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10 Email Marketing Hacks that will Help You Stand Out from Your Competition

Email Marketing Hacks

Every day billions of emails are sent. However, as far as email marketing is concerned, hardly 20% of these emails grab the attention of the target audience. A very few of the emails that were received were responded and a very few among the recipients of the email act on them. Email Marketing Hacks help you stand out from your competition.

Email marketing has immense potential, and the email marketer must ensure that the emails that they send out are well equipped so that they will be sufficient.

By way of implementing the Email marketing hacks, the marketing website can increase the traffic by not less than 12%.

Email marketing is proved as very useful in developing new customers and when compared to the number of clicks received by products that are marketed through the social marketing websites, the products that are sold through email receive 5 times more clicks.

Those who can create essential emails to promote their brands can easily and quickly have the edge over their competitors. A firm and fixed content strategy is significant for successful email marketing.

Email Marketing Hacks

Though email marketing is straightforward and inexpensive, it’s beneficial. Email marketing is the ideal method to effect conversions, introduce new products and build as well as widen a strong customer base and implementing email marketing hacks makes it easy.

Those who failed to learn how to use email marketing correctly are likely to find that their emails are ineffective, but the truth is that email marketing is incredibly powerful to create the results.

Since email marketing is beneficial as well as effective, let us discuss a few

Email Marketing Hacks That Will Ensure the Emails are Read, Understood and Acted Upon:

1. Personalize your Emails and Get Recognized

The basic requirement for success in email marketing is to increase the open rate of the emails sent. One of the ways to increase the open rate is personalization.

The email marketer should ensure that the recipient should know clearly by whom or by which company the email was sent. Emails with clear “Sender’s Address” are recognized more than the anonymous emails.

Also, it is equally important to address the recipient by the first name. When the recipient finds his name at the very opening part of the email, he/she is more likely to go through the message with proper attention.

Just by way of addressing the reader with the first name in the email, one can increase the open rate by not less than 6%.

2. Make the Opening Line Catchy to Arrest the Reader’s Attention

Email Marketing Hacks

After making the recipient to open the email, your next tough task is to read the email completely so that he will go through the main content of the email. After addressing the reader using his name, the sender must establish a quick connection with the reader by using catchy words and heartfelt language.

The purpose of writing the opening sentence must be to create interest in the mind of the reader about the content and tempt him to go through the remaining lines carefully.

3. Make your Subject Line Highly Inspiring

If the sender of the email can create curiosity in the reader’s mind, the sender can rest assured that the recipient will open the mail, go through the content and make a click. The subject line of the email has a significant part in inspiring the curiosity of the reader.

Email Marketing HacksThe subject line of the email should be either in the form of a compelling question or in the form of a single-line message that promises something unique as well as exciting. There are numerous ways for writing the subject line of the email.

The sender should ensure that the subject line enables the email to stand out among other emails in the Inbox of the recipient. An attention-grabbing subject line is crucial for the success of the email.

4. Ensure That the Body Content Provides Value

Email marketers must see to it that their emails are not normal digital communications. The body of the email should contain some solid stuff to infuse value to the email.

When the reader goes through a content that offers value, he gets inspired and comes forward to know more about the product. When the email delivers unique content, the reader develops a positive attitude and comes forward to get connected with the sender of the email. It is significat for a business email to deliver something unique.

5. Use your Email To Project a Brand

Your email opens the gateway of your e-commerce shop to the recipient. Whenever a customer enters a new shop, it’s quite natural that he/she expects something new or something unique. This is the golden opportunity for you to grab his attention by introducing your brand.

You can impress the customer by projecting your brand. For those who want to sell their product online, branding their product is very important. Only branded products become popular in the market and in the absence of branding the prospective customer finds it difficult to differentiate the product, and as a result, the marketer will lose the opportunity to convince the customer about the merits of his product.

When the customer can identify your product as a new brand in a competitive market, he becomes your long-term customer because customers establish a relationship with brands only and not with products.

6. Use your Creativity and Design Your Email

Email Marketing Hacks

Every online marketer takes a lot of effort and invests a lot to design the website as well as the product. It is equally important to ensure that your email is provided with a creative design.

Perfect design and pleasing colors will make your email campaign more effective. When your emails have a specific design, the recipients can easily recall your brand.

7. Get the Advantage of Embedded Surveys

Poor response and too little data are the main flaws of email surveys. However, the conversion rate is highly influenced by the click-through rate.

Hence email marketers may ensure to enter embedded surveys. By way of entering the embedded survey, you can request for review by the users, get a rating from customers and request the users to post their interest. The survey must be as short and simple as possible.

8. Add Pre-Header text to all Emails

By adding pre-header text in the email, the email marketer can convey something more to the readers in addition to the subject line before opening the email.

A perfectly crafted pre-header text can be a second subject line to your email.

9. Add a Viral Content in the Email to Drive more Potential Visitors

Email Marketing HacksThe days of creating content that appeals to search engines only are over. Now, the content of your email must be appealing to the recipients.

The content should benefit the target audience so that they will take the initiative to spread the message. By way of adding a viral content, your email will stand out from the crowd.

10. Provide Call-to-Action Buttons

The email for marketing will be incomplete and ineffective if it is without the call-to-action button. Call-to-action is an important element in email marketing. Call-to-action helps you to boost the conversion rate.


Every effort that you take you to improve the quality of your email marketing will help you to improve your ROI. Email marketing hacks should be unique and the result is above all other marketing channels. When you want to promote many products through your e-commerce outlet, email marketing is very important, and it is worth spending the time to find ways to make your emails more effective.

The above Email Marketing Hacks will not only enable you to start selling online but help you to widen your customer base and increase your profit.

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