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It is so difficult to get the right home and repair services in such difficult times. Competition is at an all-time high and even then, the best companies fail at offering quality service on the table.

What do you think happens to the honest, good companies out there who probably don’t have the marketing prowess and desired techniques? They don’t thrive because of lack of market and this is possibly the saddest thing for this specific industry – so, why let the mediocre companies overtake the actual good ones? Why not market the company offering all the goods and services, instead of spending thousands on an average (or even below-average) company?

Now, what’s the thing that comes to mind when you think of home and repair? Furnishing? Cleaning? Furniture? How about re-painting? It all sounds like a hassle, having to hire separate workers for separate jobs – but what if we could tell you that with developments and technology constantly progressing, that home and repair services have become easier and hassle-free? What if we could say that you could get all the best professionals under one company? Would you be thanking us?

To make this easier, let’s look at the most renowned home repair service giants – Urban Clap, Zimmber, etc. when they come to mind, the first thing that you think about is how they are recognized – is it their quality service? Is it reasonable price categories? Or is it their marketing that has acted like their fairy godmother?

It’s definitely all three! But, marketing has played a tremendous role in shaping the success of Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap) and this is why you need to understand the importance of it – because, without marketing, products and services will never take center stage under the lime-light.

If you are opting to offer this industry to the market, you will realize that you need to showcase your services to grab attention – no matter how good your professionals are.

Read on ahead, if you want to market your home and repair services via digital marketing and take your business to the next level!

Tips on breaking the internet with digital marketing!

Do you want to become the next giant with your amazing home and repair services? Do you want to eliminate all the petty competitors near you? Read these quick tips to help you get there!

• Maintain a clear-cut, straightforward website: It’s important to remember that the website is the primary communication you have with customers, and unless it looks fetching and aesthetic enough, they won’t bat an eyelid. So make sure that your website looks simple but has enough details and graphics to explain your work, goals, and mission; make sure that you give approximate quotes for services because this can either make it or break things for you, depending on the customer. Even if you’re a solo cleaner and are doing all the cleaning yourself, write up a description that explains your credentials. If you’ve been in business for years, add testimonials that speak to your abilities.

• Put up testimonials and product/service reviews! This is a foolproof way to attract customers – and it’s also a great way to satisfy your customers. It could be an instant appraisal for your efforts and this can always work just fine. Reviews help you build trust with people who are interested in your services – however, don’t hold onto the myth that you will receive only positive reviews. Make sure you show your grievance for the unsatisfied customers, promise to make more efforts next time, and satisfy the remaining! Your response shows your audience that you value feedback from your customers, and you’re willing to listen to their feedback to make your business better. Great platforms for reviews include Google, Facebook, etc.

• Create a social media presence for your website: Social media is all about Joe Biden becoming the 46th president with Kamala Harris becoming the first Asian-American woman Vice president, but that shouldn’t stop you from breaking social media with fresh content about your home and repair services – because, who doesn’t want that? With festive and wedding seasons knocking at our doors, every house wants proper home repair services. So why not turn to social media and market your services? It’s so easy, and convenient to get started!

• Consider Google ads for advertising: Google Ads is available to help businesses of all sizes get a leg-up on the competition, and there’s certainly a lot of competition when it comes to cleaning services providers! Google Ads is set up to give you the most bang for your buck, so make the most of it and see how Google ads will give you a run for the money!

Be realistic about what you’re able to spend, and discuss it with a professional if you aren’t sure what works best for you.

If you still would like assistance with your company, feel free to contact us at Monarch Web World, for we would love to give you advice on all things related to home and repair! We’re more than happy to help!


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