200+ Simple and Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Brand’s Marketing

There are many free SEO tools, and the SEO professionals cannot perform their task without using minimum 4 – 5 of these free SEO tools. The free SEO tools listed below are widely used by SEO professionals, and the free SEO tools listed in this article are among the best tools that are used to perform the major SEO tasks. Though there are hundreds of free SEO tools that can be used by Internet marketers as well as SEO experts this list contains a selected few among them which help the online marketers to make their business more efficient and these tools enable them to achieve the desired results.

1. Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

The Penguin algorithm by Google will not allow you to have the over-optimized anchor text. One can easily identify the wrong links just by typing in the URL. For more details click


1. Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

The Penguin algorithm by Google will not allow you to have the over-optimized anchor text. One can easily identify the wrong links just by typing in the URL. For more details click


2. Bing Webmaster Tools

The webmasters can access a lot of research tools and resources that are offered by Bing. Click the link www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster

2. Bing Webmaster Tools

The webmasters can access a lot of research tools and resources that are offered by Bing. Click the link www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster

3. Bitly

You can use this tool for shortening the URL, and the analytics make this tool so powerful. Click the link


3. Bitly

You can use this tool for shortening the URL, and the analytics make this tool so powerful. Click the link


4. Boomerang

This is an essential tool for link building and while sending too many emails. This tool makes it easy for you to follow up the emails even when you forget. Click the link www.boomeranggmail.com/

4. Boomerang

This is an essential tool for link building and while sending too many emails. This tool makes it easy for you to follow up the emails even when you forget. Click the link www.boomeranggmail.com/

5. Buffer

This tool is used for the optimization of social media sharing online. Since this tool enables you to share with the audience at optimized times, the visibility will be more. Click the link


5. Buffer

This tool is used for the optimization of social media sharing online. Since this tool enables you to share with the audience at optimized times, the visibility will be more. Click the link


6. BuiltWith

This tool helps you to identify the technology used to build up the website. This tool is ideal for competitive intelligence also. Click the link http://builtwith.com/

6. BuiltWith

This tool helps you to identify the technology used to build up the website. This tool is ideal for competitive intelligence also. Click the link http://builtwith.com/

7. Buzzstream Tools Suite

Apart from providing many free link-building tools, this is a popular outreach platform. Click the link


7. Buzzstream Tools Suite

Apart from providing many free link-building tools, this is a popular outreach platform. Click the link


8. Amara

This tool is used to make captions for YouTube. This tool provides a readable transcript. Click the link http://amara.org/en/

8. Amara

This tool is used to make captions for YouTube. This tool provides a readable transcript. Click the link http://amara.org/en/

9. Copyscape

With this tool, you can avoid duplicate-content as well as plagiarism. When you want to share your content across the web make it a point to use this tool. Click the link


9. Copyscape

With this tool, you can avoid duplicate-content as well as plagiarism. When you want to share your content across the web make it a point to use this tool. Click the link


10. Domain Hunter +

This is an extension of Chrome, and with this tool, you can identify the important links that are broken. Moreover, you come to know whether those links point to a domain that is available. Click the link


10. Domain Hunter +

This is an extension of Chrome, and with this tool, you can identify the important links that are broken. Moreover, you come to know whether those links point to a domain that is available. Click the link


11. CircleCount

This tool is for tracking your followers and analyzing your shares. You will be able to find out the number of followers you had over time. Click the link


12. Content Strategy Generator Tool

With this tool, you can have a proper content strategy through keyword research and estimation of the size of the audience. Click the link


13. Conversion of Word Documents to Clean HTML

Though Google Docs are there, Word is still dominant. With this tool copying and pasting will be easier. Click the link


14. Easel.ly

These tools are used to create infographics and to share them. You can create graphics that appear quite professional. Click the link


15. Email Format

When you want to know the structure of various companies and organizations on the web, use this tool. Click the link


16. FindPeopleonPlus

This is the Google+ directory used for link building, research and outreach. You can sort out by keywords, profession, country and more. Click the link


17. Robots.txt Testing Tool

When you run your file through this tool, you come to know the errors that are invisible otherwise. Click the link


18. Check Listing

This tool ensures the accuracy of your name, address and phone number across the search engine listings. Click the


19. Google Keyword Planner

This tool replaces the popular Google’s keyword tool and offers data which you won’t get anywhere else. Click the link


20. Google Analytics

This popular analytics tool will set the standard and will keep up the innovation process. Click the link


