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50 Best Facebook Ad Examples of 2018


Facebook is daily used by about 1.5 billion people the world over, and the users consist of people from different walks of life like businesspeople, industrialists, professionals, students, organizations and the like.

It is not an easy task to connect the Facebook community to your e-commerce website. Just by posting on Facebook you will not be able to achieve anything. One has to spend substantial amounts of time, money and efforts to drive people to his website through the Facebook Page.

Moreover, it requires a lot of skills as well as expertise. Those who want to advertise on Facebook are required to create optimized Facebook Ads. The optimized Facebook Ads are to be targeted at proper audience. You can expect ROI from your optimized Facebook Ads.

Now, the question in front of many marketers is that how to create optimized Facebook Ads. Those who go through the Best Facebook Ad Examples will come to know about the best ads practices on Facebook, the ad formats for Facebook and the Facebook Ad templates.

The 4 best Facebook Ad Practices are that it is visual, relevant, it should persuade people to click the ad and know more about the product, and there must be a clear call–to–action.

The following Best Facebook Ad Examples will help you to learn very fast how to make creative Facebook Ads. The following Facebook Ad examples 2018 contain Facebook video Ad examples 2018 also. Those who go through these best Facebook ads examples will get a lot of new ideas to improve their Facebook Ads, and they will develop a lot of enthusiasm to create new ad campaigns of different types.

50 Best Facebook Ad Examples of 2018

1. The Amazon Event Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The E-commerce company Amazon uses the Facebook Event Ad to increase their sales at specific locations. The visual image is quite large and is highly impressive. The pleasing colors, white space, and the directional lines grab the users’ attention towards the product.

The content is highly relevant to the needs of customer and cat owners are sure to find the self-cleaning litter box very useful. The call-to-action is also clear since Amazon compels the audience to click “NOW” or the deal will disappear. There is a clear display of the sample product, a convincing and reliable product-rating and clear indication of the event promoted by Amazon.

2. The Photo Ad by NatureBox

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This Facebook Photo Ad by NatureBox demonstrates the application of live-action photography and digital design on the same image. What we get is clearly shown through the image, and since all like snacks, the ad is quite relevant.

The “free trial” and the highlighting of the healthy aspects of the product add value to this ad. By asking the audience to try the free sample, NatureBox has made a clear call-to-action.

3. Photo Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples


This Ad is about a task management tool for desktop as well as mobile multiple operating systems. The ad is visually very effective, and the rainbow-color of the logo against a black background is quite familiar to Mac users.

The Ad is relevant to Mac users, and the tool’s compatibility with Mac computer makes it valuable to Mac users. The “Learn More” CTA provides a clear call-to-action.

4. Kay Jewelers Video Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This video ad is to promote a product with sentimental value. The story is very moving, and it has a happy ending. Thanks to the screen capture at the beginning the viewers can guess what they will be watching. The ad is quite understandable even if played without sound.

Those who search for necklaces will find the ad relevant, and the response from the woman who received the gift adds value to the ad. With an easy click, one can get more relevant content. Hence there is a strong call-to-action.

5. Winc Retargeting Ad


Best Facebook Ad Examples

This retargeting ad from Winc is short as well as highly impressive, and one can find this ad on the Facebook column which is for content about wine. Wine-lovers will find this ad clear and highly appealing. It is highly relevant and the offer of 3 bottles for $19 and the discount offer on the first order to add value to the ad. The word “get” at two places makes the call-to-action really strong.

6. Boston Sports Club Offer Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This ad is very much relevant to those in Boston who search for gyms in that area. The gym membership for just $5 per month is an exciting deal and adds value to the ad. Attractive colors and obvious letters effectively draw our attention to various aspects of the offer.

The CTA makes the call-to-action very clear by mentioning about the limited time discount offer and provide the word “hurry” to claim the discount offer. CTA also tells when the offer will expire.

7. The New York Times Photo Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This ad consists of a written article and the quirky cartoon as the illustration. The illustration tempts the audience to go through the content in detail. This ad is relevant to the young readers who are in search of content about health and physical fitness.

The ad shows your Facebook friends who liked the ad. This social proof adds value to this ad. The call-to-action is to click the article to get the answer to your question.

8. Allbirds Video Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This 9 seconds-video focuses on the Allbirds shoe, and those who are in search of new shoes find this ad relevant. The “free shipping” and “free returns” offer and the note below the video that the shoe is “machine washable” add value to the ad. The “Shop Now: CTA button provides a clear call-to-action.

9. MU Campus Dining Reach Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This Reach Ad from Mizzou Campus Dining is for promoting the amenities at the University of Missouri. The popular logo and images of the variety of delicious treats attract the attention of students who are hungry and are in search of tasty food.

