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10 Secrets about the Google Rankbrain Algorithm

Google Rankbrain

Google Rankbrain is a processing algorithm that finds out the best match to a search query with the help of AI when the query is unknown to Google.

Google Rankbrain AI is, in fact, the outcome of Google’s efforts to provide easy access to information. Google created various updates as well as algorithms periodically and the Google Rankbrain algorithm is one among them.

This new AI provides information to the users by predicting the searches in advance and establishing synonymous links to the searches which were made earlier. Rankbrain functions independently and it receives no programmed information from humanitarian agencies.

Google Rankbrain

Rankbrain enables Google to understand the queries in a better way so that it can provide the best search result, especially the queries that are of negative nature and with words like “not” and “without”.

A lot of databases pertaining to people, places, and other entities are used by Rankbrain to facilitate the machine learning process.

Rankbrain breaks down the unknown queries into word vectors using a mathematical formula. Each word vector is provided with an ‘address’.

Similar word vectors will get similar ‘addresses’. Using these mathematically derived results Google will assume the best fit to the unknown query and will provide a number of related results.

In course of time Google search Rankbrain will refine the AI based results so as to provide a more matching search result to the search by the users.

Google Rankbrain SEO doesn’t depend on language alone to understand the meaning of the search. Hence Rankbrain AI is not an NLP (Natural Language Processor). NLP will understand language just like a human understanding language. However, the processes are not similar.

There are many exciting things to know about the Google Rankbrain Algorithm.

1. The latest signal of the Google Hummingbird Algorithm is called Rankbrain

Google RankbrainHummingbird is Google’s search engine algorithm. Rankbrain enables this search engine to function. Hummingbird will search the millions of pages of information to give the best results to the search queries by users. Rankbrain is one of the most important components of Hummingbird that enable it to search the pages and find out the result.

2. Rankbrain enables Google to refine queries

Earlier, Google used to create links between similar searches with the help of human forces. Every day billions of searches are made and even now a considerable number of searches had never been made before.

According to the statistics for the year 2013, 13% of the searches were not made before. Since billions of searches are made daily, 13% will be a very high number.

Now, the Google Rankbrain AI is able to provide better search results by interpreting the complex queries made by users. Rankbrain creates a pattern from the complicated searches so that now connections are made between the complex searches and the earlier searches. Rankbrain could reduce considerably the number of searches never witnessed before.

3. Now Google uses Rankbrain to process all queries which were not encountered earlier

According to the information provided by Google in the year 2015, Rankbrain was used for processing 15% of the queries which were never encountered by the system previously. But Google Rankbrain 2017 is used to process all the queries which were never encountered by the system before.

4. Rankbrain keeps on shifting the pages around

Google RankbrainThe ultimate goal of Google is to show the users the best set of pages for their Google searches so as to ensure user satisfaction. The Rankbrain algorithm helps Google to achieve this goal.

Depending on the SEO factors, Rankbrain keeps on shifting the search pages around to ensure that each page has the spot it really deserves on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

For example, if most of the users first click on the result: 1 and then click result: 4 after skipping result: 2 and result: 3, Rankbrain will bring result: 4 up to the second position next time when a search is made for the same keyword. Result: 2 and Result: 3 will be lowered to the 3rd and 4th spots respectively.

5. Rankbrain stopped the use of long-tail keywords

Google Rankbrain put an end to the long-tail keyword targeting technique in SEO. Hence right from 2018, optimizing for long-tail keywords will have no effect.

Since Rankbrain favors conceptual search, the long-tail keywords will be grouped into concepts and will not be considered as specific wordings. Keyword targeting is now fully based on context and is not a long-tail game.

6. Rankbrain insists for the following

Google RankbrainIn order to achieve top ranking on Google search engine

– The content must be deep as well as of top quality
– There must be variations of the keywords
– Provide really valuable information to readers so that they spend more time on the site and also will make repeat visits

7. The simplest definition of Google Rankbrain AI

As a part of Google’s search algorithm, Rankbrain is a computer program which goes through the billions of pages that it already knows and identifies the pages that are found most relevant to the queries.

8. How Rankbrain matters in 2018

There were a lot of talks about Rankbrain throughout 2017. In 2018, those who learn about Rankbrain will be able to improve SEO. Since the digital marketing industry is going to use AI and Voice Search, Rankbrain will dominate SEO.

9. The three most important elements in the Google search algorithm

1. Links
2. Content
3. RankBrain

10. RankBrain favors conversational content

With RankBrain the content must be conversational. When the content is in the form of regular human speech, a high search rank will be provided by Google.

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