SEO Powersuite: The Modern Tool for Everything Related to Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a business owner looking to expand yourself in the digital world, you must have heard about Search Engine Optimization! Search Engine Optimization includes various steps such as website audit, reporting and tracking, tracking your competitor’s activities, link building, etc., to make your website search engine rank ready and to get your website SEO ready, you must invest your resources in a Search Engine Optimization tool and one such tool is SEO Powersuite, let’s look over what exactly SEO Powersuite is.

What is SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite is a toolkit or SEO software tool made up of 4 tools that cover every aspect of SEO — keywords, rankings, backlinks, on-page and content data, mobile SEO, social media, analytics, and reports, etc. It is the best all in one SEO tool to cover all your needs related to SEO. The bundle consists of four high-performing apps/software such as Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Link-Assistant. Each of these tools is focused on specific SEO tasks. When combined, the four tools deliver the best results. Rank Tracker keeps a rank of your website on multiple search engine result pages (SERPs), Website Audit conducts audits of your website regularly so you can keep a note of the weak points of your website, SEO SpyGlass and Link- Assistant unearths all backlinks pointing to any website, thus keeping track of your backlink campaign for SEO.

Functions of SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is one of the best free keyword research tools, which undoubtedly will remain the best SEO tool even in 2021. As it is not only a free SEO tool, mostly, but also offers multiple functions, and here’s how it can help you.

Website Audit & Optimization of your Website:

The tool used – Website Auditor Website Auditor takes care of two major tasks of SEO namely: technical website audit and web page optimization. Here’s a list of task Website Auditor can help you with:

Identify areas of success – MOZ effortlessly can help you to add to, manage, and create keyword lists in just one place. MOZ can seamlessly help you categorize, prioritize, and compare keywords and phrases to fine-tune your keyword and content strategy as not every relevant keyword influences the search ranking equally which makes MOZ the top keyword tool and SEO keyword tool.

Run a tech audit – When you create a project for your site the website auditor crawls ALL your website’s resources (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, etc.) and runs a scan for technical issues or bugs. As a result, you have a dashboard full of factors (indexing, crawl-ability, on-page, redirects, encoding, etc.) and their statuses: Correct, Warning, or Error, which are accompanied with to-do tips as well as overall information on the importance of a particular factor in the overall wellness of the website.

Website Auditor is a great resource for both quick fixes of your website’s issues or bugs and long-term tech tasks related to the same.

Visualize the site map- The tool of visualization in Website Auditor allows you to create interactive website maps where you can see both overall and detailed structures of your site with all the connection types between your pages. You can even edit the structure in-app to further export and apply all the needed changes.

Optimize your pages – From overall optimization to optimization of individual pages. This tool clear and simple advice on a page’s technical factors, in on-page elements like title, meta tags, body, and images.

Keywords Research & Rank Tracking:

The tool used – Rank Tracker Rank Tracker helps you to cover SEO tasks: find new keywords and track their rankings.

Find new keywords- It offers you 20 different keyword research tools to choose from for collecting your new keyword ideas: keyword suggestions, combinations, autocomplete, related searches and questions, competitors’ keywords, etc. All the keywords are stored in an archive for future use, analysis, and re-analyzation.

Search through the most efficient keyword – This tool also has a few factors that help to understand which keywords are of the highest value for your business. Analyze your keywords according to the number of searches, competition, expected visits, cost per click, keyword difficulty, and so on to choose winning ones and start their rank tracking.

Run a Backlink Audit for the SEO Backlink Campaign:

The tool used- SEO SpyGlass
SEO SpyGlass helps you to find and keep track of all your backlinks and audit them to run down those that are dangerous for your search engine rankings.

 Keep track of all your backlinks- When you create a project, the tool collects all your backlinks. Google Search Analytics is integrated into the software, so you can additionally pull backlinks from everywhere for an even more comprehensive backlink profile.

Spy on your competitors – SEO SpyGlass allows you to add sites of your top competitors to compare your backlink profiles as well as see where your links intersect.

Build Quality Links:

The tool used – Link Assistant
Link Assistant helps to effectively and efficiently manage your link-building process: search for prospects, assess their quality, and get in touch with potential link prospects.

Find for link prospects – You can start searching for link prospects with the help of any of 12 methods: guest posting, reviews, blogs, competitors’ backlinks and you can do it once you have a project for your site in LinkAssistant.

Assess the quality of potential links- Link Assistant has a few metrics (page/domain authority, Alexa rank, Google rank, domain age, social shares, and more) that allow you to pinpoint the links of the highest quality.

How we can help you grow your business using SEO Powersuite

Using an SEO software tool like SEO Powersuite which happens to be the best all in one SEO tool and the best free keyword research tool we at Monarch Web World, will regularly audit your website to live up to search engine’s standards, track keywords and keep a record of keywords to the target audience with this free SEO tool, not only that we will keep a record of your competitor’s ranking in terms of keywords and provide you with regular reports, results, and graphs of your growth using SEO Powersuite. Using the multiple features and benefits of SEO Powersuite we will ensure you get the best experience of the best SEO tool 2021.

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