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8 Brands That Prove Live Video is the Future of Content Marketing

Live Video Marketing

The modern shoppers have more affinity towards live videos. The live video from a brand grabs the attention of more people when compared to social postings. The brand becomes more popular as a result of live streaming of events. Live Video Marketing enables the marketers to engage the audience and uniquely interact with them.

No other medium will facilitate this kind of interaction with the audience. Marketers can also use live video to provide answers live to the queries from the audience. The marketer can also discuss at length with the questioners. Since it is performed live on air, it will be watched by millions of people the world over.

Live video is 100% personal, and the real individual will be answering the questions. Since the replies are given instantaneously, the marketer has no time to choose the words and develop the sentences.

Live Video Marketing

Recent surveys reveal that people watch live videos for the more extended period compared to the videos that are not live. Once a live video is created, one can easily make blog posts, and YouTube videos from that and also small clippings from the live video can be used for the homepage of the website.

Live video marketing is prevalent today, and the future of live video marketing is very bright.

The audience finds the live videos more appealing, and the content provided by live video will be fresh always. Line videos effectively create a sense of urgency, and the audience finds them compelling to watch.

Educational videos and event videos which live enable the businessmen to make their relationship with customers stronger and longstanding.

Business people who want to rely more on live video for marketing should know about the following brands which had established the significance of live video in content marketing.

Significance of Live Video Marketing By Brands Like:

1. Chevrolet

Chevrolet has successfully used live videos to demonstrate the growing demand for electric cars. Chevrolet streamed their video on Facebook Live on the occasion of launching their Bolt EV 2017, which is an all-electric car.

Through the live video Chevrolet was able to spread the message that the demand for electric cars is bound to increase as a result of urbanization and the latest trends in the society that are aimed to ensure sustainability.

The video was created keeping the upcoming technology of electric cars the center theme. At a time when many people were having reservations regarding electric cars, through the live video Chevrolet could convince many people that in the future there will be a necessity for electric cars.

The Live Video Marketing will inspire the Chevrolet car owners all over the world to exchange their views about their cars.

2. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts provided a live video in the year 2016, and the video mainly showed the Donut factory and the various activities in the factory. From the video, the viewers could clearly understand how they lay the dough, cut the dough in proper shapes, the frying process, the decoration and the final touch-ups given to the donuts cakes.

The viewers found the video highly informative and enjoyed watching the interviews with the production experts of the company who provided fascinating and useful information about the donuts products that are very popular.

Those who are fans of the popular Donuts snacks and cakes were excited to watch each step of the production of their favorite snacks.

Through the video, they could convince the customers that Dunkin Donuts is a trustworthy organization and also that the company keeps its employees at high esteem.

3. UFC

Among the many sports brands, UFC was successful in providing the audience the best quality content in a unique way. Through live videos, UFC arranged the streaming of various UFC events as well as press conferences.

The viewers were overwhelmed to watch the Q&A sessions with the fighters and the ring girls. Combat sports from various other sports organizations were also aired.

Fightpass of UFC also provided live videos of various events of martial arts organized by small organizations like Invicta FC and Cage Warriors.

4. Space X

Demonstrations of new technology and airing of update information about the latest technological developments in various fields are now made through live videos.

The live videos from Space X showing the launching of rockets into space enabled people all over the world to join together, share the information and celebrate the great achievements of humanity.

Just like Space X making use of live videos to demonstrate the launching of rockets, today business organizations can create their live videos for a detailed and effective product demonstration.

While streaming live videos, the business firms get the opportunity to answer the questions from potential buyers to build up trust and encourage them to buy the product once and see how it performs.

5. Buzzfeed

Live video marketing by Buzzfeed could grab the attention of many people. Buzzfeed succeeded in showing to the world how powerful the live videos are. When they aired the live video of exploding a watermelon, it was viewed by 807,000 people.

Later, the video was viewed by an additional 11 million people. This has proved that the impression created by the live video content will not disappear so easily so that even after months or years it keeps the brand in the minds of the people.

6. Tastemade

Those who live in cities are accustomed to small kitchens for cooking. Based on the little cooking concept, Tastemade presented a live video of a real-time cooking demonstration on Facebook Live.The viewers can enjoy this video even without sound. This video recorded 3.7 million views. Miniature cooking is popular in Japan, and the Japanese pop culture miniature cooking is essential.

7. Grazia UK

Grazia UK belongs to an Italian magazine for women. Grazia UK in partnership with Facebook started streaming live videos of various issues faced by society. Live debates, in general, are popular.

But when Grazia UK aired the live video of a debate on Brexit, it was a great success.

These live videos also facilitate the participation of the audience. The viewers of the live video on Brexit aired by Grazia UK enthusiastically participated in the debate and submitted their questions live.

The viewers became integral parts of the debate throughout the airing of the live video.

8. The Chewbacca Mom

This funny live video made all the viewers laugh when they found when a woman by the name Candace Payne wore a mask and tested how good it was to change her voice.

She was seated in a car just outside a Kohl’s department store in Dallas. The viewers could hear her laughing through the video. This funny video recorded 137 million views, I million shares and 5 million responses.

This video went viral, and as a result, the Kohl’s department store could make their brand very popular, and masks like the one worn by the woman were sold out all over the US. Amazon, Walmart and Toys RUs reported a phenomenal increase in the sales of the masks.


In the present days of content marketing, live, and interactive videos are most powerful to impress the customers. When we speak about video sharing, we consider YouTube as the oldest platform. But, for the viewers, it is not an aging platform.

Every day, those who surf the internet watch the live YouTube videos for more than 1 billion hours. The future is for live video marketing.

After all, we human beings want to buy the products offered by human beings and not from sources without a human face. Only live video can provide the human element in content marketing and the pre-recorded videos fail to provide the authentic human element.

No another medium of marketing can beat YouTube in making the content viral. It is already proved that other than Facebook, YouTube is the only channel that drives more than a billion unique visitors every month.

Only Live Video Marketing can get this much reach. No other form of content marketing can influence these much viewers.

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