Google AdWords: The Modern Tool of Advertising

If you’re into digital marketing and advertising or are looking for such services, then you must have heard the term “Google Ads”, now let’s go through what is it exactly!

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements related to service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. Google Ads is one of the services advertisers use to promote their content, brand, website, etc. through certain defined keywords to achieve traffic or leads. Google Ads is an excellent platform for lead generation as it directly puts the products or services in front of people who might be interested to buy. In this advertising system, advertisers bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results.

Here’s how to get more leads from Google AdWords:

Fine-tuning your ads and landing page is necessary, so you can ensure that the right people are clicking on your ads and converting as leads.

Perfect your landing page

The landing page is so name as your landing page is the first page of your website that visitors see after clicking your ad. If you’re running a lead generation campaign, your lead generation strategies and Google Ads specialist should ensure that this page should allow your visitors to take the action that you want.

Since you’re asking people to share somewhat personal information such as phone number, name, etc. the design and content of your site matter. Remember, if your site doesn’t come across as trustworthy and professional, your visitors are less likely to submit their information. Here are a few things that might help you to build the perfect landing page:

  • Load Time
  • Credibility
  • Navigation
  • Simple Forms

Enhance your campaign to grow your business with Google Ads

One of the most effective ways to ensure your website is being noticed is to make sure that your website is appearing in searches. Here are a few tips to help you improve your Google Ads campaigns, and drive more traffic and leads:

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords
  • Test and then test again
  • Invest in successful keywords and remove underperforming ones
  • Use smart bidding

Functions of the tool that will help to grow your business with Google Ads:

Google Ads also popularly known as Google AdWords is a multi-faceted tool when it comes to marketing and advertising of products and services. The advertising program allows a business to create online ads to reach your target audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer. The Google Ads platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, i.e. you have to pay every time a visitor clicks your ad. As per Monarch Web World’s Google Ads’ specialist here’s why you should use Google Ads for lead generation:

Google Ads’ capabilities allow for a range of targeting:

With Google Ads, there’s something for every business from every industry and at every prospect at every step of the buyer’s journey. If you are curious about how to get more leads from Google AdWords, bidding on broad keywords search terms like “accounts maintenance software” will show your ad to a prospective customer at the earlier stages of the product research process and allow you to fill the top of your funnel with two really simple but powerful tricks:

Capture your target audience’s information with your post-click landing page and start sending them an informative piece of content regularly to prove your authority and authenticity

When they’re reluctant to convert, use retargeting software to draw them back to convert.

Another powerful trick or technique for using Google Ads to generate a lead is bidding on long-tail keyword search terms like “accounts maintenance software for freelance marketers/advertisers.” These generally are less expensive, and they’re worth it for capturing the attention of the target audience who are looking for exactly what you have in store.

Google Ads’ can efficiently and effectively harness intent:

The most basic difference between the people you’re reaching with Google Ads and the people you’re reaching with other forms of advertising is their intent. Social Media, isn’t the place people look forward to being advertised to, mostly. Social Media isn’t the place where people are looking for solutions to the problems that plague their daily lives. On search engines, though, you’re not advertising to people who don’t want to be advertised to. You’re advertising to people who are looking for something specific. Using Google Ads, let prospective customers come to you, then help them find answers to their daily issues, and you’ll position yourself to earn their business.

Google Ads’ can maintain full control of your lead generation campaign at all times:

Beginning and ending unnecessary campaigns would take time and resources that could very easily be used elsewhere. Buying a strategic lead generation campaign on Google Ads is easy foreven one properly trained employee to do. With some training and education about Google Ads, they’ll be able to start and stop campaigns, reach the right people for the right price, and do it all simultaneously. That way, you can allocate your resources and your time to other important initiatives.

Google Ads’ lead generation strategies can bring any budget to the table:

In some specific industries, winning a click can cost some businesses hundreds of dollars. But mostly, keywords don’t cost much and when they do, if they do, an advantage to using Google Ads can put constraints on your daily budget, maximum bids, and more.

How can we help you grow your business using Google Ads?

Using an advertising tool like Google Ads which happens to be the best all in one tool for ads and it’s analytics we at Monarch Web World, will regularly keep track of each characteristics, rules and standards of Google Ads to live up to search engine’s standards, not only that we will keep a record of your competitor’s ranking in terms of ads and provide you with regular reports, results, and graphs of your growth using Google Analytics. Using the multiple features and benefits of GoogleAds we will ensure you get the best experience of the best of this lead generation tool. Google helps you choose to sort out your priorities so we can formulate the lead generation strategy or Google Ads strategy as per your choice.

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