Do you own your own business, who is trying to rank better on search engines?

Are you looking for better ways to promote your product?

If so, you need to stay up-to-date with all the SEO trends, and our product “Voice Search” is built for you. 

Voice Search SEO is a voice-based search engine optimization designed to answer the user’s queries in natural human speech, instead of manually-typed one. Voice Search is currently on top of such trends, which can accelerate your business faster.

You are well aware of what happens when new technology takes over the market. A person of every age group is either talking about it or using it.

According to data, 31% of US households own smart speakers having virtual assistants.

A recent study from Adobe gave the estimation that

48% of users use voice search even for “general web searches.”

Google’s Search Engine Pages(SERPs) have also evolved according to voice searches to provide a better navigation experience.

Does this convince you why to go with our product “Voice Search SEO”?

If not, then go through the following-

The Future of Voice Search and Why it Should Matter To You

Voice search is a new concept that has been a massive success over recent years. Despite the popular belief, people are not doing voice searches on mobiles or tablets alone but also on the devices manufactured by tech giant companies such as Amazon(Alexa), Google(Google Home), Apple(Siri), etc.

There are many reasons why voice searches have seen tremendous growth in recent past years.

One and the most important reason being that voice searches are 3.7 times faster than typing. No one has time to wait even for a few minutes to get feedback for a question or information in the fast-moving world.

Voice search is also more convenient when people are refraining from touching their mobile phones frequently. Thus it’s high time that you optimize your content as per the recent trend of voice search.

Pulls traffic to your SEO campaigns

You might be well aware of search engine optimization(SEO) and how it can help your website to rank better on search engine result pages(SERPs).

We assume that to keep up with the growing competition; you might be doing SEO campaigns for your business; voice search optimization surely can provide wings to your campaigns. 

Keep in mind that people tend to do voice searches quite differently from the way they would type, so you have to optimize the perspective’s content. Our services are specifically designed to help your business excel in your local SEO campaign to target the voice search customers.

Answers your customer’s queries quickly

With the advancement in voice search SEO, your content needs to be up to the mark and of high quality as the users don’t wait for the search pages to load now. Many devices allow a hands-free voice search feature, which means that they can ask a query without even picking up their device. Once a person asks a question, they immediately receive the top website’s results on Google’s SERP. Voice search provides prompt answers, and to be able to rank on top of SERPs; you need to do competitor analysis.

The better the SEO Rankings, the better is the trust among searchers

Nowadays, people who use voice search expect to have factual and trustworthy information, and Google’s unique algorithm makes sure that the user gets the best available information. If users receive information about their query from your business website, they are likely to trust you. That is why we emphasize increasing the voice search SEO rankings for your business. This not only increases the amount of traffic but also helps your business to come in front of more customers and thus to increase your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Easy to provide answers

Voice search technology has made it very clear that the searchers are always hungry for a solution to their queries that, too, at a faster rate. Well, we are providing you the advantage to efficiently provide the answers to your customers through voice search technology, and it also increases traffic on your website.

Longer but conversational keywords

Voice Search SEO provides you a fair idea of how users might phrase their voice searches on the search engine. Unlike typed web search, voice search consists of more detailed long-tailed queries. You need to include interrogative phrases like “what,” “why,” “which,” and “how.” Our product can benefit you by providing relevant queries for your product or brand, and you can create your content accordingly.

Voice Searches are conducted in local languages

Before advertising your business product online and making it Voice Search optimized, make sure you do that by keeping in mind the local language spoken by your primary audience. If you are just starting with marketing, it is beneficial for you to target a small audience first and provide them the services they require. Afterward, you can reach out to a larger audience and add the languages as per them.

Optimization for local SEO

Whenever a user searches on Google, it provides them the results as per their geographical location(if the user gives location permission).

For example, if a person is living in New Delhi, a search for “Italian Food,” he/she will find the list of restaurants offering Italian Food in New Delhi.

Voice search technology has increased the importance of optimizing your business or product for local search. According to research conducted in 2019, 58 percent of buyers/consumers used voice search to find local businesses. Several ways can be acquired to incorporate voice search for SEO for improved marketing strategy for a business like yours.

Customizing for mobile users

Search engines today believe in the mobile-first approach, which means that you need to customize your website for mobile users more than laptop users. Many laptop manufacturing companies are still not providing voice search features, making voice search technology a mobile phone-based technology more than laptop-based.

Your competitors are at an advantage if you don’t use Voice Search

Incorporating a voice search strategy today benefits you for gaining potential customers and keeps you updated about your competition. There is one thing for sure that if your competitors have optimized their website for voice search and you haven’t, then there’s a fair chance that the users will find their website more often than yours. You need to be able to adapt to new technologies to leg up on the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


1. How could my local business benefit from your product?

We are already aware that people are using voice search for finding services near them. Our product is designed to let Google know about your business’s particular location. By this is someone voice searches on Google asking for a product that you are developing, your business could rank on SERP. This helps your business to grow even locally.

2. How is my product going to be affected by Voice Search technology?

In the coming time, voice search technology will continue to grow and become popular among buyers. For making your business compatible, you need to include voice search technology in your overall digital marketing plan.

3. Why do I need to hire a Voice Search SEO company?

With each passing year, voice search is rising, and it can be predicted that it’ll be everywhere. You need to closely study your consumer’s behavior, and you need to be prepared to tackle any change in marketing trends. The tech giants such as Amazon, Google, etc. have already optimized themselves for voice search. You need to specialize in voice search to have an edge over your competitors. For the same reason, you need to hire a voice search SEO company.

4. How is your product going to affect the traffic on my website?

Apart from other strategies you adopt for your business, voice search might also turn out to be an excellent tool for increasing web traffic by beating the competition. With our product, you will always have a solid voice-optimized SEO strategy in your hand to get your brand on top of SERPs.

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