Why MOZ: The best free keyword research tool in 2021?

What is MOZ?

MOZ is a completely free keyword research tool that helps you boost your rankings and search engine visibility. MOZ helps you decipher the data so that you don’t have to do it on your own. MOZ keeps a close watch on website errors, does competitive research, etc., and gives you actionable insights like graphs, reports, etc. thus making it the best keyword research tool and undoubtedly the best SEO tool 2021. MOZ helps you with Page and Domain Authority which makes it the SEO keyword tool you’re looking for!

MOZ can help you perform better in terms of website ranking and visitors.

MOZ is the top SEO keyword tool that researches you on your behalf to help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results. Here’s how it can help you and thus turn out to be the best keyword research tool for you!

Research of Keywords – MOZ is the one free keyword research tool that rules them all. As MOZ knows, ranking for the right keyword can make or break a website which undoubtedly makes MOZ the best free SEO tool in 2021. The keyword explorer of MOZ streamlines your workflow and improves how you discover and prioritize the best keywords to target in less time. MOZ poured its knowledge into building the most comprehensive keyword tool out there to take the hassle, bad data, and repetitive busywork out of the process.

Identify areas of success – MOZ effortlessly can help you to add to, manage, and create keyword lists in just one place. MOZ can seamlessly help you categorize, prioritize, and compare keywords and phrases to fine-tune your keyword and content strategy as not every relevant keyword influences the search ranking equally which makes MOZ the top keyword tool and SEO keyword tool.

Outshine the competition – MOZ helps you find better and even the best keyword opportunities by seeing thousands of relevant suggestions and comparing keywords for which sites of your competitors’ rank, from the most extensive, credible online database of high-quality English keywords and fresh SERP data – not older than two weeks which would make MOZ the best SEO tool in 2021.

Prioritize keywords by metrics and stats that matter – MOZ can predict keyword performance based on Search Volume estimates with 95% accuracy. It can also help you enhance your competitiveness and estimate click-through-rates on the SERP with difficulty and organic CTR metrics.

Domain and Page Authority – Weighing the strength of a website is one complicated task. MOZ’s Domain and Page Authority (DA) and (PA) metric has served the SEO industry for years as one such method of measurement. MOZ updated its algorithm recently that powers Domain and Page Authority to keep pace with the search engines and predict ranking ability better than ever before. You can use DA to identify the growth of your site over time, understand the strength of your website against competitors, determine the difficulty to rank on a particular SERP, and much more.

How can we help you grow your business using MOZ? Using an SEO software tool like MOZ which happens to be the best free keyword research tool we at Monarch Web World, will regularly audit your website to live up to search engine’s standards, track keywords and keep a record of keywords to the target audience with this free SEO tool, not only that we will keep a record of your competitor’s ranking in terms of keywords and provide you with regular reports, results, and graphs of your growth using MOZ SEO. Using the multiple features and benefits of MOZ, we will ensure you get the best experience of the best SEO tool 2021.

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