Beau Voyage needed a more user-friendly, SEO optimized, and conversion-oriented website. We created a new website, branding on social media, paid media campaigns, and SEO Strategy. The result: a 22% increase in new traffic and over 1500 new organic keywords.

The Challenge: Beau Voyage Website Was Disorganized & Needed Better UX To Secure Conversions

Beau Voyage is a travel company, and they promise to design the travel destinations in the colors and strokes their customer’s desire.

However, their precious services were overshadowed by a cluttered interface that was not appearing in ranking on Google search because of irrelevant pages with no content.

Beau Voyage wanted to generate more leads, garner more brand visibility in the market, and rank better for their services keywords in order to generate better organic traffic and increase sales. In addition, Beau Voyage aimed to improve on-site metrics, such as visitors, time on site, lower bounce rates, lead captures, neuromarketing techniques, and more.

The Solution: We create a new conversion-optimized Website, Paid Media Campaign & Brand Building

In order to improve Beau Voyage website’s aesthetics and online presence, organization and value, we decided to create a new website and use brand building strategies to gain the trust of their users.

By prioritizing tasks in a step-by-step process, we were able to improve their website with an increase in sales and more satisfied existing customers. In addition, this approach allowed our team to measure success accurately and determine which tactics caused the greatest improvement for Beau Voyage—quantifying the data helped both of us see and measure the improvements. 

Some of our deliverables included:

Brand Strategy

Website Design & Development

Multi-Channel Marketing

Paid Advertising

Social Media Publishing with Graphics

The Results : In 6 months, we achieved:

51% lower bounce rate on the contact page

10K+ Organic Facebook Followers

2000 + Organic Leads Generated

20,000+ Paid leads generated through social media and Google Adwords campaign

Beau Voyage scaled from 10+ employees to 50+ employees within 6 months of time. 


Organic Facebook Followers

Organic leads

PPC & Social Media Paid Ads Leads

Want To Create Something Memorable?

We successfully carried out every subsequent phase of the project, as well as informed our strategists, designers, developers, content marketer, and PPC specialists in the right direction.

We partner with brands like yours to create websites and online marketing strategies that your customers will remember, vastly improve your key metrics, and display your brand with pride.

“Monarch Web World isn’t your typical crap-shoot, dime a dozen PPC agency. They actually understand quality traffic and more importantly, the vitalness of conversion. If you have a chance to work with them, take it. They’re marketing unicorns.

Piyush Joshi

Beau Voyage

Let’s work together.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends

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