21. Google Analytics API

This tool is for the creation of custom reports and tools and for pulling data into Google Docs and Excel. Click the link


22. Google Map Maker

This tool provides public map information that can be included in Google Maps. Click the link


23. Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool helps to improve page speed for better rankings as well as user engagement. Click the link


24. Google Public Data

This tool provides an ideal starting point for content research and infographics. Click the link


25. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

With this tool, you come to know how your snippet will appear in Google’s search result. It will incorporate review stars and structured data. Click the link


26. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool verifies your markup when you use different types of structured data. Click the link


27. Google Trends

Using this tool, you can see the keyword search popularity over time and also the trend of Google search results. Click the link


28. Google Webmaster

This is very essential for a site for website owners and provides diagnostic and health tools. Click the link


29. 1FTTT

This tool enables you to create triggers that are automatic between different apps like Twitter and Gmail. Click the link


30. Infogr.am

This infographics resource helps you to create graphics and data visualizations. Click the link


31. Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

Click the link for the best tools for online marketing


32. Linkstant

When somebody links to your website, this tool gives an alert. This a great tool for intelligence as well as outreach. Click the link


33. Linksy.me Email Guesser

When you are without the complete address of the email recipient, this tool will figure out the same once you type what you know. Click the link


34. MailTester.com

This tool will check the correctness of an email address to avoid spam. Click the link


35. MozCast

You may not know when Google will be testing its algorithm. This tool helps you to track the changes in SERPs daily. Click the link


36. MyBlogGuest

You can find out the best opportunities for guest blogging with the help of this tool. Click the link


37. Panguin Tool

This tool will connect you with your Google Analytics account so that you can know Google Algorithm updates hit you. Click the link


38. Pingdom

Here is a box full of tools that help you to analyze connectivity, page load, and the various DNS issues. Click the link


39. Piwik

This is an alternative to Google Analytics and also a simple web analytics solution. Click the link


40. Rank Checker for Firefox

This is a desktop tool to easily and quickly check the rankings. Click the link


41. Rapportive

This is a handy tool for marketers. This tool provides instantly the contact details of almost all whom you want to contact. Click the link


42. Remove Duplicate Items

These are a few tools for link builders, and also there is a link building software. Click the link


43. Robots.txt Checker

This tool will help you to detect the hidden errors in your robots.txt files and thereby avoid search engine crawling problems. Click the link


44. Schema Creator

Though marketers prefer to use Schema.org, they find it difficult to write the micro-formats by hand. This tool will make the task easy. Click the link


45. Scraper for Chrome

This tool enables you to scrap the web in your hand without the help of code. Click the link


46. Seer Toolbox

These are the popular SEER internal tools used by all. Click the link


47. SEO Toolbar

This tool is a great provider of information at your fingertips including competitive research and backlinks. Click the link


48. SEO Tools for Excel

The Niels Bosma’s Tools for Excel is very essential for SEO. Click the link


49. SEOgadget Links API

This tool enables you to save a lot of time by making it easy to gather backlink data and contact information. Click the link


50. SEO gadget tools

These tools include Excel plugins, contact strategy generator, and many other tools. Click the link


51. SEOQuake

This tool provides more raw data when compared to the other SEO toolbars. Click the link


52. SharedCount

This tool will show you how a piece of your content was shared socially among the services. Click the link


53. SharedCount API

This tool provides huge amounts of social data for your ready reference. Click the link


54. Similar Page Checker

This tool is used to detect duplicate content. Click the link


55. Sitemap Generators

These high-quality sitemap generators live on the server and automatically generate new sitemaps. Click the link


56. Social Authority API

This tool helps you to find out the reach and social authority of your followers as well as those you are trying to connect with. Click the link


57. Social Crawlytics

By way of showing the most-shared content of your competitor, these tool facilitates competitive research. It has various other features also. Click the link


58. Social Mention

This tool provides real-time social media search and analysis. Click the link


59. Text Cleaner

When you copy and paste between applications, this tool cleans up all types of text formatting. Click the link


60. Keyword Explorer

This is one of the latest tools from Moz that provides a lot of keyword and topic suggestions just at the click of a button. This tool ensures the most accurate keyword volume. To know about your SEO strategy as full just sync with Moz Pro site tracking. Click the link


61. URI Valet

This tool has various applications. It will dig into server headers, provide authoritative information and also analyze various redirect problems


62. Virante SEO Tools

The SEO tools offered by Virante for public use are of superior quality. Click the link


