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21 Facebook Advertising Tips to Try For Best Ad Results

There has been a phenomenal increase in advertising on the social media, and the dominant share of the social media ads goes to Facebook. Today, social media ads generate revenue to the extent of $36 billion which is not less than 17% of the digital ads all over the world.

The fantastic new features, the exciting Instagram, and the latest CPC model had enabled Facebook to drive the significant part of social advertising.

Being the first social media website to start digital business ads, Facebook could show other social media sites on how to use their platform for digital advertising.

In spite of YouTube and Instagram on the scene, Facebook continues at the forefront, and more than 90% of online marketers are using Facebook.

Though Facebook has brought about various changes in its advertising algorithm, marketers still find it one of the most potent venues to promote their business. The main reason for marketers to prefer Facebook ads is that Facebook effectively reaches the message to the target audience and Facebook ads make it easier to drive the actual consumers. Marketers who didn’t bother to advertise on Facebook till now can undoubtedly find the difference once they started to promote on Facebook. Those who can provide the best quality content on Facebook are assured of the results.

Here are a few Facebook Advertising Tips:

that will be useful to the marketers to ensure the best results from their Facebook ad.

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1. Plan a new campaign that can generate Leads

When we go through numerous Facebook ad examples, we come to know about a lot of Facebook tricks and tips. Among the many latest Facebook campaign types, many advertisers make use of the Facebook Lead Ads.

In this type of Facebook ad campaign, you will get lead data without landing page but when you are on Facebook. The campaign should be just like any other campaign, but the objective should be lead generation.

The lead form is to be created at the advert level, and the foam must be customized. Your selected questions may be added, and up to three custom questions may be optionally added. The newly built campaign should contain your destination URL as well as a disclaimer and should be linked to your privacy policy.

2. Build up the profile of the ideal customer

When you create a Facebook profile, it will show your ideal customers, and with that, you will be able to communicate with the right customers on Facebook. Facebook can identify your right customers by gender, age, preferences, buying nature, socioeconomic information and psychographic details.

While building up the Facebook ad campaign, you have to consider all those who are your customers at present, and you must be clear about what your customers have in common.

3. Identify your current customers and super-serve them

While setting up your Facebook campaign, you can refer your CRM database and find out who is doing business with you at present. After collecting the current client data, the same may be uploaded to Facebook.

This will help you to tailor your Facebook ad to those who are already your customer and super-serve them. By super-serving those customers from whom you get the major portion of your business, you can build up and maintain a strong relationship with all of them.

4. Take advantage of the Facebook Pixel

You should ensure to install a Facebook pixel on your website. Facebook pixel is very useful to run conversion campaigns as well as product catalog campaign. Facebook pixel will help you to find out the particular ads that perform best.

The most significant actions that were taken on your website will be tracked by Facebook pixel and by focusing on those actions you will be able to develop new customers.

5. Prepare the list of your new customers using your current customer data from Facebook

You can use your current customer database to build up a list of new customers. After uploading your current customer database to Facebook, you can identify people from the audience who match with your current customers.

This will enable the Facebook algorithm to create a new customer list. In this way, the message of your Facebook and can be taken to all the people who match with your current customers.

6. Target specific audience by tailoring your Facebook ads


The best way to make your Facebook and more effective is to narrow the audience. You have to analyze your customer base to identify your specific audiences.

You can identify specific audience through location, live events and segmenting the audience by their hobbies as well as other preferences. When you have a clear idea of the needs of your audience, your Facebook and will perform more effectively.

7. Use the combination of Facebook ad and organic posting to target the right audience

You should not worry about the Facebook algorithm changes. Facebook ads are still less expensive when compared to Google AdWords.

Be assured that when you combine organic posting with the Facebook ad, it will work well. You must ensure that your Facebook ad facilitates maximum conversions.

8. Make use of the Facebook Audience Insights

The Facebook Audience Insights is a tool that helps you to analyze the behavior of your customers. It provides valuable information about your audiences such as age, gender, educational background, and occupation, etc.

This kind of information will help you a lot while creating the content for your pages. You will be able to identify the topic which will be the most interesting to your audience. It will also help you to narrow down your Facebook Ads.

9. Find out the best timing for your posts

You can determine the best timing for your posts based on the information provided by Facebook Insights. The Insights data will show you the exact time at which your followers come online.

Moreover, the Insights data will enable you to use different types of posts at different times and also identify the most engaging posts.

