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When you think of CRM tools for marketing, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of after-sales services of maintaining customer relationships? If you do, you’re halfway there!

Are you using CRM in your lead generation yet?

You see, in the digital world, maintaining friendly yet formidable relationships with customers help you go a long way in the b2b universe. Organizations big or small, consider CRM as one of their most valuable assets and this certainly, could be considered a great lead generation strategy. So, what is not to love about CRM tools for sales?

The thing you need to remember is that, various CRM tools are being used today – and out of these, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho etc. are considered the best.

HubspotCRM : The coolest lead generating tool and how!

CRM has a million advantages but we’re not going into the graphic details. Let’s just say that, if you’re not using CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce etc. then you’re definitely missing out on a golden lead generating opportunity. If you think it’s a mistake, read about the advantages!

  • Business management
  • Customer tracking
  • Target marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Mobility

The list is endless… In simple words, CRM is an asset to your firm, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t implement it. As you read on further, we’re going to discuss Hubspot as the ultimate free CRM software and why it is considered the one of the best lead generation tools to grow your business!

HUBSPOT CRM: Introducing a revolution

==> The ‘what?’

Did you know that, Hubspot is considered one of the best lead generation tool to grow your business?

If you’re still a little unsure about the “what?”, we’ve got just the right dose – you see, Hubspot is a free CRM software tool, that also acts as a b2b lead generation tool which gives your business that push to go that extra mile towards success.

It gives your firm the means to analyse, and process customer interaction, generate sales, extract relationships to depict opportunities and assist in implementing loyal campaigns.

In other words, Hubspot is a free CRM software tool that can boost revenue generation and increase conversions at the drop of a hat!

==> The ‘why?’

When deciding to implement Hubspot into your b2b lead generation tools, the primary questions invading your thoughts would probably sound like “Why Hubspot?”, “What’s so great about Hubspot anyway?”, “What are the advantages and the functionalities?” etc.

Well, at Monarch Web World, we’re here to put those questions to rest completely. We’ve got your “why” question covered!

• Hubspot is FREE
To start off with the basics, CRM is absolutely free. The free version of this lead generation strategy tool has a library of advantages and services just enough to get you started. It’s not like the other tools where they promise absolute free-of-cost services but provide little in terms of value. Hubspot alone provides integrated features right out of the gate.

• Loads of social management features In times where most businesses thrive via the likes of social media, Hubspot is a mandatory tool. If you’re one of them who operate and sell via social media, you need this CRM tool for marketing because it remains connected to your handles and through that, it becomes easier to extract valuable customer data.

• Communication tracking made easy! When it comes to the best lead generation tools in 2021, Hubspot takes the cake because of the pool of services and benefits it offers on the table. Communication tracking is one of those benefits where you can track your prospective customers and create a pipeline to send emails directly from your platform. In other words, it provides helpful insights for future decision making.

==> The “how”?

Wondering how to go about with this CRM tool of excellence? Looking for the right organization to show you the ropes? That’s where Monarch Web World takes center stage.

You see, we believe in providing you with the means to take your business to the ultimate stage of success and here is how we can help you grow your business using Hubspot as your ideal b2b lead generation tool.

• Helps get to know about your customers! At Monarch Web World, we will keep a track of your customers, generation of leads and what not. Having access to such information, it becomes easier to recognize buying trends.

• Organize information in one place: Dedicated CRM systems and agencies allow you to join up your sales and marketing data with other records, such as accounts, stock-keeping and delivery. That way you can know everything about a customer’s dealings with your firm.

• Test and refine your marketing: Dedicated CRM systems (like Hubspot) and agencies (like Monarch Web World) help you analyse the performance and success of the marketing initiatives and also helps you refine them accordingly. This helps you reach your potential target market easily.

• Improve the sales figure by tenfold! We have already established that being a great CRM tool for sales, Hubspot is a winner – but it’s not always that easy to implement on your own. Taking assistance from a professional agency would do justice because they can target your sales effort more precisely, time the approaches more strategically, and improve the conversion rate and so much more! If you’re looking to get the best for your business, you must absolutely consider Hubspot for your CRM strategy. If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us – we’d love to put your doubts to rest!

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