63. Wayback Machine

This tool enables you to track significant changes. Using this tool one can check the history of his website as well as that of the competitor. Click the link


64. WebPageTest

This tool helps you to improve the speed and performance of your website. Click the link


65. Wordle

This is a superb tool for research, graphics, and visualizations. With this tool, you can create beautiful word clouds. Click the link


66. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

These free keyword tools from Wordstream provide access to numerous keyword suggestions. Click the link


67. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

This tool is very useful, and it will crawl into the entire sites to find broken links and to create sitemaps, etc. Click the link


68. XML-Sitemaps.com

Here you can get the easiest solution to create the sitemap. This is ideal for small sites where the sitemap is required within minutes. Click the link


69. Yahoo Pipes

This tool can combine different feeds to make content. It is also used for link building. Click the link


70. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

This tool will set the standard for choosing the WordPress plugin for your site. Click the link


71. YouTube Analytics

This tool is very essential for those who publish YouTube videos. It will provide video-specific analytics for YouTube videos. Click the link


72. Ahrefs

This is a widely used tool for link research. The anchor text distribution charts are of good quality and also offers a large index. In case the tool is a paid tool the data is free


73. Banana Tag

This tool helps you to track your Email after sending it. Click the link


74. CloudFlare

This tool works as CDN as well as security service to ensure speed and safety of your website. Click the link


75. Followerwonk

This is one of the best tools to track your followers. It is also used for outreach and research. Click the link


76. Keyword Eye

This tool adds rich visualizations to provide valuable concepts. Click the link


77. KnowEm

With this tool you can check any number of social profiles instantly to find out availability. Click the link


78. Majestic SEO

This tool is great for link research. There are several free options in addition to a great crawling technology. Click the link


79. Majestic SEO API

The backlink data is provided free through its API. Click the link


80. MozBar

This is a standard SEO toolbar used by marketers. With this tool you can perform more than 50 tasks from your browser. Click the link


81. Mozcape API

This tool is available to individuals and the data is free. Click the link


82. nTopic

This tool gives the relevancy score to your content and offers keyword suggestions for improvement. Click the link


83. Open Site Explorer

The Moz Open Site Explorer caters to the need of backlink data, anchor text and popularity metrics. Click the link


84. Piktochart

This infographics generator is very efficient and is simple and easy to use. Click the link


85. RowFeeder

Using this tool, you can track social usernames, keywords, and hashtags and the information will be loaded into Excel to ensure easy monitoring of social media. Click the link


86. Screaming Frog

This website crawling tool offers a lot of features and customizations. Click the link


87. Searchmetrics Visibility

This tool is for searching the visibility of a website and also to track the winners and losers in Google search results. Click the link


88. SEMrush

This tool is ideal for researching competitor’s ads. The keyword data is good and comprehensive. Click the link


89. SERPmetrics

This will track the flux US search results on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Click the link


90. Similar Web

Getting stats from competitor website is not easy but, Similar Web performs well. Click the link


91. Stat Counter

This tool offers free and quick analytics solution and is ideal for those who want to avoid Google Analytics. Click the link


92. Trello

This tool is endorsed by Moz. It has simplified the tasks of project management and tracking. Click the link


93. Whitespark Local Citation Finder

This tool offers free solutions to find citations for local SEO. Click the link


94. Whois Lookup

This tool is used to find information regarding registration, contact and administrative aspects for any domain. Click the link


95. Wistia

This tool is for SEO-friendly solutions to video-hosting. Click the link


96. Moz Pro

Here is a dashboard of all the important marketing data in one place along with analytics to ensure efficient marketing. Click the link


97. Optimizely

The A/B testing and analytics provided by this site enable you to succeed in your CRO efforts. Click the link


98. Raven

The research tools offered by Raven are widely used by marketers. Click the link


99. Visual Website Optimizer

This Optimizer enables you to run A/B tests with a simple online editor so that even without knowing the code you can test the content. Click the link


100. Wordtracker

This keyword research tool is used by leading marketers also. Click the link


101. SEO Projectmanagement Suite

This tool helps to solve various problems that may occur while managing SEO campaigns. This is a desktop app


102. Webtexttool

This tool will figure out the keywords that are to be targeted. You can also check whether ratio of volume to competition is good. This is a website


103. Zadroweb SEO Auditor

Just at the click of a button you can gather data pertaining to page authority, domain authority, Google Page speed and Google Page Rank. This will enable you to analyze your competitor quickly. This is a website


104. Varvy

This tool will check whether a website adheres to Google’s headlines so that you come to know where your website is lacking. This is a website


105. Netspeak Spider

This tool is for quick technical audit of a website. It performs technical analysis recommends solutions to fix the issues. This is a desktop app


106. Hunter.io

This tool will find out email addresses that are related to any domain just within seconds. Only a name and a domain are required


107. URL Profiler

This tool is for auditing of content and backlink. The tool integrates with Ahref, Google Search console, Google Analytics and other major SEO tools. This tool is used for web scraping also


108. SEO Site Checkup

This tool will analyze the various issues related to technical as well as on-page SEO, analyze competitors, monitor the rankings and will provide custom while-label reports.


