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Imagine biking on the dunes of the lazy Arabian Desert – the sunset playing shadows of your silhouette, and the rising moon beginning to appear just within reach. Does this sound magical enough for you to transport you to a zen mode?

Do you have a backpack attached to your back, at all times? Are you that friend in the circle, that hypes up that bike trip to Ladakh without a plan or protocol?

We thought as much.

With tourism and hospitality one of the leading industries, it has fast taken up a soft spot in our hearts for all of us, each and everyone has a travel lust living inside. Who doesn’t want to fix up a back-pack, take some cash, the vintage red Ford Mustang, and drive off into the wilderness?

Well, obviously traveling is a little more than just the visual aesthetics of a red Mustang and scenic roads.

There’s the practicality of it. You need a plan – an organized plan about the itinerary of your trip otherwise, you will inevitably become a lost soul in a foreign land – and that, isn’t exactly the best feeling.

You see, tourism and hospitality go far beyond just a plan. For some people, this is a luxury, and privilege whilst for others, this is a necessity – without it, some people might remain in an existential crisis perpetually. Yet for others, this is a casual way of life.

The basic point is that tourism and hospitality are wide and vague. It has its universe, where the realms of tourism are pointless without hospitality.

Let’s make this a little simpler – putting current circumstances aside, let’s suppose that you finally took that week off and made an impromptu plan to visit Bali in Indonesia because let’s face it – you deserve the week off!

What are the few things that you would expect out of the trip? Efficiency, smoothness, ease of access, exploration, and activities (including water sports)?

In simple words, you would want the best out of your trip, wouldn’t you?

That’s where tourism and hospitality come in.

Digital marketing for the industry: Take or throw?

In such times where the world has gone online, it’s only a matter of time before the tourism and hospitality industry becomes adept at implementing digital marketing as the primary source of marketing.

Digital marketing has always been easy, efficient, and economical for both businesses and customers alike – so what’s not to love about it?

Read on to find out why people and businesses are taking this industry online!

“Speeding to Singapore no longer requires countless visits to your tourist manager! “ – a tourism agency.

The world has gone online, and so has the tourism and hospitality industry. Life is much easier with digital marketing – and if you are asking why then you’ve come to the right place!

Direct accountability: With traditional marketing, your tourism agency will be able to track expenses but not every time; direct marketing is one level higher than traditional but the absolute best and most transparent, has got to be internet marketing because it is really easy to track and monetize. Accountability becomes simpler and hassle-free.

speed at its best:

An offline marketing agency will definitely not only cost you in terms of money but also in terms of time, and efficiency. Paraphernalia like brochures, flyers, etc. take time to gather, and organize – but with the help of internet marketing, gathering online materials, editing, etc. becomes faster by tenfold.

All Things Touristy and Hospitality : 3 undeniable advantages of digital marketing that drops jaws:

Arguably, tourism has become more popular via digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing. Here’s why!

Marketing in the digital verse has now become cheaper:

Compared to traditional marketing, the cost of brochures, flyers, tickets, etc. has become cheaper by the dozen all thanks to digital marketing. In some cases, like PPC ads, your cost is determined by how many people respond—not how many people might respond.

The reach potential is higher:

It’s hard to reach a large number of your potential customers with traditional marketing, and even harder to do it at a low cost. But on the Internet, if you’ve built your online presence, it will be inevitable for you to be found.

Analytics is the biggest advantage!

Internet marketing offers analytics that offers you to check the effectiveness of every aspect of your campaigns, which will help screen out the non-functional ones and keep the functioning ones!

Bonus Tip: The Cheatsheet To Getting Started With Hospitality, Online!

There is a sea of options available, but only the most fitting strategies survive the jungle. Here are a few ideas to get started, and never look back!


Try creating a business page for your industry and hook all the possible social media channels like Instagram (favorite!), Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. so that you can update your followers about everything. This makes a huge difference, and will indefinitely see a rise in popularity.


Travel can be expensive, and no one wants to risk spending a ton of money on a trip they won’t enjoy. To avoid this mishap, give virtual tours as they can provide information, and the more your customers know, the more at ease they’ll feel booking with you.


Create a mobile app that lets guests check availability or make reservations for add-ons like tours or spas, along with any other promotions you may offer. Think apps like Trivago, Makemytrip, etc.

At the end of this article, we hope that you have got the hang of digital marketing coming out as the winner for tourism and hospitality. If you are unsure about how to go about, feel free to contact us. At Monarch Web World, we feel honored to tend to your queries!


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