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Top 55+ WordPress Development Blogs to Follow

WordPress bloggers to follow

It is indeed essential for those who use WordPress and those who develop WordPress websites to update their knowledge of WordPress. Those who make it a practice to go through the WordPress blogs regularly can easily know the latest WordPress news, the latest themes as well as Plugins, the latest techniques, hacks and other things. This article will cater you with the information about more than 55 best WordPress blogs to follow. From the popular WordPress blogs, one can gather a lot of useful tips as well as resources that are required for those who want to advance in their WordPress career.


All WordPress enthusiasts will be curious to know about the blog. The latest news about WP, the latest developments at WP, changes in the code, the forthcoming events and the latest news from the WP community are available from this blog. The information provided by this blog is beneficial for all those who have invested in WP.


When we think about the WordPress bloggers to follow, we can’t forget Chris Lema. This blog says about freelancing, eCommerce, e-learning and many other subjects that are related to WordPress.

3. Elegant Themes

This is an ideal WordPress blog for interesting tips, useful tutorials and the latest news about the new WordPress plugins and themes. In this blog, one can also watch renowned bloggers like Jacqueline Thomas, Kevin Muldoon, and Brenda Barron.

WordPress bloggers to follow

4. WP Explorer

WP Explorer has the distinction as one of the best WordPress blogs. This blog is a great resource of information for WP users. This blog contains user guides, reviews on plugins, themes, and tutorials.

5. Winning WP

This is an outstanding resource for WP users, and Brian Wilson runs this blog. The tutorials in this blog enable the users to acquire new skills and the new WP themes as well as plugin reviews are also quite useful.

6. WP Lift

This is indeed one of the best WordPress blogs to follow. It is a rich storehouse of WP guides, tips and tutorials. This blog is particularly useful to the novice users of WP. Those who follow this blog can get immense knowledge of WP.

7. WP Eka

The plugin reviews, high-quality tutorials, the opinion posts and theme of this blog make it a great WP blog.

8. WP Tavern

Jeff Chandler created this popular WP blog in the year 2009. Here one can go through the latest news from the world of WP, important announcements regarding plugins, hacks, and themes. Chandler and Sarah Gooding, the managers of this blog, ensure that the blog is updated on a regular basis with the latest news.

9. WPMU DEV Blog

Many WP users find this as a beneficial blog that features excellent tutorials, handy tips, and expert advice. New as well as experienced WP users find this blog very useful. The topics that are discussed in this blog are mostly related to WP, BuddyPress, WP Multisite and the like. No wonder that this blog has more than 360000 members.

10. WP Kube

The founder of this blog, Devesh Sharma had successfully made it a unique resource of high-quality WP themes, plugins, tutorials and the latest WP news. On alternate days there will be the post by Devesh Sharma and some of the great WordPress bloggers to follow including Ashley, Joe and Sourav Kundu also appear in this blog.

WordPress bloggers to follow
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11. Manage WP Blog

The users of this blog can save a considerable amount of time and effort since they can manage several WP sites from the same dashboard. Another great aspect of this blog is that it features distinguished writers as well as developers like Brenda Barron, Vladimir Prelovac, and Charnita France. Apart from news, reviews, tutorials, tips, themes and plugins this blog also shares opinions and business advice.

12. WP Engineer

Three WP Super Fans developed this blog and dedicated it to the WP users. This blog features a lot of tips, interesting tutorials, and immense resources.

13. Anariel Design

Ana Segota created this blog and is also run by her. The amazing premium themes make it an exciting blog. Apart from the valuable SEO tips and the handy guides including video guides, the followers of this great blog go through the interesting one on one WP interviews.

14. Monster Post

Through this WP blog, Template Monster provides highly informative articles, free e-books, and themes. This blog helps the users to improve their designing skills, learn how to optimize website content and find out the best hosting.

15. Media Temple

This blog is a great resource of tips for hosting optimization, WP tutorials, image editors and customer spotlights.

16. Envato

For the freelancers and those who are in search of DIY methods, this is an ideal WP blog to follow. Apart from themes plugins and images, this WP blog provides tips for any niche.

17. Colorlib

Apart from the specific WP niches, this blog provides design tips, plugins, and a few free themes.

18. Carrie Dils

It is indeed a great experience to read the blogs of Carrie Dils who is one of the most popular WordPress bloggers to follow. Her blogs are highly informative as well as educative. She writes about a variety of topics like WordPress, WooCommerce, Genesis and many more. Also, she tweets regularly.