109. Mondovo

This is a package of tools for everything from keyword research to rank tracking and also for creating various SEO reports


110. GTMetrix

This tool will check the speed of your website and will recommend actions to make the website faster


111. Grammarly

This tool detects spelling as well as grammar errors and will provide suggestions for improvement


112. Readable

This tool will analyze the readability of the content and will also check the readability scores and text composition


113. Public WWW

This tool is used to find out affiliates of your competitor and the websites with the same Google Analytics code


114. KWFinder

This tool will find long-tail keywords with the seed keyword


115. SERP Watcher

This is basically a rank-tracking tool. This tool will also provide information regarding ranking distribution and estimated visits


116. Kraken.io

This tool will help you to optimize your site for loading speeds and also to save bandwidth and storage space


117. Buzzsumo

This will identify the content in a particular niche that is most shared and linked-to. You can also see your competitor’s best content


118. Moz Local Listing Score

The tool will analyze data from about 15 sources including Google, Facebook and Foursquare and will show how your business looks online. It will also suggest solutions for inconsistent listings


119. Google Trends

By browsing the Google Trends you can find out potential terms and SEO chances for your content


120. Schema Creator

Using this tool you can create custom codes so that your reviews, events, people, and organizations will be displayed on search pages the way you desire


121. XML Sitemaps

Just by entering your site’s URL and a few optional parameters, the XML sitemaps will create a sitemap which can be uploaded to Google Webmaster Tools


122. Browseo

By entering your site your website will be shown the way the search spiders view. That particular view will show the hierarchy given to particular elements.


123. Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool will provide the exact context for the information on the web page


124. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

These tools can be used together to analyze the website and to provide suggestions to make the content more SEO-friendly.


125. Buffer

Using Buffer you can connect a profile from each network and schedule in advance 10 posts for each network. When you share three posts a day, you will stay three days ahead always


126. Canva

This tool helps millions of users to create images for social media and blog posts


127. Hotjar

Hotjar will show you the activities of your visitors through visitor recordings, scroll maps, click maps and heat maps


128. Simply Measured

This tool provides analytics at enterprise-level for big brands and their social efforts. It provides an array of free tools


129. Keywordtool.io

When a keyword is entered this tool provides a list of long-tail keywords.


130. Hubspot Marketing Free

This tool facilitates easy generation of email leads by online marketers from their website


131. Crowdfire

Marketers can access this tool directly from their Twitter profiles. This tool enables you to sort in bulk and filter your followers. It also provides insights into the demographics of those who are your audiences


132. Medium

This tool is for blogging. This tool is of great use when you want to start a new blog quickly and in a less expensive way. Those who start the blog with Medium can have built-in audience from the beginning and can spread their content using the networking tools. Medium also offers an email newsletter to automatically get in touch with your followers by sharing your new articles


133. Wistia

Wistia is a tool for the marketers who want to share their videos on social media as well as on their website. The tool enables the player to keep people on your page or to sends them to where you want them to go


134. SumoMe Share

Many of those usual share buttons that we find along the sides of blog posts are from SumoMe. These buttons are parts of the SumoME suite of website products. If you are satisfied with some SumoMe branding, you can get these buttons free on any page and customize the networks which appear by default


135. Segment

Segment makes it easier for you to connect new software to your website. After adding the snippet you can connect other apps such as Google Analytics and MailChimp. Segment will handle all the visitor data


136. Robots.txt GeneratorRobots.txt Generator

The Robots are instructed as to what to do with the pages of the website. If a page or few pages are disallowed in the Robots.txt files, the robots are required to skip those pages completely.

Robots.txt GeneratorRobots.txt Generator

137. Google Scholar

This is a tool ideal for researching articles on science-related topics. When Peek is paired with a Google Alert, research on your chosen topic will be sent to your inbox


138. Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator will provide a lot of ideas for your blog when you mention a few terms related to your blog content.


