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You are probably aware that finance is an industry with competition at every nook and corner. Without finance, the world cannot function; a country’s economy depends heavily on financial institutions, businesses (small or large) need financing to operate daily functions. Not just this, the general public – people like us – need finance to make ends meet.

In simple words, finance is a crucial part of life – one which we cannot ignore.

Can you imagine a company running without financials? How long do you think a company will be able to stand without professionals in accounting, book-keeping, audit, corporate law, etc.? It certainly won’t last very long, we can guarantee that!

To make your company spotless in terms of taxes and penalties, there will always remain a plethora of options available to you – and choosing the best, is what you need to do.

Getting back to the point, a finance industry offering services in the form of banks, accountants, CPA firms, credit services, loan officers, etc. must realize the importance of the services they are offering, and hence, market it appropriately. Without marketing, it’s just about obvious that reputation will be private even to the best of hands.

Talking about this industry, most people equalize finance with banks because it’s all black and grey. In layman language, finance is either dollar notes, government bonds and mutual funds, savings, gold, or assets – and people normally match this with banks, easily.

But is it just banks? Isn’t finance a much wider term than just relating it to banks?

Quite so.

The various sectors of Finance: It’s not just banks??

No. It is not just banks and this is a stereotype that needs to be broken! If you read further, you will see that there is more to finance than just banking institutions!

• Banks: This has to be the primary-most sector because banking is the most basic, and important. It holds deposits, offers loans, allows credit, and various other agency

• Mutual Funds: These are diversified options for people who have surplus funds but mind you, mutual funds are always subject to market fluctuations so you need to keep track of your investments.

• Insurance: This is a type of finance, which everyone understands. It is a system that you pay into monthly or annually which acts as a safety net and covers costs of some large expenditures which are often unforeseen. Health, life, auto, home insurance are some of the common types.

Wealth Management :

This type of financial service helps people to save money intelligently, and receive a return on their investment when possible.

So now that you know that finance is much more than just banks, let’s look at a few ideas on how to market the finance industry – because without marketing your industry, it won’t get the proper exposure.

Foolproof Marketing strategies for the industry that loves dollar-bills!

Here are a few internet marketing strategies that you can use for your industry to take it to the next level!

1. Stand out with quality content: Content is one of the most important things to appear on your website, despite the industry you are offering to the public. For the finance industry, this is even more important because again, according to layman language, finance is a complete doze-off topic but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Your website should have quality text, visuals, graphics, etc. to wake people up from their somnambulism and realize that finance, really is a total mind-boggling sector!

2. Give your industry’s website a push in the right direction with SEO: Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website as per Google’s standards just so that you can stand a chance and get popular – because it’s not easy to rank on Google’s SERP without the ‘hot stuff’, and SEO provides your website that ‘hot stuff’ and ups the wow factor. Optimizing with SEO also helps reduce competition with other sectors in the same industry.

3. Pay-per site advertising is still here!: This is a paid promotion system used by search engines and social networks that act as a traffic-magnet to the best pages of your site. In search engines, PPC results display above regular search results, meaning you can pay to earn a better position – and more visibility – than big banks earn! You will find that This is a common strategy used by smaller companies trying to gain an edge over a major competitor.

4. Social media marketing never gets off the list: A constant favorite for many, social media marketing is a great way to market your industry. Think Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook – these are some great social media sites to get your company into showbiz. With the world wrapped around its finger, social media will have a lot to offer you, if you are smart and cautious. It’s the perfect exposure for your company!

At Monarch Web World, we understand the importance of marketing every industry, including finance, and thus would like to show you the ropes of the marketing realms. Feel free to contact us, if you have any more queries!


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