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Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2018

Web design trends for 2018
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

A web designing team of Thee designs are trying to find the latest trends and web technologies, Web design trends for 2018. The passionate people help us to create high-quality websites that considerately integrate technologies that make logic in your business. We all want the most recent trends for our industry and our clients. People from now are trying to find out what comes next in the web design field and development trends.

2018 will be rich in, technologies such as machine learning, virtual reality, and voice user interfaces have been refined and are now conventional. In the future, it is supposed to see clean, simple designs that make means for these immersive technologies. So let’s have a look what websites will look in 2018.

Web design trends for 2018

Clean Layouts

Web design trends for 2018

In 2017, both designers and developers started to developed clean and simple websites for best performance. The large image makes your site slow to load and irritating to the mobile users. As numbers of mobile searches are increasing, so it is expected that this trend is continuing in the future as well. Web design trends for 2018 will find collaborating animations, augmented reality and much more.

Internet of Things

Web design trends for 2018The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is used to attach devices to the internet. Internet of things includes smart light bulbs. Apps that help you to find lost keys. Most websites in the future use loT technology. In Web design trends for 2018, it is supposed to see IoT interfaces on sites that help you to associate with smart devices. A more creative website contains a more complicated backend, but an experienced web developer will help you to create an interface that is easy to use.

Virtual Reality Video

In 2017, we have seen a trend of adding video on websites. Eventually, it feels like every website has an introductory video. We also find that now various apps and services design video for any site. But in Web design trends for 2018, websites will take some new look at the video, attractive places that anyone looks like science fiction. Some apps are able to develop a virtual reality videos. TheeDesign is also working on the 3D model, and they receive an award in 2017 that is summit creative award.

Subtle Animations

Web design trends for 2018As technology become so advanced and web browsers are now able to manage the animations and graphics more efficiently than ever before. In the past animation is distracting the readers but in Web design trends for 2018, is the new era of subtle animations. Subtle animation is also related to typography-driven design.

AI, and Machine Learning

Thanks to the artificial intelligence and machine learning different brands are more aware of their customer’s behaviors. Let’s take an example of Facebook, it very well knows about us. Facebook learn from different things when we tag someone when we like or share the post. By this data, it finds out what we want and what we not like. It also tracks your Do my Essay location data, and from this information, they acknowledge which data, post, events it shows you, so you hit a like button.

We are supposed that this technology will also use company websites in 2018. With this feature, web association will become flawless. Just assume a site that your customer want on your company website for that you need to analyze past data and reviews. Due to this technology customer service become very much faster and efficient day by day.

Voice User Interface and Search

Web design trends for 2018A voice user interface is something that looks like a natural language processing; it helps human interaction will a computer in the form of speech. It can be used by different companies. Now it is understandable and acts as complicated voice commands. When it interface merge with the machine learning, it efficiently predicts your desire before the authority.
So it is supposed that websites will see with their voice user interfaces. But when the customers used voice search option then you need to design your website content more conversational.

Seamless Interactions

Seamless interactions are also a theme for Web design trends for 2018. By using voice user interfaces and chatbots, it helps customers to interact more efficiently with your website without having to click on a website link or wait for a page to reload. Micro-interactions are also another technology that helps your site to enhance interactions.


Web design trends for 2018We all being afraid of hackers, malware attaches and stole a critical data from your website. Security is the central element when we talk about website development. Google takes a great start it acknowledges users to possible harmful attack. When you design website makes sure to confirm the security of your customer information. Upload your security certificate to your website so that people will trust you and easily share your content.

Taking Risks, Reaping Rewards

When to give wonderful web experiences means using new technologies and interact this technology with their clients. Give your customers a wow experience or a 3D model of your new buzz. In short, give a lifetime experience to your customers.


Web design trends for 2018

Website layouts must be clean and straightforward; you will suppose to see web designers release their creativity with the help of typography. Websites that contain text designs are easy and quick to communicate messages with users. In 2018, it is supposed to see lots of bold headers and text links in place of buttons.
If you have some information on yet to come website technologies feel free to share the same with us.

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