139. Content Idea Generator

This tool provides suggestions for content when a keyword is entered


140. Hemingway

This tool will ensure clear and simple content. When a passage from your content is pasted on it you will receive the analysis report in which the very dense passages, wrong or unwanted adverbs and other mistakes will be highlighted


141. After the Deadline

This tool is an extension of Chrome to check grammar, spelling and the style of language


142. Google Guidelines Checker

This free tool will check the Google Business and local pages for all businesses.

GMB Guidelines Checker

143. Followerwonk

This tool provides a lot of useful data about timing On Twitter. Apart from that it will compare followers of different accounts


144. Latest.is

This is a list of interesting links on Twitter, and the list is generated automatically


145. Tweriod

This tool will analyze your account and will tell you the best times to tweet so as to ensure more exposure as well as replies


146. Must Be Present

This free tool finds out how fast you respond to comments and queries on Twitter


147. Bright Local

This tool provides quick and error-free reports about local SEO. This tool enables the online businessmen to save considerable amount of time.


148. Find Broken Links

This report about links covers the entire website and provides details of various issues with the internal as well as external links that are to be solved.

Find Broken Links

149. Wolfram Alpha Facebook report

This will analyze your Facebook account and will provide a lot of data about your connection, post timing, language you use and many other aspects


150. likealyzer

This tool will give feedback and suggestions regarding your company’s presence on Facebook


151. Fanpage Karma

This tool enables you to compare two fan pages just by entering their names or IDs.


152. Facebook Page Barometer

This tool will keep a track of your Facebook performance against the average performance of 6000+ pages.


153. Quicksprout

This is for website audit, social media analysis and report about competitor.


154. Website Grader

This tool will see the overall performance of your website and will grade your site based on SEO, security, speed, performance and mobile aspects. This tool also provides tips to improve your website.


155. SharedCount

This tool will show you how your content is spread across the web. Just by pasting the web address into the tool you can get the report.


156. Newsle

In case you wish to keep up with some influencers or thought leaders, you may sign in to Newsle either through Facebook or through LinkedIn. It will track your Facebook friends, email contacts and LinkedIn connections. You will be informed whenever they are in the news.


157. Synup

This tool enables the businessmen to easily manage their listings and online reputation. Online listings, local search analytics and reputation management are taken care of by this tool.


158. Mention Mapp

This tool will make all your connections visual and simple to understand as well as explore.


159. Down for Everyone or Just Me

This tool will show you whether the Internet connection is down for your site only or for all sites.


160. My Presences

This is an advanced tool that helps the online businesses to find out ideal places and create their presences on innumerable number of apps and services. With this tool the businessmen can get updated with the new business opportunities that are ideal for them.


161. KnownEm Social Media Optimizer

This tool will find out whether your web page is optimized for social sharing. The tool will check for markup from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


162. WhereGoes

This tool is ideal for diagnosing various link issues.


163. JSON-LD Schema Generator

This will support 6 markup types including product, local business, event and organization.


164. Keyword Mixer

This tool will combine the existing keywords in different ways to find out better alternatives.


165. Keyword Shitter

This will enable you to download all keyword suggestions to a .txt file just for a single click.


166. Bulk Webpage Word Counter

It will bulk check word count for maximum of 10 URLs.


167. SEO Hero

It will show LSI Keywords that can be added to your content to make it more relevant.


168. RankTank.org

These are open source SEO tools that you can build in Google Sheets.


169. Delim.co

A handy SEO tool used for various tasks that are related to SEO.


170. Drop My Link

This tool combines the keywords with advanced Google search operators to find out opportunities for link building.


171. What does my site cost

This is to find out the cost of visiting your website on mobile networks all over the world.


172. Intercom Observe

This tool is to track, filter and segment the customers. This tool enables the users to filter the actions taken by the customers and segment them based on the actions. They can view live customer profiles and know about their location, social profiles activities and other aspects.

Intercom Observe

173. Am I Responsive

This tool will check how the website responses to the desktop, laptop, Tablet, and Mobile.


174. HEADMaster SEO

This is a bulk status code and redirects checker. This tool also checks response time, response headers and HTTP header fields.


175. SERPLab

This is a free tanking checker from Google. This will update up to 50 keywords once every 24 hours.


176. Beam Us Up

This is the SEO crawling software for Windows. This is a free alternative to Screaming Frog, and it will integrate with Google Drive and Excel.


177. YandexMetrica

This is the free web analytics software.


