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10 Case Studies on How to Monetize a Blog – From $0 to $10K a month

Blog Monetization Strategies

Many people wonder whether it is possible to make income from blogging. As a matter of fact, it is not so easy to generate revenue from a blog. Many bloggers have tried multiple blog monetization strategies from the day they start a blog. 

Not only that it is time-consuming, but it also requires continued effort, patience, and a consistent approach. There is no shortage of opportunities to create income from your blog.

But, no blogger will be able to generate revenue in a day. For making money from a blog, there is no specific method to follow.

Many bloggers have tried various strategies and found that some of them were very successful. The bloggers can try such strategies that suit the blog content as well as the readers.

Those who make the right move in the right direction will be able to get the desired results in due course.

Blog promotion is an online business. Hence, those who adhere to the principles of online marketing while promoting their blogs will be able to drive traffic to the blog, and gradually their income will increase.

Apart from selling own products, many bloggers can make revenue by way of promoting affiliate products, selling e-books, promoting online courses and so on.

Once the audience is convinced that the particular blog is trusted and reliable, it will be easy for the blogger to sell his products or service and generate regular income from his blog.

Let us now discuss a few

Blog Monetization Strategies which are already proved as successful strategies.

1. Podcast Sponsorship’s

Many bloggers are skeptical about monetizing a blog through Podcast sponsorship. A few years back blogs rarely had podcasts.

But, now the scenario is entirely different. The podcast is currently popular, and for the advertisers, it provides quite a new method to promote the products.

Now the situation is favorable to sponsorship’s. The majority of the audience who listens to podcasts welcomes business messages that are occasionally made.

The SPI Podcast from Pat is the best example to follow.

At present, Mile IQ, Zip Recruiter, and Fresh Books sponsor regularly sponsor the AskPat podcast of Pat.

In the year 2010, when Pat entered into the fray, podcasts were very rare. Many people were under the impression that podcasts are very costly and are not easy to set up also. Because of such drawbacks, podcast sponsorship at that time was considered not feasible.

But, the situation changed within 7 seven years and podcasts became popular. A lot of advertisers started using podcasts, and when there are occasional sales promotion messages in the podcasts, the listeners are accepting.

Pat took maximum advantage of this development. By 2016, Pat was able to make $12000 in a month from his podcast sponsorship’s. Pat’s concept of Podcast Sponsorship’s is indeed a proven concept for Blog Monetization Strategies. 

2. Selling Online Classes or Courses. 

Blog Monetization StrategiesMany bloggers use their blog to educate the visitors. Such bloggers can make their blog as a platform for online courses and can get paid.

The income from the e-Courses through the blog depends on the ability of the blogger to promote the online course and the number of people who come forward to pay for the course.

Once the people who visit your blog are convinced that they can learn from you something which is very useful, they will be willing to listen to you as well as pay you for educating them.

The blogger should ensure that he is imparting real knowledge through his blog. When the blogger is genuinely knowledgeable in a niche, the content that he/she provides on that niche will be informative, exciting and useful to many people. It will be easy to attract subscribers to the content, and the blogger can develop a group of loyal followers.

The self-guided online class offered by Regina is illustrative of the above facts. She could earn $5475 per month by selling this online course.

Regina’s class was a hit, and she relaunched the class under the new name Epic Blog Crew. Of course, one cannot be a “Regina” overnight.

If the blogger can get 500 – 600 subscribers initially, it is an excellent beginning. Once there is a following, the blogger may analyze the response from the audience and identify what they require and which are the posts that are viewed the most.

The blogger should create something for which many people are searching. The content of that type will undoubtedly fetch substantial income.

3. Selling e-Books

Blog Monetization StrategiesBloggers who want to earn money by way of selling something unique in a particular field may start publishing e-Books of good quality.

There are a lot of opportunities for the self-publishers. A few bloggers can develop an established audience for their e-Books.

When the readers find the name of the blogger on the e-Book, they won’t hesitate to buy the same since they trust the blogger.

However, all the bloggers who publish their e-Books may not be fruitful to that extent. But, they can also self-publish and sell their e-Book through Kindle, Kobo and the like.

When we talk about selling e-Books through blogging, we cannot miss Abby. She is the great blogger who writes and earns $10668 per month by selling her e-Books directly to her audience.

The first e-Book from Abby is about how to build a successful blog and the second book is about organizing one’s life through Evernote. The third book e-Book from Abby presents 35 printables that are used to organize your life.

Each of these three e-Books is being sold for a price in the range $10 – $20. Abby has made the deal more attractive to the buyers by offering special packages. Abby has shown to the world how to make a living by self-publishing and selling e-Books.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Blog Monetization Strategies

For the new bloggers, it is easier to start with promoting the products of others before creating your product and making others to buy the same.

Through affiliate marketing, the blogger can earn $1000 per month and also learn how to increase traffic to the site. For the novice bloggers, who could not make any income during the initial months of their blogging career, can make use of affiliate marketing as a more natural method to start generating revenue.

In the blog, the blogger can provide the link to the product or service which is offered by the affiliate program of another company. When the visitors to the blog click the link and buy that product or service, the blogger also will get an income.

The Blue Host affiliation by Pat is an ideal example. Pat is a very successful blogger, and his affiliate program with Blue Host also worked very well.

Through his affiliate program, Pat could earn more than $58000 just in one month – April 2016. Blue Host is not expensive, and the affiliate program offered by Blue Host is ideal for beginners.