19. Narrowem

This blog is the best place to compare different themes and plugins before the final selection. There are case studies also from real-life examples of web designs.

20. Yoast SEO

This blog is a great resource for SEO. From this blog, one comes to know about the latest SEO strategies of WP. This site also provides plugin updates, guides for using social media and handy SEO tips.

WordPress bloggers to follow

21. Cloudways

This is not only the best option for cloud hosting but also an excellent blog to follow. The blog provides you with innumerable business tips, excellent guides to set up websites and a lot of Theme reviews.

22. WPShout

This is an outstanding WP blog run by the duo – Fred Meyer and David Hayes. The blog is a rich source of development tips, guides to ensure security, tutorials, and lists of ideal resources.

23. 1st Web Designer

WordPress users, as well as WordPress designers, will find this as one of the best WordPress blogs to follow. The numerous posts include web design tips, cheat-sheets and free resources such as themes and Photoshop tools.

24. Woorkup

This is a great WordPress resource managed by the SEO expert Brian Jackson. The blog is inspiring as well as informative. Freelancers can gather useful tips from this blog to run a blog. There is also a toolbox of recommended products.

25. WebCreate.Me

For those who run small businesses, this is an ideal blog to follow. From this blog, one can learn how to run his WP website without any hassle. The blog provides useful tips for email marketing, social sharing, copy-writing and scheduling. One can learn from this blog on how to build a custom WP website.

26. Kinsta

The WordPress hosting offered by this blog is fast, secure and reliable. Those who follow this blog can learn a lot about plugins, security, and blogging. A lot of useful business tips are also provided.

27. Tuts+

This blog is an exclusive resource for those who are new to WP and who want to learn more about WP.

28. WP Arena

This blog is run by Elementor, which is also the free page builder plugin for WP. From this blog, one can learn how to improve his skills to build a website with the help of Elementor. The freelancer interviews and web design roundups are also quite interesting.

29. Torque

This WP blog brings a lot of WP news, updates and the latest developments in the WP world. The content of this blog is contributed by experts like John Stewart, Josh Pollock, and Shaun Quarton.

30. Cats Who Code

The Belgium based blogger Jean manages this WP blog with more than 17000 followers. This blog is an awesome source of WP tips, coding tutorials, and hacks. Other famous blogs like Pro Blog Design, Smashing Magazine, and WPHacks also feature the works of Jean.

31. ThemeShaper

Here’s a WordPress blog run by a group of eminent WordPress bloggers to follow. The blog content includes detailed tutorials, useful tips, hacks, snippets and the latest WP news. Ian Stewart, Daniel Robert, Caroline Moore and other WP enthusiasts are managing this blog.

32. WP Beginner

This is one of the best WordPress blogs to follow for those who are beginners. This is one of the best WP platforms to learn, and already there are 130000 users.

33. WP Superstars

The tutorials and posts in this blog are equally useful to professionals and beginners. Basically being a review site, the users can go through the informative reviews also.

34. SitePoint

Website designers are sure to find this blog very useful. The blog teaches how to build quality websites as well as web applications. Behind this blog, there is a team of eminent writers and skilled developers. Apart from the tips and tutorials, the blog provides precious books and learning materials about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

35. Codein WP

A great source of awesome posts that bring high-quality WP tutorials, tips and tricks! The posts are so amazing simply because they are from bloggers like Tom Ewer, Daniel Pataki, Karol K and Adelina Tuca.

36. Bob WP

Beginners, as well as advanced users, are advised to make use of this blog just for the reason that it is run by Bob Dunn from whom everyone will get something new to learn. Those who are interested in learning more about WP may make it a point to follow his podcast.

WordPress bloggers to follow

37. WP Mayor

Those who go through the posts in this blog are assured of the latest news, the best articles, hacks and highly informative plugin reviews. This blog is managed by Mr. and Mrs. Jean Galea and his cousin Mark Zahra. Those who contribute to this blog are from different walks of life so that the content will be multi-colored.

38. LearnWoo

The articles posted on this blog include tutorials, reviews, and interviews with WP influencers. This blog focuses on WP eCommerce tools like WooCommerce. Website owners and novice website builders will get a lot of practical guidance from this blog. This blog provides a lot of e-books that cover all aspects about WordPress and WooCommerce.

39. Matt Mullenweg

Those who read this blog can learn a lot about the world of WP since Matt Mullenweg develops it. Presently Matt is associated with ‘Automattic’ – the real force that activates Matt will curate selected articles and various other content forms from the web and will concisely provide his opinions.