178. UberSuggest

This will provide hundreds of keyword ideas from a seed keyword.


179. Soovle

This tool is potent. For generating hundreds of keyword ideas from a seed keyword, it will scrap Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and Answers.com.


180. Answer the Public

This tool is handy to answer questions people ask in Google. It gathers Google Autocomplete queries in bulk and will divide them into different lists.


181. Optimizely

This tool is to determine the version of the landing page that converts better. It will also give suggestions based on visitor data and live traffic.


182. Incognito Google Search

This tool is used to determine the popularity of the keywords that you are using. It will also identify the most popular search terms within your niche.

183. Responsive Design Test

Only with a responsive design, your website will look sharp on every device. By putting your website to the Responsive Test, you can confirm this.


184. SEMrush

This tool will identify the kind of traffic received by your website – paid and organic. The tool helps you to identify new keywords and their potential. The tool will also help you to create content of better quality and also to develop effective strategies for content marketing.


185. Majestic

Majestic is a very effective tool for auditing your backlinks. It can also analyze the domain and URL.


186. SpyFu

This tool is widely used to gather information about your competitors. Just by entering the domain name the tool will find out all the keywords that are used by the competitors.


187. Pro Rank Tracker

This is a free, cloud-based keyword rank tracking tool. The tool can provide advanced reports about the website mentioning the keywords the website is ranking for. It will also suggest the keyword which is to be targeted.


188. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is used to generate heat maps and for click-tracking. This tool will help you to understand the behavior of those who visit your website.


189. Google Website Mobile Check Tool

It is imperative to confirm that your website is mobile-friendly. Using the free Google Website Mobile Check Tool, you can check and confirm whether your website is mobile-friendly.


190. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

This tool is used for internal link checking. This tool enables you to detect broken links on your website.


191. Website Auditor

Website Auditor is the to crawl your website and detect all kinds of issues. This tool will examine every page of your website and the resources through Google’s eyes. This tool will also help to generate rbots.txt files and also sitemaps I ready-to-submit forms.


192. Website Penalty Indicator

This tool will detect whether there will be any penalty by Google. Hence you will be able to correlate the traffic spikes with the algorithm updates from Google. Whenever there is a decrease in traffic with the release of an update you can take corrective steps.


193. Keyword Density Analyzer

This tool helps you to analyze your web pages to and check the word count, title, and description and image alts.


194. SEO Spyglass

This is a great tool used for back-link analysis. With this tool, you will be able to track the back-links and load them or add links from other sources manually.


195. Link Assistant

Link Assistant helps you to find out the best prospects to narrow down the list to the most promising option. Manual research can be avoided, and there will be no mess in your inbox.


196. Similar Web Pro

With the help of this tool, you can find out the average daily visits to your site, the average duration of the visits, pages per visit and also the bounce rate. Audience insight, geographical distribution of traffic and topics of interest also will be provided by this tool


197. Google Data Studio

This new free tool from Google is a reporting tool with you can create and share comprehensive reports. This tool is, in fact, is a one-stop-shop for all that you require for SEO reporting. Data can be pulled from various sources. Using this tool one can create client-friendly reports with charts. Dash boarding is easier with Data Studio.


198. Wayback Machine

With this tool, you can see how a website used to look like in the past. If you find that the organic ranking of the page is going down over the last 6 months, you can view the old content that was on the page using this tool.


199. BuiltWith

This is a profiler tool, and from this tool, you can find out the technology that was used to create the website. This tool is handy to those who are doing SEO.


200. Redirect Path

This free tool from Google is a Chrome extension, and with the help of this tool you can find out the HTTP header and redirect errors. As a result, you can start fixing the problems instead of spending time looking for problems.


201. SEO Chat

The keyword tool of SEO Chat will facilitate search across major search engines, YouTube and Amazon.


202. SEO Powersuite

This tool takes care of every step of an SEO campaign from ranking to on-page to backlinks. The UI of this tool is highly intuitive, and this tool has many pro-level features. When you download the free version of Powersuite, you get access to three amazing tools – Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant.


203. Open Link Profiler

This tool provides incredible data about your backlink profile. Since it is a browser tool, you need not download this tool. You need to enter your domain name on their website.


204. WikiGrabber

With this tool, you can find the important broken Wikipedia links and Citations, and you can take advantage of them.


205. WhiteSpark

WhiteSpark enables you to find the citations that are relevant to the particular business. Citations are very essential for higher ranking in the Google’s local map results.


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