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Top Eighteen Ecommerce SEO Tips for 2018

ecommerce seo

Prior to delving into the top Ecommerce SEO tips, let’s look at some facts which provide insights into why Ecommerce SEO is a vital tool to be utilized for your Ecommerce business. A study conducted upon Google’s positioning value found that the top result on Google’s result page acquires 35.5% of the traffic on average, whereas the second result grabs only 17.6% of the traffic, nearly half of the former. In addition to this, the same study found that Google’s second result page is only visited by 4.8% of the searchers, indicating the need to be listed upon the first page and that too upon the first or second result. The reason being, as an Ecommerce website, you require consistent, high quality traffic which can convert into customer’s for your ecommerce website, providing the necessary boost to sales.

With that being said, here are the top Ecommerce SEO tips, to boost your website traffic in 2018;

ecommerce seo

  1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate encryption, which comes across the secured address bar as HTTPS, allows for your customer’s information to be protected and allows for your Ecommerce website’s SEO to be improved.
  2. User generated content, more specifically reviews and ratings provide unique content for your Ecommerce website which can be used to improve your SEO ranking. Also, ratings are reported to increase the CTR of your Ecommerce website by 10-20%,
  3. Ensure your Ecommerce website is on HTTPS, allowing for your customer’s information to be protected and allowing for your Ecommerce SEO to be improved.
  4. Remarketing (the process of tagging people who visit your site, then targeting them with banner ads after they’ve left your site) is a great tool capitalize upon your SEO to build upon further visits by potential customers, along with more engagement and more conversions for your Ecommerce website.
  5. Include keywords within your Title Tag, in order to grab the attention of the customer (terms such as ‘buy online’ ought to be used to provide customers with an idea on how to get the product, thus increasing your Ecommerce website’s click through rate).
  6. Optimize your site to be Mobile Friendly; within the USA, 62% of Smartphone users have purchased products online using their mobile device / s in the last six months.
  7. To optimize your Ecommerce SEO, decrease the page loading time and increase internal linking, allowing you to rank higher.
  8. Use product names in your meta titles to provide the searcher with exactly what they are looking for.
  9. Keep meta descriptions under 150 characters, ensuring it describes the page clearly, with each page’s meta description being unique.
  10. Use long-tail keywords for your Ecommerce SEO, since they have the ability to drive up your organic searches.
  11. Keep a shorter, keyword filled URL; include target keywords and limit underscores- shorter URLs are more likely to rank higher on the Google Search Engine Result Page.
  12. Ecommerce SEO should be optimized through in-depth product information since without sufficient text Google has no means to rank your Ecommerce website.
  13. Utilize commercial blog posts to generate in bound traffic through your Ecommerce SEO.
  14. Use video based content for your products, to boost your Ecommerce SEO and potentially boost sales for the same.
  15. Consistent branding is the key to increase your organic click through rate along with simultaneously improving upon your Ecommerce SEO ranking.
  16. Get your company listed on review sites, which help you towards not only boosting your sales but also providing you the means to drive forth organic traffic.
  17. Include phrases such as ‘Sale’, ‘Free Shipping’, ‘Wide Selection’ etc to optimize the click through rate of your page.
  18. To further strengthen your Ecommerce SEO, create a link building strategy since the more websites that link back to your ecommerce website, the higher Google will rank those pages.

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