The students in the campus find the ad highly relevant, and the offer from Mizzou to meet the requirements of the hungry students makes the ad valuable. The walking directions for students who want to go to the market provide a clear call-to-action.

10. Shutterfly Multi-Product Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The images in this ad which are used to promote a series of products are quite appealing, and those who see this ad will be interested in taking photos to create different gifts. The ad is made valuable by showing different ways to use Shutterfly products and offering 40% off for each product that appears in the ad. A clear call-to-action is given by mentioning that the deal expires on February 17.

11. Tortuga Music Festival Event Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This is an event ad for the Tortuga Music Festival, and the scene of the blue ocean water indicates that the event takes place on the beach. This ad is relevant to those who are from Florida since the event takes place in Florida.

Before making the click one can know the price of the ticket from this ad. Hence, in case a person finds the ticket price unaffordable, he can abstain from making a click. The ad provides clear CTA through the words “BUY” and “Time is running out.”

12. Bustle to boost a Post

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The very popular Amazon Prime Logo is displayed in neon light grabs the attention of the followers of Amazon as well as Bustle. Those who are regular readers of Bustle who also enjoy shopping on Amazon are sure to find this ad very useful.

In the ad, the word “Brilliant” is used to describe the product, and on seeing this, the readers will develop the curiosity to know more about it. Finding that it is a useful and brilliant product, people immediately make a click.

13. Adrianna Papell Retargeting Ad

Best Facebook Ad Examples

Those who see this ad will get a clear idea as to what they can expect from the advertiser’s website. Those who are already in search of bridesmaid dresses are sure to find this ad relevant and for those who want to select the perfect gown from thousands of choices find the image as well as description valuable. The CTA words “Shop Now” encourage the audience to click to purchase.

14. Jasper’s Market

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The image and the text in this ad provide clear information about fresh, organic vegetables and the discount of $10 offered to the buyers. The social proof provided in the ad and also images of the colorful varieties of vegetables add value.

The CTA through the words “Spend” and “Get” are very effective, and the “Get Offer” button further persuades the customers.

15. Rue La La

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The ad is about a variety of holiday products such as watches, mixers, purses, and gloves. The aesthetically beautiful images clearly show the type of products offered by Rue La La.

The ad is made effective by providing the examples, likes, shares, and comments. The image is compelling, and the CTA is quite clear.

16. Pipedrive

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The audience can easily find out from the Pipedrive’s ad what they offer. The image, headline, and text are clear as well as impressive, and on seeing the CTA button, the audience understands that they can click on the ad.

17. PayPal

Best Facebook Ad Examples

In this ad, the message is effectively conveyed by the icons thereby making the ad engaging. This ad is the best example for low-cost Facebook Ad. When we go through the best Facebook Ad examples, in all of them we can notice the most skillful application of colors and other materials to create minimalistic designs.

18. Autopilot

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The carousel image in this ad reveals the various features of the product and the advantages of the products are also clearly mentioned in the text. This ad is a typical example of Saas marketing, and before visiting the website, the viewers get a clear picture of Autopilot products from this Facebook Ad.

19. Canva

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This white colorful Facebook Ad grabs the attention of the viewers, and this ad is straightforward but, interesting also.

20. MindTitan

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The MindTitan ad shows how the carousel format is used to tell a story, display the products and highlight the benefits offered by the products.

21. Zendesk

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The viewers easily understand the product as well as the offer thanks to the minimal design of the ad. For those who are quite familiar with the product, this is a remarketing ad.

22. Shopify

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This Facebook ad is not meant for boosting up sales. To generate more brand awareness, the blog content is shared through the ad.

23. Teabox

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The purpose of this Facebook video ad is to create the hype and make people note the date. In this Presale countdown ad from Facebook, a sale within the next few days is announced while telling the story.

24. GoPro

Best Facebook Ad Examples

One can easily learn from this Facebook Ad how to make the audience to buy your latest product. One can create a Facebook Custom Audience, and the product can be promoted among the existing customer base.

25. Hootsuite

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This Facebook Ad is about an offer which is for a limited time to make more people act within a short period.

26. Google

Best Facebook Ad Examples

When a particular product is found unimpressive and boring, it can be made interesting and effective by Saas Facebook Ads. From this Facebook Ad, we also come to know that carousel ads can contain videos.

27. Cobiro

Best Facebook Ad Examples

Through this ad, a small brand is advertised after mentioning two bigger brands so that people will be easily convinced. Two popular brands are mentioned in the Cobiro’s Facebook Ad.

