The Grace Files (Australia) – Increase in Google AD Sales via Shopping ads.

The Grace Files project started as a standard tweaking on the website. The Grace Files create beautiful journals and gift boxes for life’s important occasions. Baby milestone books as well as memory keeping, cancer, and bereavement journals.


Integration of E-commerce on the existing platform

We needed to integrate the new e-commerce functionality with their website’s existing role of displaying new products in stock for sale via Google Shopping Ads. Our goal was to increase their sales online.

The Process

Creating a buyer persona for the audience.

A well-crafted site.

Technical fixes on the website, including speed, security, secure checkout process.

Setting up Google shopping ads.

Fixing the title and description of the shopping ads.

This was the beginning of the process.

Initial Setup

Search Console Analytics AdWords Google Merchant Center Google My Business

Post getting streamlined and feed being accepted by Google; then we started optimizing the necessary list, which included optimizing their product titles and descriptions. We paid attention to small things like replacing ALL CAPS titles in shopping ads, which come by default to the standard text titles and descriptions for products’ fleshing descriptions.

Every small error and warning was being taken care of, which helped increase campaign quality and sales. Higher-quality ads get better results, appear more often on Google, and usually cost significantly less per click, yielding a much-better cost per conversion. That is what we aimed to achieve.

Get Results For Your Business

    Measuring Return on Investment via Conversion Types

    Conversions, and Cost Per Conversion: We aimed to measure click tracking once the campaign launched. Shopping ads in AdWords counts clicks too, which is not necessarily conversion. Setting up conversion tracking helped us enable track conversion. Conversion tracking was enabled post check out, which allowed us to track every conversion through Google AdWords.

    We also set up conversions for clicks on The Grace Files phone number. When a customer clicks their phone number on their site, another conversion is tracking that too. Conversions were also being monitored when a customer clicked on an ad reached via The Grace Files listing of fresh products.

    We also set up a conversion for when an ad click leads to a contact form submission from someone seeking an inquiry for bulk orders. Many of these were set up to measure immediate purchase and keep a count of clicks, impressions, visitors, and returned visitors later to buy or contact, to utilize the audience in the conversion funnel.

    Making AdWords Ads a Bit-More Localized: We saw excellent results in ad display; we refined the ads for local listing. Shopping ads were set to show anywhere in Australia. This fine-tuning considerably improved the campaign’s cost per conversion. Better yet, The Grace Files started appearing above where they would show in organic search and above the paid text ads, with pictures of their products, prices, and descriptions. It leads to conversion at every stage of the conversion funnel.

    Setting up Actual Local Shopping Ads in Google AdWords: The success story of The Grace Files Google Shopping campaign was about to begin. Our biggest goal was to get the users onto Google Shopping so that anyone passing through with an immediate need for beautiful journals and gift boxes would see The Grace Files Products while making a purchase.

    This was not as easy as it might seem.

    To get into Google Local Shopping results, the campaign was set to meet the Google Local Shopping’s strict guidelines. One of Google’s most essential requirements is that customers clicking “available nearby” see products immediately available for pick-up.

    To pass the inventory test, we first included the inventory in the feed. Once the feed gets ready, Google calls the inventory and asks the campaign to photograph many other products they find in the inventory feed. SKUs need to be at the place at that time without any error with appropriate photographs, price tags – all of this has to match with the online campaign.

    Passing the test on Google Local shopping ads requires real-time inventory counts on the website, updating and feeding to Google at least several times a day. All these were considered and taken care of manually.


    +58% – Increase in Organic Reach

    +48% – Increase In Sales in First 3 Months

    10 Million – Organic Impressions Received

    Continual Improvement to Google AdWords Campaigns
    We have continued to refine advertising campaigns for The Grace Files, leading to more sales per month, at lower ad spends, with an enhanced CPC and ROI.


    Organic reach increased by 58%
    Sales for The Grace Files through Shopping ads increased by 48% within the first 3 months.
    More than 10 Million Impressions were achieved for ads at an affordable ad cost.

    “Monarch Web World has helped us achieve visibility for our 100+ product catalog. At a lower CPC, they reduced the cost to acquire a customer by 31% during 2019 and increased our revenue by 115% over the critical festive period. They increased our Impression Growth by 297% in 6 months. I am happy to choose them as our growth partners.”
    Janelle Ruthven – The Grace Files

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