Wondered why your conversion rated never shot up despite your best effort? Maybe it’s time to turn your attention to improve your Website’s design:

Websites are your business’ identity in the increasingly common virtual world. It is imperative to own a website that tries its best to replicate and reflect your business’ values and principles. Failing to do so will naturally make you untrustworthy and the loss that will reflect on your business is not a pleasant one to witness. Keep scrolling to learn more on web development and the benefits of website design for your business.

Benefits of website design and development for Business

People will know you exist

How can you expect your business to grow when no one knows of your existence? Being visible and reachable was never easy as now with 4.7 billion people worldwide are active Internet users, hardly anything is a few clicks away (We are Social, 2020). Owning a website with SEO in mind can cause ripples to spread all over the world wide web and attract potential customers.

Showcase your credibility

Being credible and trustworthy is the key for any business to earn a loyal client base. This can be achieved by showcasing



Achievements and awards

What else can be a better place to display all of these other than a website?


Save time and money spent on print media and distribution

No more spending pamphlets and newspaper advertisements. No more waiting for distribution services to deliver the print ads. A website will cover and give better benefits than the benefits print media could ever dream of achieving.

Don’t restrict yourself to your geography

The internet is the property of people all over the world. That means your websites are visible from all four corners. International businesses were just a dream 20 years ago for an average businessman. Not anymore.

Open a two-way and instantaneous channel for communication

Forums and comment sections have made customer care services easy and real-time. These post customer activities are the ones that will accredit your business as something that cares about customers even after the sales. This will pull in new potential customers and retain existing ones.

Research market trends for little or no cost

A small form or free tools like Google Analytics are enough for one’s market research, unlike the dedicated gathering and surveys that costs money and time. Owning a website makes this possible.

Educate your potential customers

One of the major benefits of website design for your business is that you can educate your potential customers. Nowadays, everybody wants to make informed decisions on what they need. So, convincing them of their problems and providing them solutions is the most widely used strategy to sell anything.

More on websites Design and Development



A valid, non-exaggerating headline should summarize what to expect in the site.


Out of greed, people tend to build sites with little or no value and crammed with advertisements. But a site is valued mostly by its high-quality content and with less than 15% of its page covered with Ads (Smashing Magazine, 2017). Exceeding this limit may earn you a penalty.


About 80% of visitors prefer to watch a video or an image rather than text (Forbes, 2017).


In 2019, more than half of all web traffic was from mobile devices. But the issue with mobile is varying screen resolutions. So, a responsive design will enable all sorts of mobile traffic to reach your site.


Websites that load within 5 seconds tend to be viewed for a 70% longer duration than the sites that do not (Marketing Dive, 2016).

Social media links

More than 3.8 billion active social media users are browsing the internet. When they find something interesting and share it with their friends, the reach of the referral is wide-spread (We are Social. 2020).

84% of online shoppers trust referrals from their friends (Nielsen, 2015)

So, if selling is your objective, these referrals can impact your business.


Without a proper call to action, the visitor is baffled as to what to do next. This is how the majority of the leads are lost to the leaks namely distracting navigation panes and multiple offers. The less, the better.

About us

Some curious people try to understand a business in depth. Having a website is important for a business as one can dedicate a page to explain one’s vision, mission, and values. This ensures the exhibition of the credibility of a business as they are shown as legitimate real-life people instead of a fake site-owner.


Processes behind website development


Identify the target audience


Mock-up page


Web builders



Why should you invest in Web Design and Development?

There is an increasing trend in the posting of YouTube videos and Blogs claiming that people can successfully create DIY websites, for zero-cost. It is good to be resourceful and “Free” is delightful indeed. However, you can’t get one important thing from such sources: guarantee.

Can they guarantee your site will rank high in search engines, appear visually pleasing, prevent hackers from stealing data, and be compatible with all devices?

No. That is why a professional’s help is required. Besides, in rare cases, if someone manages to learn everything about website building, the enormous effort and time spent cannot be ignored. Unless you are planning to be a self-made digital service provider, you don’t have to concern yourself with such tasks.

Why us?

Monarch Web World is a prominent figure in the digital services industry. We have been serving more than 1200 clients from 15 plus countries all around the world, for more than 8 years.

Our expertise in Website designing is evident from the satisfied testimonials of our clients. However, the real specialty of MWW is our all-round service. Apart from website development, our certified experts in a wide range of fields including Digital marketing, graphic design, and press releases have enabled us to stand apart from other businesses from the same niche.

On the whole, MWW is the one-stop solution to all issues in your business related to digital services.

Contact us now! Let’s talk and give your business the much-needed boost.

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