40. Matt Report

Matt Medeiros maintains this blog. Those who aim to make money online are sure to find this blog very useful. However, this blog is specifically for those who carry out digital business and also for WP agencies. This blog teaches how to build, start and run a WordPress business successfully.

41. Andrew

This blog is exciting to read. This blog is developed and run by Andrew Norcross who is the founder of Reaktiv Studios. Reaktiv Studios is a development firm that provides solutions to challenging problems as well as situations with the help of WP. The blog covers a lot of topics and also it provides technical guidance for coding.

42. Lorelle on WordPress

Besides being a great author, Lorelle Van Fossen is one of the expert WordPress bloggers to follow. Lorelle contributes 1975 articles in a year on WP. Hence this blog is a great resource for all those who want to excel in web publishing. This WP blog is highly proactive and provides all details from code to calendars.


This is an amazing WP resource that offers a huge quantity of free content and handy templates to boot. The blog offers not only free WP themes and plugins but also tutorials and information about the best tools.


This is one among the popular WordPress blogs developed and managed by the renowned WP developer Peter Nilsson. This blog is a great source of news, reviews, updates, templates and WP themes. The technical knowledge and enthusiasm of Peter Nilsson have made this blog so attractive.

45. Pippin’s Plugins

Enthusiastic coders use this WP blog to gain access to plugins of superior quality. This paid service is offered by Pippin Williamson who provides all the plugins developed by him. Pippin also posts his articles on digital business.

46. Mario Peshev on WP Development

Mario Peshev is a leading WP Developer. He is also a growth strategist. In his blog, he writes about his technical expertise and business activities as well as adventures. Entrepreneurs who want to take their business to higher levels can learn a lot from the blogs of Mario Peshev.


Kevin Muldoon is an internet marketing expert as well as one of the WordPress bloggers to follow. His blog contains high-quality content about SMM, WP news and other topics related to internet marketing. Kevin’s articles are considered valuable because he has more than 15 years of experience in money making online.


Here’s a truly compelling blog which is maintained by the famous WP Developer Andrew Nacin. He writes about a variety of subjects. His blog is highly exciting because it contains a lot of interesting and informative tidbits about WP as well as web at large. The topics covered by Nacin include net neutrality, open source, security and evils of net throttling.

49. Sitepoint WordPress

This blog caters the best quality content to web professionals. The articles on WP related topics are highly educative, interesting to read and highly technical.Though most of the articles are meant for professionals, occasionally the blog serves content that is accessible to all. Those who read this blog regularly can improve their technical knowledge.


This is the personal blog of Tom MC Farlin who is a WP Developer, blogger, and social media activist. The posts are humorous and highly entertaining and deal with strange internet issues. In his blog, Tom focuses on various aspects of running, maintaining, customizing and improving the WP websites. His editorials which focus on his observations of web culture are highly informative.


This blog offers a lot of themes and plugins. The articles on this blog cover a wide variety of topics like CSS, Advertising, hosting, coding, SEO, plugin development, social networking, WooCommerce, multi-site management, WP news and many other topics.

52. ShoutMeLoud Blog

Harsh Agrawal and his team develop this blog. The beginners normally find it very difficult to get used to WordPress. In this blog, the bloggers share various tips for the beginners to get out of the difficulties to get used to WP. The readers can also discuss with the forum various topics that are related to WordPress. The tutorials in this blog contain videos also. The free Android and iOS app provided by this blog enables the users to download and view the blog.

Check 3 Examples of popular WordPress blogs in different categories:

53. The Cranky Flier

This is a compelling WP blog for airlines and air travelers. The blog is developed by Brett Snyder who had great fascination for air travel during his childhood days. His fascination for air travel made him to develop this blog. Brett has kept close tabs on the various events and happenings that take place in the airline industry. The blog reflects his deep insider knowledge of the airline industry.

54. After Ellen

This WP blog is about the members of the feminist LGBT community who appear in the media. Though the blog was originally created by Sarah Warn, it is named After Ellen because the blog was started after Ellen DeGeneres appeared on the popular show Ellen. Through this blog an effort is made to unravel the views of lesbian and bisexual women in entertainment.

55. Perez Hilton

This is considered as the best blog for celebrity gossip. Peres Hilton who developed this blog was recognized as the number one web celeb for 2007, 2008 and 2009 by Forbes Magazine. Those who are eager to know about the truth about their favorite celebrity can rely on this blog.

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