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How can brand identity help your business?

Still, need assurance and convincing that a solid, strong, and well-established brand identity is important? When you get yourself a strong brand identity

  • You’ll start getting more business and more of the sort/type of business you want
  • Larger organizations will take you seriously
  • A strong brand makes it easier to build your business in the shape and size you want. As per Jeff Bezos, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”A brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of consumers. Thus, brand identity is essential and important to the business’s future.

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  • 1883%

    Increase in organic search traffic

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  • 1883%

    Increase in organic search traffic

  • 1372%

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  • 1883%

    Increase in organic search traffic

  • 1372%

    Increase in sales transation

Why Brand Identity is so important for your business to develop it.

The face of your business

For all purposes, your brand’s logo is the face of your business. But that face has a huge role to play other than looking cool and interesting – a logo’s contribution to brand identity is associative and relative, too. It tells the public that this logo is associated with this company/brand and its products or services.

Trust and Credibility

Having a brand identity not only makes your brand more authoritative in the marketplace but also make your brand more memorable.

A brand that establishes a face, develops and maintains that face consistently over time, develops trust among its customers and credibility among its competitors/industry.

Advertising Impressions

A brand identity is a template or logo or design that you would include in every advertisement for your business irrespective of its media. You would include it when your ad is in print, online, on television, or a commercial on YouTube.

A brand with a face and industry credibility is prepared enough to promote itself and make positive impressions on potential customers.

Company’s Mission

When you create a brand identity for your brand, you’re giving it something it could stand for. A brand identity gives your company a purpose. We all know companies have missions, right? Well, your business can’t have one without first giving your brand identity.

Generating New Customers and Charming Existing Ones

A brand identity consists of its face, trust, and a mission that attracts potential customers with what your brand has to offer. When these people become customers, the same brand identity gives them a sense of belonging to the company.

A good product or service generates customers, but a good brand generates advocates for itself.

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How to develop a unique brand identity?

If you want your business to become a well-known and beloved brand name when it comes to certain products or services, then it's going to take some work. The following steps will help you build a unique brand identity. The steps are simple, but implementing them at the right time, in the right order and at the right place, however, is a bit complex.

1.Research your audience and competitor

Just like any other aspect of starting a business, creating a unique brand identity is to do complete market research as you should have a clear cut idea of the following things –

  • Audience – It is not unknown that different people want different things. You can't create and target a product or service to a pre-teen the same way you would target a product or service to college students or someone in their twenties. Learning what your target audience wants from a business in your industry is crucial to creating a brand people will love.
  • Competition and Value Preposition – Knowing and analyzing the difference between you and your competitor is crucial and imperative to developing a successful brand. What makes your brand any different? What can you offer that your competitors can’t? How can you be better? Keeping an eye on your competitor and their activities will also educate you on what branding techniques work well and those that don't.
  • Personality – You have to be personable when developing a brand image. Use your type, logo, colors, and imagery to represent who and what the brand is about. Then enhance that visual representation with your tone of voice: be sure to develop your brand as a way to represent your business. Research is boring, but the more you know about your business, the stronger your brand identity will be.


Knowing what your business offers and can offer, be sure about your mission statement that defines your goals and objectives well. In other words, know your business and the industry you’re in well and try to work on the purpose – you can’t create a personality for your business unless you know what the purpose of your business is.

2. SWOT Analysis

A complete SWOT analysis can be beneficial for your brand. Considering the existing characters of your brand, a complete SWOT analysis will help you determine the characteristics you want your brand to be associated with. SWOT stands for:

  • Strengths – Positive characteristics of your business that might give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Weaknesses – Characteristics that will prove to be a competitive disadvantage.
  • Opportunities– Changes and trends in the external environment of your business that is the industry you’re in which may offer opportunities for your business to grow.
  • Threats – Changes and trends in the industry which may be problematic for your business.

3.Design your logo

Once you know your business well that is from inside out, it’s time to bring your brand to life.

  • Logo – The logo doesn’t entirely represent your brand identity though it’s a vital element in the brand identity process as it’s the most recognizable part of your brand.
  • Interesting Form – Your product(s), the packaging, or the way you present your services all need to play a part in your brand identity. Visually representing your business in everything you do will create consistency and help create a familiarity with your target audience. As crucial as your logo is to branding, it isn't the only thing that forms a part of your brand identity.

