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Many organizations among several industries have benefited because of the emergence of digital marketing and nonprofits happen to be one of these organizations. Nonprofits now can save thousands or sometimes millions on mail costs because of newsletters, and when their volunteers can’t promote them their website does promote them 24*7, though it takes more than a website to generate support and donations.

How is digital marketing any different for nonprofits?
Non-profit organizations enjoy the same benefits as their profit-making counterparts when they opt for the various methods of digital marketing. Costs are lower, time to market is faster, and the pool of prospects is based more on expressed interest (market research) than on guesses and assumptions. However, nonprofits have to deal with a different set of challenges that profit-making businesses don’t face. Digital marketing efforts help bring marketing costs down to a great extent. The non-profit marketing budget is less in general as there’s little to no money to add whereas profit-making organizations keep their marketing budget tight at the beginning to see by trial and error method what works out for them and what doesn’t. Digital marketing efforts such as newsletters, etc. cost a lot lesser than traditional marketing efforts such as TV or radio ads. Pay-per-click, content writing, and development are perhaps the only segment of digital marketing that cost money to run. You may shift your marketing budget’s focus on lower-cost digital marketing methods by maybe even forgetting the traditional marketing efforts for their online marketing cost-effective counterparts. Content marketing plan and strategy focuses on the cause and how to design it to help convince consumers. Businesses develop customer loyalty by offering free tricks and techniques informing the public about how to use their products or services or something of a similar nature. Clothing retailers offer fashion tips, while tech companies might write about new software or answer tech support questions. A nonprofit’s content should focus not on consumers’ fear or greed, but their heartstrings (emotions and mindset).

Non-profits should create content around the issues which they’re trying to address: how many people are impacted, the causes and effects, inspirational or heartbreaking stories, and what the reader can do to help. Content shouldn’t be about the organization, either. Remember, nonprofits don’t exist to help themselves—they exist to help others.

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So, is Internet marketing different for nonprofit organizations? In some ways—but the end goal is still the same: to generate as much money as possible with a limited budget.

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