Experienced bloggers can generate an excellent income. Pat signed up with Blue Host for their affiliate program and placed the links appropriately around the blog.

Pat created a YouTube video, and those who view the video can learn the method to install WordPress as well as set up a domain and hosting account. T

he video created by Pat was viewed more than 200000 times, and whenever someone observes it and joins Blue Host from Pat’s link, he gets an income, and ultimately these affiliate links provide a steady income every month.

Apart from the above mentioned YouTube video, Pat included the link in other pages of his website also. Most of the top money making blogs promote others products through affiliate marketing.

5. Resell the e-Book After Re-writing It In Another Language

Selling e-Books is an ideal way to make money for bloggers who have established an audience. Based on this method there is another method to monetize a blog further.

The e-Book may be re-written in another language, repackaged and resold to people who speak that particular language. This method enables the blogger to sell the e-Book to more people and also to build up a set of new customers for him.

Johnny sold the e-Book ‘Life Changes Quick’ to a lot of people and made a considerable amount of money.

Subsequently, he re-wrote the book in Spanish language and sold it to many people who speak Spanish. However, this e-Book was not a significant money-maker of Johnny. But, this is an ideal method for the new bloggers to start earning.

6. Help Other Freelancers

An experienced blogger can make regular income by working as an experienced freelance writer. Freelance bloggers are in high demand since many popular brands desperately need the help of skilled bloggers to promote the brand online.

More than 62% of freelance writers undertake this type of works full time and make a regular income. Not less than 19% of freelancers can earn $50000 in one year.

Regina Anaejionu is a very successful freelance writer, and she used to help a lot of other freelancers. As a freelancer, Regina earns more than $16K in a month.

Regina is selling a physical editorial planner also and makes $3224 in a month. The editorial planner of Regina is sold year-round. She sells the editorial planner for $18.50, and she sells it on her website as well as Amazon.

This editorial planner could secure 81% 5-star customer reviews on Amazon. Many among those who by the products offered by Regina find this planner affordable and they buy it. This kind of product will help one to develop a brand out of the internet platform.

7. Provide Coaching Service

Blog Monetization Strategies

Among the various Blog Monetization Strategies, providing coaching service to clients enables the blogger to create income within the shortest period.

Fresh bloggers, as well as experienced bloggers, can offer coaching service. The coach can help the readers to manage the challenges and overcome them.

From the coaching, they learn how to take everything positively so that there will be no frustration and one will not try to run away from problems instead of facing them and finding ways to come out of the issues.

Jennie Eliot, who is the founder of ‘’offers one-to-one coaching to clients, and her students are happy that by attending her course they can achieve their goals.

For a single one-to-one coaching session, she will get $397. Challenges will be there in one’s personal as well as professional life. The coach will train them to manage all these challenges.

The coaching market is highly competitive, and hence those who offer coaching service must be able to convince the customers why they should opt for this particular coaching service. By way of creating fresh content regularly one can demonstrate their expertise.

8. Identify One Common Problem and Provide Your Software To Solve The Problem

Blog Monetization StrategiesSoftware development to solve the problem is an excellent method adopted by the most successful monetized blogs to generate extra income. It’s considered as one of the easiest way of Blog Monetization Strategies.

For the tech-savvy bloggers, it will be easy to create software and prove that the newly developed software can be used to solve a common problem.

On seeing a question, one should find out how to solve the same and accordingly improve the software.

Pat Flynn’s blog used to receive more than 3 million podcasts. In many of them, the front-end experience of viewers was not proper. Pat analyzed the problem and developed a solution.

For his podcast, a custom player was provided. As a result, thousands of podcast creators requested Pat to give a similar product for their podcasts also. The new product which was launched in January 2015 is in high demand even now, and Pat can make an income of $12000 per month from this product.

9. Provide Reliable Information About Courses From Your Website

Blog Monetization StrategiesWhen people desperately search for crucial information, if it is offered by a website they come forward to pay the price and get the required information. When a blog is made a marketplace for various online courses, it will be used by a lot of students as well as faculty members.

When the bog provides information about numerous courses, there will be many people who are ready to pay and by any one of the courses offered.

Once the course details are posted on the site, the blogger can relax and wait for the results.

Whenever someone pays for a course, the blogger gets a fixed percentage of the amount.

Udemy is a website for online courses developed by Johnny. More than 11 million students have signed up with this website, and hence regular income is guaranteed because every month some students will be paying for the courses of their choice.

Since this website is for various academic courses, there is no problem of shelf-life. Though Udemy is not the primary source of income for Johnny, he can quickly make it his full-time business.

David Vu offers only #1 business course on Udemy, and he is earning a profit of not less than $7000 in a month.

10. Recommend Products That Are Relevant

One cannot monetize the blog by forcing some products on people. Make it a point to provide a square peg for a square hole. Among the many blog monetization strategies, the best one is to identify what your audience is looking for and offer them the right product.

These products can be from natural places like Amazon or other affiliate websites. In this method, the products that are low-priced will be sold more.

Abby was able to earn $5070 in a month by selling the PDF life planner on Amazon. She offered the product in November 2015, and the purpose of the product was to enable the users to have control of their lives and at the same time be productive as well as well-organized in the New Year. Abby offered the product for just $10, and there was an excellent response. She could earn $5000 in November, $2100 in December and 42240 IN January.
The lesson one has to learn from the above is that any product that will add value to the life of an individual will be sold easily. Instead of buying the product people buy the brand only.

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