28. Optin Monster

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This is a very effective ad, and the visual clearly shows the product’s advantages.

29. Aweber

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The purpose of this Facebook Ad is to get a maximum number of new email marketing leads. Through this ad, Aweber is not selling any product but is asking people to participate in a fun survey and provide their email address so that they can get their results.

30. Leadpages

Best Facebook Ad Examples

From this Facebook Ad, the online marketers may learn that by way of mentioning the number of users of a product and the number of those who are getting benefits from the product, one can show how trusted is the brand.

31. Taxify

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The visual of the product is created using tools such as Sketch and Illustrator to have a better visual representation. This will facilitate higher CTR.

32. GitHub

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The best gradient background makes this Facebook Ad so impressive.

33. Soylent

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The benefits of the product are listed in the ad copy. Symbols and emojis are used to provide special characters.

34. IKEA

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This is a highly effective but very simple Facebook Ad. Sales are announced through a simple message on a colorful background with no images.

35. Lyft

Best Facebook Ad Examples


The offer is explained in detail in the ad copy. There is a perfect selection of contrast colors in this Facebook Ad.

36. Happy Socks

Best Facebook Ad ExamplesThe customers who are already interested in this product found the offer encouraging.

37. Asana

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The colorful Facebook Ads for Asana are very catchy. The majority of audiences will see the quality of the images in the ad and hence image is a very significant element in an ad.

38. Holini


Best Facebook Ad Examples

Efficient designing has made this Facebook Ad so effective. This ad will get more CTR because of the extra link provided for the viewers to click.

39. SUMO

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This Facebook Ad suits those who have already tried the SUMO products. Hence it can be considered as a Facebook Retargeting campaign.

40. Drip

Best Facebook Ad Examples

Image of the happy person and mention of the word “FREE” has made it a very effective ad. The offer is made so convincingly that people will welcome the same.

41. Venngage

Best Facebook Ad Examples

Purpose of this Facebook Ad is to share with people an important industry report. The viewers are required to provide their email address before downloading the report. The relevance of the ad is established by mentioning the year of the report.

42. Inkbox

Best Facebook Ad Examples

Through the text of this ad, the key benefits of the product are clearly and convincingly explained. The most important information is provided in the ad copy.

43. Hired

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This ad is an example of actionable Facebook Ad, and on clicking the ad, the viewers come to know exactly what they will get.

44. Kissmetrics

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The symmetry of this Facebook carousel ad is amazing. The various benefits of the product are conveyed through actionable words like “Get, Keep, Grow….”.

45. Bloomberg Business

Best Facebook Ad Examples

This ad is a little different from many other Facebook Ads because it is a Facebook app install ad. A mobile app can be effectively promoted by including the name of the app in the image which is included in the Facebook Ad.

46. Squarespace

Best Facebook Ad Examples

The simple video design of this Instagram ad of Squarespace has made it so beautiful. The attention of the viewers is grabbed when the small changes in the numbers’ count are shown. The logo is shown throughout the video.

47. Nike

Best Facebook Ad Examples

Ads that are story-based work wonderfully for eCommerce brands. This Facebook video Ad of Nike is of superb quality.

48. Monese

This video ad from Monese clearly explains how the product works and the viewers enjoy watching the app in action. Those who view this add easily get familiar with the appearance and other features of the product, and at the end, there is the call-to-action, “download the app.”

49. Safari – Start Doing

Among the Best Facebook Ad Examples, this is one among the most actionable ad. The viewers of this ad go through the lines like “Start your free trial today,” “read comfortably right on your phone,” and “get personalized recommendations.”

The action verbs that appear in this ad start gain read, save, get and achieve.

50. FreshBooks – niche focused ad

Facebook Ads

The opening text of this Facebook Ad is “FreshBooks makes online accounting easy so you can stay focused on running your business.”

Small business owners are the targeted audience of this Ad. The ad is focused on those who have to devote a significant part of their time for accounting tasks so that they are not getting sufficient time to focus on the actual business tasks.

From this ad, we learn that Niche audiences enable us to choose the right people as our target audiences. When we want to grab the attention of a niche audience we have to communicate with them directly after excluding others.


Those who want to create their Facebook Ad for the first time can either learn from the Best Facebook Ad Examples and then create their ads or can directly plunge into the task of creating the ad using their own best ideas.

However, to start by researching a few examples and understand how others could make their Facebook Ads so appealing is indeed an excellent idea. Those who spend some time to go through the above Facebook ad examples 2018 and learn the Facebook advertising best practices are sure to find that they are well equipped with a lot of tips and techniques to make their Facebook Ads perfectly designed and efficiently created.

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