Today we’re going to share with you the biggest social media mistakes that you’re making that’s causing you to not do well. We all know how big social media is these days, everyone’s on the social web. But why is it that no one follows your account, or you can’t get any traffic on your social profiles? Well, it’s about to change. Continue reading.


7 Social Media mistakes businesses make


Hey! This is my new product! Buy it!

Social media pages are more than advertising platforms. Posting other information relevant to the followers and fanbase is necessary to keep them in hold. Being overly self-promoting will make a company to be ignored as just another spammer.

Speaking to no one in particular

Being too general is too dangerous. Addressing a general population with no target audience is the best way to be ignored in the stampede of posts.

Failing to keep track

Analytics is the silver bullet to rectify all issues related to the number of visitors and conversion rates. Not tracking visitor’s data to observe what throws the followers away and what rivets them to the post is necessary to understand what they like to promote products relevant to them.

Shutting out negativity

Being positive is not a mistake. But trying to act like one is. No company is free of mistakes. Once it makes one, it is imperial to face them with polite assurances to rectify the issues. Deleting, ignoring, or censoring negative comments is just like letting a snowball to build up to flatten a company, later.

One-stop solution

Social media marketing is not a short-term goal. It requires a life-long commitment to deliver fresh, meaningful content to the audience. This can only be achieved with dedicated effort and resources. Having a social media marketing team is necessary to manage the profile and satisfy the viewers.

I’ll say whatever I want, just follow me!

When a company’s belief is incompatible with its customer’s belief, the audience will naturally lash at it by trolling and boycotting- both of them are very damaging to its business. Respecting the modern and most widely accepted norms like gender equality, and racial equality is necessary to survive online.

Jack of all trade, master of none

Companies try to grab as many followers as possible to get maximum outreach by posting on all available social media platforms will only result in lame content in all of them. Instead concentrating on one platform at a time is the best way to keep the audience engaged.


Why is Social Media important and how does it impacts your Business in 2020?


Same brand everywhere!

3.8 billion people are active in social media. Each person has an average of 8 profiles on various platforms. That means putting a word with a bunch of followers about a brand will give an impression of the brand being spoken by everyone. This will naturally attract buyers to the product.

Personalized for individuals

More than 91% percent of people are more likely to buy a product if it is catered and designed with their needs in consideration by personalizing their searches. Modern developments like Chatbots and AI has made it easier.

Increased loyalty of followers

Social media is now the best platform to review a new product launched by a company. These reviews, when are heard by the company, generates a group of loyal followers who would prefer to buy and refer to this company over others.

The wildfire spread of referrals

Referrals to a product from a familiar person is much likely to make a product sell than any other form of advertisement. What can now be better than social media to carry this word-of-mouth to all friends, families, and other potential buyers?

Opportunity to appear trust-worthy

Holding up to a cause and having a value is necessary to become a credible company. Social media helps people understand the company’s worth by judging the way it deals with the audience, especially negative reviews. This opportunity is easily available to all, unlike ever before.


Why hashtags are important on Social Media?


Spreading the word

The key strategy in any form of marketing is to disperse the word about your brand to as many relevant people as possible. Hashtags allow the people including the ones who are not a brand’s followers to get the information about the kind of solution they are looking for to solve their problems.

Knowing our opponent

Hashtags are not only for buyers. They can also be used by companies to study competing brands by analyzing their trending hashtags and thereby understanding the needs of the people looking for similar products, in real-time.

Confining the business to the local communities

Globalization is not always a good thing, especially for small businesses. Focusing on local communities by using the city’s name as a hashtag will save their resources and help them build their business within reachable distance.

Staying up-to-date

Today’s trending hashtag will be forgotten tomorrow. This constant change requiring constant effort from the marketer’s side will ensure a continuous flow of content and thereby earning more followers.


Hashtags by themselves are a trending subject. Using catchy, relevant, and short hashtags will be posted and reposted effortlessly by the company’s fan-base if it manages to please them in the first place.

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