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Google Rebrands AdWords to Google Ads After Almost 18 Years

Google Marketing Platform

Google launched their old brand money maker Google AdWords 18 years back in October 2000, and they have announced that AdWords will be simply Google Ads with effect from July 24, 2018. The new brand comes under the new name and with a new logo, that’s Google Marketing Platform.

According to Google, by way of re-branding AdWords to Google Ads, they can provide a more simplified product to all small, medium size and large publishers as well as advertisers. The users of Google Ads will be finding it more comfortable to reach the consumers in any part of the world at any time through any channel of their choice.

When AdWords become Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform will consist of the Google Analytics 360 Suite and the Double Click advertiser products. Moreover, the Double Click publisher products and the Double Click Ad Exchange will be now Google Ad Manager.

As a result of this change, the users of Google Ads can access their account from the URL and the new help center will be This brand change marks the end of 18 years of Ad Words branding as well as 22 years of Double Click.

The advertising software of Google is subjected to the biggest-ever rebranding process. Google has made it clear that there will be no merging of services and also that the fees remain unchanged. The company will be retaining the AdSense and AdMob brands for the use of small websites and the mobile app developers respectively.

Google Marketing Platform: The 3 Major Brands

Google Marketing Platform

As a result of the rebranding of AdWords, the ad products of Google consist of 3 major brands – Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager.

Google Ads will be now the front door for the advertisers to buy on any one of the various Google surfaces such as YouTube videos, searches, ads on display, Google Play app ads, locations listed in Google Maps or other places.

For the small business advertisers, Google will be offering the Smart Campaigns. For the advertisers, Smart Campaigns is going to be the default mode. Smart Campaigns enable the advertiser to identify the action he wants to prioritize – query over the phone, visit the store or a real purchase.

The images and text will be optimized by Google Ads with the help of AI and target them to ensure more of such actions.

The Google Marketing Platform is the next brand which will be combining Google Analytics 360 and Double Click Digital Marketing. Display and Video 360 is a new product introduced by Google. All the features of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Studio, Audience Center and Campaign Manager are combined with this new product.

There is an ever growing need for collaboration and Google Marketing Platform offers the best solution to meet this requirement. The new Integration Center of the Google Marketing Platform enables the marketers to view all the ways available for them to connect their Google tools.

Google Marketing PlatformThe Google Marketing Platform is the high-end software for advertisers. Though the priority is for integration within the Google’s platform, Google also facilitates mutual connectivity with outside exchanges as well as measurement providers.

Google Ad Manager is the third brand. This platform combines Double Click Ad Exchange and Double Click for Publishers, which are the tools for monetization used by publishers.

While the AdSense and Admob brand will remain, the Double Click brand will not be there anymore. Google has already made it clear that while the products will have a new look as well as feel, there will be no change in their core functionality.

Hence product migration or training is not required because of the rebranding. The Google Marketing Platform will be introducing a new community known as Google Marketing Platform Partners which will replace Google Analytics Certified Partners as well as Double Click Certified Marketing Partners programs.

How Google Ads Will Benefit Small Businessmen?

As a result of the launching of Google Ads by Google, there will be no barriers for the advertisers who are newcomers to get the entry. In fact, Google designed Google Ads specifically for small businesses.

By offering the new products, Google wants to make ad creation easier. Google also wants to assure that the ads reach the right audience. The brand new products introduced by Google are simple as well as easy to use so that the small businessmen who use these products will be able to get a place at the entry point.

Google Marketing PlatformThe new type of campaign in Google Ads enables small businesses to start online advertising easily. Small businesses will be getting the benefit of AI thanks to Google Ads, and as a result, they will be able to achieve their business objectives without diverting their attention to a variety of tasks, and they can comfortably concentrate their attention on running the business.

The “Smart Campaigns” technology offered by Google is tailored for the small businesses, and it will make the creation of ads easier.


The rebranding of AdWords to Google Ads will facilitate addressable advertising which will pave the way for programmatic buying. To bring this change, Google developed programmatic solutions to solve the problem of traditional constraints.

Now, with the help of the new Google Ad Manager, the publishers can monetize all the places engaged by people like connected TVs, Mobile Pages that are accelerated, mobile games, various other apps, live streams, YouTube, Apple News, Bellack and so on.

The rebranding will undoubtedly enable advertisers to give more attention to improving the results in the coming years. They now need not focus more on product selection.

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