Have you tried a lot and still are unable to increase your conversion rates? Try the ultimate solution: Create a Landing Page.

When it comes to turning traffic pages into conversions, landing pages can be the most important aspect of a digital marketing campaign.

Many businesses confuse home pages with landing pages. 70% of B2B (Business to Business) dealers don’t own a Landing page (Online Marketing Coach, 2013). This fact itself would ensure that your business would stand out from the crowd. But that’s not all.

Landing pages are unique because of their single-minded objective- Call to Action. Anything other than CTA is considered as a distraction and thus removed. That includes navigation panes and links to external sites. Keep scrolling to know different ways Landing pages benefit your business.

Since you have caught a glimpse of what a Landing page is, let’s see what it has to offer you:

Importance of Landing pages

Landing pages Stops the funnel from leaking

Imagine the horror of wasting all the spent resources when a visitor visits your site only to be distracted by the insanely distracting navigation tabs. This is where the uniqueness of landing pages act as a stopcock. Their utter lack of links saves the CTA button makes it super focused and ensures maximum possible conversion of the visitors.

Landing pages Increases CTR

Naturally, due to the absence of any other distraction, the visitor is either forced to click the Call to Action link or to leave the site. Since the majority of the visitors visit landing pages with an idea of what to expect, the probability of them clicking the desired link is increased manifold.

Landing pages gather email addresses

Lead generating landing pages can be turned into a gold-mine of data of potential customers. Collecting contact details, specifically, email ids, was never easier. This is guaranteed to generate sweet ROI as it is estimated that emails with a single CTA can increase CTR by more than 3 times and sales by 10 times (Delhi School of Internet Marketing, 2017)!

Landing pages exploit the wizardry of analytics

Analyzing the source of the influx of visitors on the landing page can show which ad campaign with the backlinks to your landing pages works. This can help you reduce the wastage of your resource. Besides, the lead-generating landing pages can help you find your target audience if you are not already aware of them.

Landing pages put on a show of credibility

Landing pages can be the best way to show how credible your business is. This can be tricky as for a common man of the World Wide Web appearance is all that matters. Thus, the explicit display of graphics and accreditations to the security features installed for transaction and data collection will give them a sense of trust in your site, which is directly proportional to the trust placed on your business itself.

More about Landing pages

What do they contain?

        Call to Action

This is the purpose of building a landing page in the first place.


Care should be taken to not make it sound exaggerating. Failing to do so will result in disappointment while reading the content.


Though good content is the king, in the case of a landing page, minimal content ensures the least distraction and thus allows the visitor to focus on the CTA.

Decluttered CTA buttons increase CTR by 13.98%

         Social media share buttons

Worldwide there are 3.80 billion social media users (We are social, 2020). Getting the word about the products described on the landing page is the best way to earn referrals.

          Lead-capture forms

These can be employed to collect email ids of the target audience which can then be used for email marketing, which is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.


Studies suggest that more than 80% of visitors will prefer to see images and videos instead of reading the content.

Thus, focusing on displaying videos is a wise choice.

Now, after bearing with us till now, you might be wondering how wonderful it would be to have your landing page for your business. We, experts from Monarch Web World, are here to help you out with your exact dreams! Continue reading to see how we do it.

Processes behind landing page development


        Identify the target audience


        Mock-up page


        Web builders



Why do you need landing pages for your digital marketing campaign?

Statistics show that businesses with 10-15 landing pages (each for a unique campaign) have shown an increase of conversion by 55% in comparison to those with 10 or less (Active Campaign, 2019).

However, owning a landing page is like walking on a thin wire. Too much of anything will snap it. To garner the trust of the visitors, one cannot be too careful about maintaining a perfect balance between the different elements present on the page. For instance, consider the visual elements. Too many images and the content will distract the visitor, whereas too little will make them suspect the site. Only an experienced professional with a tried and tested promise can ensure your money does not get wasted.

Thus, to avoid the risk of overdoing and to bring your business all the possible benefits of owning landing pages, you’d need a professional. That means you will have to invest your time and money.

Why us?

Monarch Web World has been serving businesses to possess a confident online presence for more than 8 years. The praises from our client base of more than a thousand and two hundred from 15 plus nations from all over the world, including the US, UK, and Australia.

All this has been possible only because of our growing team of experts who will take care of your worries on every possible issue arising while trying to gain attention in the dizzying online world. Web designing, SEO strategies, Social media marketing are a few of the wide range of services offered here. Our all-round service benefits make us the best stop for all of your worries.

Contact us now! Let’s talk and give your business the much-needed boost

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