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How to do Content Marketing Without Investment – 10 Steps

Content Marketing Without Investment

For the small businesses, Content Marketing Without Investment is indeed more important. Small enterprises and Startups will generally be having a limited budget for marketing, and they will not be in a position to opt for TV ads.

When a marketer carries out Content Marketing Without Investment, he will be in a place to provide useful information to innumerable customers regarding the particular product or service. Impressed by the information they could gather from the website many people who visited the website become the customers of that company and in this way the marketer gets a share of the market.

Nowadays, many people buy the things they require after conducting an extensive search on the internet. There are some product categories which can be purchased after gathering a lot of information.

Content Marketing Without InvestmentPeople perform a lot of searches when they want to buy automotive, fashion items, healthcare products, financial services, travel services and others. Those who wish to promote their brands in these categories will rely more on Content Marketing Without Investment.

Content marketing enables the customers to get what they want. This aspect has made content marketing an effective way of marketing. When the customers find that they have got what they wanted, they develop an affinity to that brand. They identify it as a trusted brand and when the product becomes the trusted brand of many people its business value increases.

Without proper marketing, no business can grow. Advertisements on TV, Radio, and TV channels are becoming more expensive, and such advertisements do not assure the returns. There are many effective methods to reach the message to the target customers without spending a huge amount of money.

Here are 10 Steps to Carry out Content Marketing Without Investment Effectively:

1. Have a Strategy For Content Marketing Without Investment

Having a properly documented strategy for content marketing is essential. Many companies have the strategy but not documented. When the strategy is undocumented, the staff and others may not be able to understand the goals of the company. Without a strategy, no task can be performed effectively, and the company will be wasting time and resources.

2. Re-purpose The Content

Content Marketing Without InvestmentContent comes in a variety of formats like blog posts, Surveys, Videos, eBooks, Newsletters, Apps, Editorials, Memes, Infographics and so on. Content, irrespective of the format, is expensive. Re-purposing the content is the best way to make content without big investments.

When the already produced content is cut into smaller pieces of content about the same topic, it can be stretched further. Re-purposing of content enables the marketer to focus on his goals as mentioned in his strategy. For re-purposing the content, one has to do a lot of homework.

One has to identify his strength as well as weakness and also gather relevant statistics and quotable information. The marketer should identify the actual needs of the customers and should find out some new method to push his products which the competitors are not doing.

3. Share The Content And Promote Your Business

Creating content of superb quality is only a part of the entire task. To promote the product, one should share the content. One can adopt various methods to share his content such as sending email letters to the users, promoting the content by creating landing pages, tweet about the content and also post the content on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like.

Post your comments about related content and mention about your product and find out the sites which have the larger audience and similar products and carry out guest blogging on such sites.

4. Create And Use Cornerstone Asset

Content Marketing Without InvestmentCornerstone asset can be the most valuable resource for content marketing. Using a whitepaper, eBook or Guide one can prepare a presentation or a promotion video. In case the marketer doesn’t have time or skill or creativity to produce this type of content, one may get it done by investing a minimal amount. The piece of content produced in this way will be the most important part of the content.

5. Producing Other Assets That Will Support The Marketing Process

A beautiful piece of content is always a great asset for the business. The cornerstone asset that one has can be made into various supporting assets.

The podcast may be prepared to convey the messages, infographics and tweets may be created using statistics, rearrange the content into blog series, prepare a slide-share presentation using main points of the content and summarize the content in convincing FAQs and prepare guest posts in which different aspects that you consider important are focused.

6. Prepare Your Content With Specific Goals That Are Measurable

While preparing the content, one should know clearly to whom the content is targeted and is expected from the content. One should start content marketing in the simplest way, and the goals must be realistic and achievable.

7. Create The Content After Proper Planning And Extensive Research

Content Marketing Without InvestmentA lot of homework is essential for creating the content. When one wants to prepare the content on a particular subject, he must conduct extensive research, gather a lot of information and then converts the information into content.

Those who go through the content should understand clearly how the marketer or the company is going to provide a solution to their problem. One should also know how the competitors produce their content.

8. Have a Proper Schedule to Publish The Content And to Accomplish The Content Marketing Goals

When the customers find that the dates of publishing of the content are easily predictable, they will consider it as a reliable website. This kind of reliability will inspire more visitors to visit the website again and again and finally they become regular customers. The marketer should fix a date by which he will be able to accomplish all his content marketing goals.

9. Avoid Weak And Unproductive Ads

content marketing without investmentIt is a fact that more than 40% of ads are unnoticed. Hence investing on ads that never reach the target customers is wasting money and other resources. It is very important to curb the spending on ads and one should ensure to have more effective methods for advertising.

10. Hire Brand Ambassadors Who Are Friendly And Helpful

Brand ambassadors can effectively convey the message to the target audience and as a result there will be more visitors to the website. Just like using the service of college students as branch ambassadors to promote the product or service in the college campus the marketing company can get the service of helpful and friendly people as branch ambassadors.

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