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In the automotive industry, you are bound to have competition at every nook and cranny and this is a universal truth, despite the industry that you serve. It is of utmost importance to take advantage of the various marketing techniques and tools in front of you and use it to stay one ahead of the competition.

Automotive industries are a vast industry ranging from car dealers to motorbike parts and every one of them requires their separate marketing.

With millions of automobiles being used globally, it has become a part of life to use vehicles in our daily consumption and with the increasing popularity, the demand for vehicles has increased tenfold – which also means, increased demand for the automotive industry. Bingo!

The fact is that automobiles are more than just vehicles and spare parts – it’s also about manufacturing, dealers, auto-servicing, and repairs, and so on. With increased demand and supply of vehicles, there is derived demand for parts, and service centers in every street of a neighborhood. But this does not eliminate the existence of competition – as we mentioned, there are service centers in every street which means that there exists a perfect competition where the nature of services is similar, thus marketing is a quintessential part of the automotive industry.

Do you want to get ahead, and take home the big bucks?

Do you want to be a hot player on the street?

Read on further on how you can get ahead of the competition and market your industry like a pro-player!

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Though there are many Internet marketing techniques available, these work especially well with the automotive industry.

• Search engine optimization (SEO) It is the idea and optimization of making your website easily readable to Google and other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo! Etc.. Making your website easy for Google to understand makes it easier for customers to find you online and tap you for services.

When prospective customers search for something on Google, it normally so happens that, the results provide them answers according to the relevant keywords typed in – not surprisingly, these results are most relevant as per the keywords and queries typed by the user.

By implementing SEO, you can improve your rankings in results for keywords and phrases related to your business, so that more searchers will see you, and be interested in your work of service. The thing about SEO is that it depends on rankings. The higher your pages rank, the better it is for your business.

Did you know that 33% of users will click the first result, and less than 10% of users would bother going to the second page of results?

This explains why SEO is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

• Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) PPC is an ad platform and is also known as pay-per-click advertising. It’s a pocket-friendly model, and this is mostly because you only have to pay when your ad is clicked, not otherwise, and certainly not for the ad space being used!

The ads work like a sort of bidding where you choose the keywords that you believe would match with your ads, and then decide how much you’re willing to pay each time the ad is clicked. If your bid is among the highest for a given keyword, your ad will show up when a user searches it, and voila! Your ad is public, your service is recognized, and it’s only a matter of time before the bucks start rolling in!

• Social media marketing Social media marketing is as valuable as daylight and is considered a foolproof marketing strategy of today’s generation. The best thing about social media is that it serves all industries equally. With a combined total of billions of users every day, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some amazing places to reach your target audience.

Social media is primarily used to improve brand awareness, sharing industry news, and sharing your own website’s content, to break the ice and spark a conversation with your followers. Some quick tips to turn heads are adding photos, uploading content regularly, involving in some business-personal Q&A, polls, etc.

If you’re still unsure about implementing these marketing strategies into your plan, don’t hesitate to think it over and contact us! At Monarch Web World, we understand that you would have questions and we are only too happy to answer them for you!


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