Driving Pet Parents to Purchase fresh food – FurrMeals 

FurrMeals – Fresh food for pets.

With a passion for making sure that your furry has a long, healthy, and active life – with healthier and wholesome meal choices, FurrMeals started their journey and collaborated with Monarch Web World to bring their business online. 

Services Involved

Digital Experience Design

Digital Transformation

WordPress CMS Design

Brand Experience Design

Design Thinking

Search Engine Optimization 

The Process: 

Before starting to work with any organization, we set goals and ROI, for that we let our clients answer a couple of questions. 

“If you want to wow your client with a website and online marketing results that look gorgeous and meet their and their customers’ requirements, you need to ask a few well-designed questions.”

Few of the questions were: 

1.   Describe your business in a few sentences.

2.   Do you currently have a website? If so, what is/isn’t working for you?

3.   What are your goals for this project?

4.   Who is your target audience?

5.   What specific features do you want on the site?

We were also able to find out what ‘FurrMeals’ fundamental values, their level of experience in the industry, their vision of the future, their size, location, and background with a specific set of questions. 

Upon getting the answers, we were able to make the website development and marketing plan according to the customer’s needs. 

Once the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals were set for FurrMeals, website development and online presence marketing plan started. 

Key Points from Development: 

1. Choosing a color combination: Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation, we decided to prepare a layout on Orange theme. 

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. The Brand represents happiness in a bowl. 

2. A pet-passionate has always supported FurrMeals; powerhouse internal team determined to innovate new healthy pet food recipes, we rallied together our cross-functional team of pet parents to look across the landscape and see how we might convert the FurrMeals experience from a standard website into an SEO-rich keystone that could support a fully-integrated marketing strategy. 

3. Making an easy to navigate the website, where the users can easily understand: 

Working with “Why, How and What” content strategy delivers the best results. 

We represented “WHY” at the very first place: 

Why FurrMeals were exceptional and different from other pet food brands, the real Image curated Banners, and the USP highlights and more let the users get attracted to the Brand with a curiosity to know more and check what they were delivering.  


We highlighted the HOW with a mission statement and encouraged users to know more with a “CTA” Button.  


FurrMeals were delivering freshest ingredients that are carefully hand-picked to provide a balanced meal to the furry friend.” 

“What” represented their products (all 4 categories and encouraged users to know more about the nutritional value and health benefits of the products with all the ingredients, so that the pet parents can choose according to the food habits and veg or non-veg products. 

4. Post delivering the products as a Trial Pack, FurrMeals had terrific reviews, the pet parents, loved the products. 

Testimonials with pet and pet parents’ images encouraged the users to try FurrMeals products, which turned into a huge customer list. 

5. Customers were able to interact with call to actions (Whatsapp number and a phone number to call), and were able to communicate with the Brand about their pet’s food habits, health issues and more. These discussions form the customers helped FurrMeals know the concerns, Issues, and eating habits of the pets, which indeed helped them improve the product and launch more products depending on the need of the hour.

6. “About Us Page” – We believe in storytelling, and FurrMeals have a beautiful real story. The Brand is inspired by the founder’s pets, “Buddy and Hazel.” We described their inspiration in the About Us section, and the heat map shows that the users were reading their beautiful story, which was inspiring them to try the product and indeed increased their customer’s list.

7. “Trial Pack Page” – Knowing the customer’s concerns and their pet eating habits, it was essential for us to let customers try the product first. We set up the “Trial Pack” Page were in this thought, increased the number of subscriptions also for the FurrMeals food.

8. “Products Page” – Instead of putting all the products on a single web page, we decided to prepare one web page for each product to describe the ingredients and benefits of each product. As a call to action, we asked customers to inquire more about the product. The purpose was simple – “FurrMeals” believes in proving the meals that suit the dogs. When the customers inquire, FurrMeals customer service department asks questions about eating habits, weight, the height of the dog, and depending on the need, they deliver the food. 


This helped them gain the trust of the pet parents and is making them one of the most influential fresh pet food players in the market. 

9. “Furr Plan” – For all the customers who started buying frequently, we added a Furr plan page, where they can buy the product directly.

10. “FAQ” – We set up the FAQ section for all the users who had common questions about the Brand and wanted to know to navigate the website itself. According to the heat map, before ordering customers, check the FAQ section, which gives them transparency about the Brand and products. This helped us decrease the bounce rate on the website and increased the engagement activity for the customers. 

11. “Contact us” – Despite having contact details at multiple places enabled the contact us page for user-friendliness and giving customers easier to navigate options. 

12. “Furr Blogs” – For SEO and keywords to rank better, we created pillar pages in the blog section, mentioning all the issues one by one that was gathered during the sales process from the customers and the product research process. 

This helped users relate to the issues which their pets face and giving a solution towards the end, helped FurrMeals keywords win the organic market place. We did see an increase of 280% in sales with in-depth content marketing. 



Avg. time on site


Conversion Rate


The decrease in bounce rate

We successfully carried out every subsequent phase of the project, as well as informed our strategists, designers, developers, content marketer, and SEO specialists in the right direction.

We started with a concerted wireframing effort upfront. The team was able to get in the same room together and imagining what the pages and their specific designs and functions would look like, and how they would help equip consumers with a delightful experience and journey on the FurrMeals website.

Landing on a visual language that was comprehensive enough for the full product portfolio and accurate to the Brand’s core message was a priority. Every design element of the site – from shapes and colors to font types, to the processing of the ingredients, to capturing the emotional payoff – helped us differentiate the Brand from its growing list of competitors.

Specifically, leveraging FurrMeals transparent, fresh, natural, and ultra-premium brand identification from their packaging to inform the digital experience – particularly looking to make sure, irrespective of being online or offline, it’s still FurrMeals.
We made each web page unique and identifiable, but true to the FurrMeals branding.

Once we had a finalized visual language, we began creating the necessary UI components to build a fully responsive experience.
We focused on making each aspect of the digital experience as intuitive and straightforward as possible with the help of interactive elements focusing on the brand awareness.

Knowing that FurrMeals is going to continue to grow and add more product innovations over time, we established a component-based solution to enable their team to scale their business and digital experience simultaneously, without postponement to implement or to slow down the site’s performance.

Using the powerful WordPress platform, we built a kit of reusable and interchangeable components, making for a more visually-consistent and technically-maintainable system, while enabling the rapid creation of unique on-brand content as the site grows post-launch.

We designed an experience that could organically reach as many users as possible through SEO. Whether the customers were looking for advice regarding eating habits, nutrition, or the well-being of their pets, we wanted to ensure FurrMeals would be visible to them through search.

We created filterable, product-rich landing pages that could directly answer conversational queries and other highly-searched topics and health-related keywords.

We also included in-depth guides regarding health, useful vet-approved content, and emotionally charged product reviews throughout the site to improve the users’ experiences in a real, authentic way. It’s that level of transparency and trust-building that keep audiences coming back for more, and assuring FurrMeals stays top of mind as they go through their journey as pet parents and continue to look for the best advice on their pets’ health and nutrition – from specialist advice on pet feeding and learning what food is best for their dog, to ultimately purchasing the FurrMeals products.

“From the audit and competitive landscape analysis to the thoughtful strategic framework, UI/UX, development, and deployment, Monarch web world was like an extension of my team at every step. We could never have altered our brand spirit into such a great and compelling new online experience without a team that believed in our mission the way Monarch Web World does.”

Sujata Bhattacharya


Let’s work together.

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