4. Design your template

  • Templates – Creating templates even for an email will give your business a more unified, credible, and professional look and feel as you probably send out emails, type up letters, or hand out business cards to potential customers daily.

5. Integrate the proper language to stand out on social media

After establishing and developing your brand within your company, it’s now time to integrate your brand in your industry. The most successful way to accomplish this for your brand is by providing quality content.

  • Language – Use the language type that matches the personality of your brand. If you have a laid-back brand, be more conversational and if you have a professional and high-end brand, use professional language. The language you choose to use as a brand will be integrated throughout the entire business, so it's important that you carefully craft your tone to match your brand's personality.
  • Emotion and Connection – People love stories that move them emotionally and to take a certain action. A strong brand identity can establish a strong foundation for building a lasting relationship with customers.

6. Social Media

Another great way to communicate with your consumer is through social media. The plethora of platforms on the internet offers up a ton of digital real estate you can use to establish your brand identity. Social Media is important when it comes to directly communicate with your customers and creating brand loyalty.

7. Advertise

Design and develop advertisements as per the personality of your brand as that’s the way to get the message of your brand seen and heard by your target audience.

8. Learn what to avoid

You should learn and keep in mind what to avoid when creating a strong brand identity.

  • Mixed Messages – Don’t give your customers mixed messages be sure what you want to say and use appropriate ways to represent it using the right language, visuals, etc.
  • Be Original – Don’t blatantly copy your competitors just because they seem to be doing better than you. Take what they do into account, and put your twist on it to make your business stand out in your industry even more.
  • Lose Consistency – Yes, offline advertisements might look a little different than your online presence, but your colors, type, theme, and message should all be consistent.

9. Monitor your brand

Use Google Analytics, surveys, comments, social media discussions, etc. to monitor your brand and get a sense of how people talk about and interact with you. This will allow you to implement changes to your brand as and when needed, whether it's to correct a mistake or to improve brand identity as it's difficult to know what you're doing right and what you're not without tracking key performance metrics.

When consumers instantly recognize who you are and what you stand for all based on a logo, you've become more than just a name and a symbol.


Q1. What is brand identity?
Brand Identity is the collection of all visible elements of a brand, such as the design, color, shape, and size of a logo that helps consumers identify and distinguish a brand from several other brands. Brand Identity is not the same as "brand image" or "branding" even though they're used interchangeably. Brand Identity is the collection of all visible elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer.
Q2. Can brand identity help me generate leads for my business?
Brand identity improves lead generation and lead generation can improve brand identity. The two are complementary and mutually beneficial. Creating a strong brand identity for example that customers can trust will help generate additional business leads. On a side note, a strong marketing campaign that generates leads will, in turn, boost a business’s brand identity further.

Q3. How can Monarch Web World help?

  • Industry Experience – As a digital marketing agency with more than 10 years of experience, Monarch Web World is a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. Whether you're new or experienced with branding, our dedicated team of branding specialists can help your company launch and manage a top strategy. Get more site traffic, better rankings, and higher sales by contacting us today!
  • Experts – If you're searching for a world-class branding agency that knows how to drive results, Monarch Web World fills your search criteria. We’ve been providing outstanding branding services to hundreds of clients for over a decade, and each year, we get better at our craft. We have a huge number of marketers in-house that are experts in their fields and they’re Google Analytics certified and know how to provide and analyze the results they drive for your business.
  • Helped more than 1200 clients – With more than 8 years and 1200 happy clients in our pocket, it is not difficult to see why we could be your best choice. Along with the certified team of experts in Monarch Web World, you can rest assured that your dream website is in good hands. Our all-round team deals with web design, graphic design, web development, and many more digital marketing-oriented services. This makes us a one-stop solution for all your needs and collaboration can be fun.
Q4. What is the difference between a company logo and branding?
Your logo is just one piece of the puzzle that is your brand. Your logo is important, and it plays a significant role in your brand marketing because it’s the visual representation of your company. But it’s not your brand. Branding ties together all the elements of your marketing and advertising—including, but not limited to, your company logo.
Q5. Do I really need a custom-designed corporate logo?
A custom-designed corporate logo is central to your brand building. You want to set yourself apart, and a custom logo is one excellent way to do that. The last thing you want is someone else using your logo. Prospective clients need to take one look and know your corporate logo instantly. So yes, you absolutely, positively need a customized logo.

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