Ahref: The Modern Tool to Great Website Ranking

What is Ahref?

Ahref is one of the many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. Ahref is known to be a backlink authority checker, but it is much more than that as it happens to be the best SEO tool for website ranking. This valuable digital marketing tool or SEO keyword tool is very useful when it comes to using SEO for business growth (website growth which eventually leads to the growth of the business).

Before we completely dive into what exactly is Ahrefs let’s go over what backlinks exactly are. Ahrefs is a popular backlink checker, so it’s very important to have a proper understanding of what backlinks are and how they function. Backlinks are links to your web-page or content from other well-known and authorized websites. Earning these backlinks from such authorized sites will enhance your website’s credibility and increase your page’s rank in the various search engines. Businesses mostly, earn backlinks by the creation of content. If you create industry-specific content, you can share it with others prevalent in the industry too. If they like your content, they may reference it in their content, which forms a backlink.

When Google and other search engine sees, that authorized sites are linking to your page, it trusts that your website is valuable and correct. It will rank you higher which in turn will help more leads find your page.

Back to Ahrefs, Ahrefs is known as a backlink checker because it encompasses the largest databases of live links.Ahrefs uses crawling software to recreate how Google or any other search engine would see your website, and thus providing you with the best SEO tool for bloggers, WordPress, and website which turn will give you a better understanding of your website and its weak points to help you optimize it better as per search engine ranking norms. When using Ahrefs, you’ll get hold of a dashboard that helps you keep track of all your data. All you need to do is add a URL to keep tabs on your domain health. This dashboard will show you URL ranking, errors, new links, and referring domains thus making Ahrefs one of the top SEO keyword tools for digital marketers.

The functionality of Ahrefs: How you can target growth using Ahrefs?

When comparing Ahrefs to other such similar tools of SEO, we at Monarch Web World found Ahrefs to be the top SEO keyword tool and as per the recent stats of its uses, it will be the top free SEO tool in 2021. Ahrefs can do the following for your business thus making it the best SEO tool 2021:

Does keyword research

Most free SEO tools only show data and metrics for one particular search engine or Google to be specific which makes sense more or less given the near-monopoly of the search engine industry, but it’s important to remember that you can also get traffic from other search engines.

Here’s the list of search engines Ahrefs support in its keywords explorer:

On a global level:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube
  • Amazon

On a national level:

  • Seznam (Czech Republic)
  • Baidu (China)
  • Yandex (Russia)
  • Daum & Naver (South Korea)

Irrespective of you not caring about search engines in Russia, China, South Korea, or the Czech Republic but you should consider that Ahrefs provides visibility to you on platforms like YouTube and Amazon.

Helps you go beyond search volume with ‘clicks data’

Keywords Explorer of Ahrefs is perhaps the only keyword research tool on the market that goes beyond search volumes to show the estimated number of clicks on search results. This is useful for assessing if a keyword is worth targeting.

Ahrefs helps you to always target keywords that get clicks over those that don’t.

Keep track of backlinks growth or decline

Ahrefs is the only tool that updates backlinks graphs daily thanks to its continued investment in web crawling technology and infrastructure. The level of granularity Ahrefs provides you with, allows you to accurately compare your own link acquisition pace with that of your competitors to see if you’re on a track to catch up.

Track which subfolders mostly attract organic traffic for your competitors

The top subfolders in site explorer of Ahrefs help you get a complete understanding of your competitors’ website structure, sections of their website that generate the most organic traffic, etc. The top things that you get to learn using Ahrefs the ultimate SEO tool’s report are:

Ahrefs’ blog is responsible for 63% of all US search traffic to Ahrefs site;

Four blog posts are responsible for 24% of US traffic;

Ahrefs SEO tools free is the most popular page outside of the blog (besides the homepage).

Another unique feature in Ahrefs is the ability to go beyond one country and see the top subfolders for global traffic which makes it the best SEO tool for 2021.

Track click distribution for individual keywords

As per conventional wisdom, around 30% of clicks go to the top-ranking result, 15% to the page in position #2, and so on. But these numbers are misleading because they’re averages. In reality, every keyword has a unique Click-through-Rate (CTR) curve of its own.

At Ahrefs, large amounts of clickstream data are processed thus enabling you to calculate and show CTR for most keywords which in turn makes Ahrefs the best SEO tool for bloggers, WordPress, and websites.

How can we at Monarch Web World help you grow your business substantially using Ahrefs?

Our SEO experts at Monarch Web World, believe the main benefits of Ahrefs are its large backlink checking solution, its assistance in digging deeper into your competitors’ search traffic, and its identification of what content generates better income ( sales-ready lead generation). Ahrefs uncovers all you need, from anchors and links to backlinks’ strength.The software offers the large, best backlink checking platform in the business. You can get a clear profile of any site or URL in one click.You can even track backlinks and follow their development over time and send advanced reporting and smart filter features to find significant information rapidly.

Our SEO experts using Ahrefs help you track your competitor’s search traffic through the Positions Explorer tool. We help you to see what keywords they use to rank in search engines and discover what keywords are spent on their marketing and advertising campaigns you can even see the stream of organic and paid traffic they are getting. Ahrefs is the one true SEO tool for website ranking and keyword tool for the business growth you have the chance to see which content is mostly getting shared and sites that link to trending and popular content materials. We along with Ahrefs help you realize what keywords are getting ranked (positively and negatively) as it’s critical in the competition for search tool results pages (SERPs) thus making it the top free SEO tool. We at Monarch Web World are aware of how Ahrefs lets you track your keyword ranking in every single geographic location and language and lets you know how they perform on mobile devices and thus we recommend it as the top SEO tool for Digital Marketers.

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