

The highly engaged audience is that group of audiences who either find your content informative or who are highly involved in your product search.reengage sales funnel I use this remarketing for people who have the minimum of 2 minutes time spent on the website or who has visited two pages of the site. Here the goal is to re-engage the audience who shows huge interest in your product or service. They are the most likely audience to get converted. Showing your ads to those target audiences leads to conversion most of the times. Now though we have created a need for or product or service by educating the potential customer, let’s move to the bottom of the funnel.

What to Do in the Bottom of Sales Funnel?

Most of the Internet users are smart. Even though we try to appear again and again in front of the potential customer, they want to be assured before choosing a service or product. They look for reviews, comparisons and best deals before making a purchase. At this stage, the target audience is already interested in your product; your goal is to make them aware why they should choose you above others. Use Search Network to target audiences which are highly engaged. Now the sales funnel is narrower wherein a potential customer can get converted into paying client.

* Use Search Network or PPC

sale in sales funnelHere, the goal is to target customers who are looking to make a purchase. In the bottom of the funnel bid only for those keywords which have a purchase intent like Buy, Sale, Get Offer, etc. Here the ads are entirely promotional. Target those customers who are in the shopping mode.

* Move to Google Shopping Campaigns.

Google Shopping sales funnelGoogle shopping ads include rich media. These are ads with product image, price, and merchant or brand name. The goal is to target customers who want to shop or who are in a shopping mode. Google shopping campaigns are the prominent way to target your motivated audience. For this campaign create ads on promotion basis with images and target audience generated from the product feed.

* Remarket Cart Abandoners

sales funnel Retargeting those customers who have placed the product in the cart and had to abandon the cart is very important. They are the most likely customers to get converted. You will have to address those customers who has decided to purchase your product, but something is holding them back. Offer them deals, discounts, promotions, alternative payment options, so that they break the barrier of holding them back to buy your product. If provided the right offer or alternative they will certainly be the paying customer for you.

Remarketing is also effective for those customers who are your paying clients. Showing them special offers, discounts and promotions attract them to be with your product or service. Target your audience using both keywords intend and previous behavior, and you will not lose the potential client. Making right strategy is key to succeed in marketing. Decide your goal at every stage of the funnel, work towards the goal using marketing tips and help like demography and ultimately you will convert your potential customer into paying customer. If you have any trouble making the sales funnel strategy or creating the maximum paying customer campaign, you can contact AdWords console, or you can contact us. We will be happy to help you with sales funnel strategies, and we will assist you to create the sales funnel driven AdWords campaign.


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    1. these are the strategies to improve sales. Funnel strategy is used by marketing giants. If you want more sales you will have to plan differently. If you fail to PLAN yo plan to FAIL.

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