10. Analyze your content using Facebook Page Insights

Posting of quality content is just a part of the game only. As the marketer, you should monitor and find out how the audiences are engaged. By way of understanding the different trends in engagement, you can find out which content is the most effective.

Facebook Page Insights is the best analytics tool to identify the most effective as well as strong content. The total likes, as well as new likes for your page, can be measured with the Page likes, the unique views on your page, as well as posting, are measured with Post reach, and the number of unique people whom your page and posts have engaged is measured with Engagement.

11. Create live videos

Facebook users prefer to watch live videos and adding video content is the best way to improve engagement. Videos are becoming more popular, and in many followers’ feeds, the videos appear first. Also, it is imperative to caption the video.

Those who find it difficult to produce videos may make use of Facebook Live which is the Live Video streaming service provided by Facebook. With the help of Facebook Live, you can broadcast your video from a mobile device.

12. Include and recognize your followers by sharing the content generated by the users

There is no such rule that one has to use his content only. When you use the content generated by the users, they feel that they are also included in the task, and you can also promote brand loyalty. At the same time when readymade content is used you save a lot of time and energy.

You can repost the photos of users by sharing it from their pages. By way of sharing photos of the user’s interaction with your product, you can improve engagement very easily. Your followers will be happy when they come to know that they are included and recognized by sharing their posts on your community page.

The users feel elevated when they are known on social media. When your users are made a part of your page the bond between them and the product becomes stronger.

13. Keep your posts clean and readable

You must ensure that the posts on your Facebook Ads must be clear and easy to read. The format of the post must be such that it should stand out. Post with a photo of excellent quality will certainly get more engaged than plain text.

When you share a link, the link URL should be removed from the post copy so that it will not look cluttered. In case there is a separate link other than the one provided by Facebook, a URL shortener may be used.

Source: MoonToast

14. Make use of the Facebook Tabs; they can be customized

It is essential to use the Facebook tabs because they can be used to include a CTA in addition to all general information about the product. Separate tabs are available for information, posts, videos and community page. The tabs can be used to create more than one CTA.

The tabs provide a variety of ways to the users to interact with your page. Facebook tabs make it easier for the marketers to improve engagement and attract more traffic.

15. Ensure quality of photos

Being a social media site, Facebook is highly visual, and hence it is imperative to ensure that photos of high quality are posted. You must use the photos to showcase your products to the audience.

One must choose the right cover photo which need not be a CTA. It can be a product of your creativity. While showcasing your product using the photos, communicate with the audience so that they come to know who you are and what you do.

16. Choose a business page of the appropriate category

Since the features are different for different categories, it is essential to choose the category of the business page. After knowing about all the categories, you may choose the right category for you.

17. Use Facebook Carousel Ads to display multiple products

Those who market a range of products may go for Carousel Ads which are tailor-made. Carousel Ads enable you to display up to 10 videos or images in one ad, with ten different CTAs.

The videos can be linked to different landing pages from each panel of the Carousel. Carousel Ads are effective for desktop as well as mobile.

18. Use Facebook GIF Ads

Shorter videos are more effective to get more prospects. GIF videos are concise and require a little amount of time as well as resources. GIF is very suitable for mobile.

Advanced tools are available to upload videos and crop them into GIFs that can be exported.

19. Budget is not a parameter

When we provide Facebook Advertisement Tips, it is essential to mention that a high budget Facebook Ad campaign need not be successful always. Optimization is, and the Facebook Ad with a small budget can be highly successful because of optimization.

20. Gain expertise in Facebook Remarketing

When you target your audience based on their earlier activity on your website, it is called remarketing, and Facebook Remarketing is very effective. By way of remarketing you come to know how the audiences reacted with your product.

To learn Facebook Remarketing, one must be familiar with Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences will enable you to target the different user segments like website traffic, offline activity, App activity, Customer File, and Engagement.

21. Make your Facebook Ads relevant

The quality and engagement level of your Facebook Ad is determined based on its relevance. The Relevance Score determines the cost per click as well as the frequency of showing of your Facebook Ads. When you have a low relevance score, you have to pay more to maintain the ad in rotation.

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The above Facebook Advertisement Tips will ensure that your Facebook Ads really work so that your business will grow. There are numerous ways to use Facebook for marketing your products and through a few changes are expected about the paid ads, one need not worry about the future of Facebook ads.

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