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30 SEO Experts You Must Follow To Stay Tuned With Latest SEO Tips

Those who could flourish well in their online marketing ventures were able to find out a lot of ways to attract more traffic to the business websites. The success stories written by them provide a lot of tips to those who ventured into online business later. These latest SEO tips are handy for many online marketers for ensuring maximum traffic to their websites. 30 Top SEO Experts in The World You Must Follow To Stay Tuned With Latest SEO Tips.

Many novice online marketers had to quit their venture at a very early stage because the wrong and misleading advice that they received for SEO destroyed their business and they reached a stage from which it was not feasible for them to proceed further. Those who ensure to follow the paths shown by the highly experienced, successful and trusted online business-people will find it easier to fine-tune their websites for the search engines.

Those who had mastered the techniques of advanced SEO know very well how to achieve higher ranking using very powerful keywords and how to make use of the most advanced tools to meet the SEO needs of their websites. In this article, we speak about

Thirty top SEO experts in the world

who, by their years of experience can provide the latest and 100% reliable information regarding SEO.

1. Matthew Cutts

top seo experts in the world

Matthew Cutts, the 45-year-old American software engineer, is the present director of engineering, United States Digital Service. Formerly, he was head of Google’s web spam team. He was also in the Google’s team for search quality on SEO issues. Cutts chose Computer Science as his field of study.

Cutts is a co-inventor of the Google patent for search engines and web spam. Matt Cutts became one of the most popular SEO experts, mainly because of his years of service at Google. Thousands of online business people as well as webmasters are benefited from the SEO advice and videos provided by Cutts and can secure higher rankings on search engines.

The following are the trendy 10 Google SEO tips by Matthew Cutts.

1. Ensure that your Home Page text with the potential keywords.

2. Stop filling your Meta tags with keywords. It won’t help you to get high ranking.

3. To support the images, provide ALT image text, reviews, and user comments.

4. Update your WordPress blog with the latest version to get the blog ranked higher

5. While designing your website, ensure that it is compliant with all popular browsers.

6. Ensure to make your description short and use the best keywords in the description.

7. See to it that your website stands out of the crowd.

8. Ensure to focus your blog correctly.

9. Use the Google keyword tool and select the right keyword.

10. Make your URLs SEO-friendly. Use a dash (-) instead of underscore ( _ ).

2. Rand Fishkin

top seo experts in the world

Rand Fishkin is the co-founder of Moz, and he left Moz this year after serving the company for 18 years. Moz was a popular website on SEO as well as online business. He started the new company Spark Toro which is a technology firm in the field of influencer and audience intelligence marketing space.

Rand Fishkin had given several speeches and presentations in large, reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Fishkin is still the Chairperson of the board of directors of Moz. He resides in Seattle, WA.

3. Danny Sullivan

top seo experts in the world

The famous American technologist Danny Sullivan is the co-founder of the industry publication Search Engine Land, a rich source of information about search engines, SEO, SEM and searches marketing. Both Search Engine Land and another publication Marketing Land belong to Third Door Media, where Danny served as the Chief Content Officer. Marketing Land website also is for topics related to digital marketing like email marketing, analytics, mobiles, display advertising and social media.

Danny left Third Door Media a year ago and took up the position of adviser at Google’s search division. From his position as an adviser at Google, Danny is helping people to understand search in a better way and also enables Google to receive feedback from the public more efficiently.

Danny’s name also appeared on the list of 50 marketing influencers published by Entrepreneur in the year 2015. Danny Sullivan was born in California in the year 1965, and he served Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register as a journalist. Through his articles, Danny popularized Search Engine Marketing.

4. Neil Patel

top seo experts in the world

Neil Patel was born in the year 1985 in London. Neil Patel is, in fact, an inspiration to the online businessmen. Neil co-founded the highly successful business enterprises like KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout and Hello Bar. Wall Street Journal described Neil Patel as one of the top influencers on the web a Forbes recognized him as one among the top 10 online marketers.

US President Obama recognized him as one among top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 years old. Neil’s articles and comments on SEO are regularly published in his blog and also on various websites. He wrote the book, “The Advanced Guide to SEO.” The United Nations recognized Neil Patel as one among the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35.

According to Neil Patel, those who want to become rich quickly using SEO will ultimately start practicing black hat SEO. This will lead to spammy web pages which are more likely to get banned quickly. The marketers will be penalized, and the future will be bleak for them. Neil Patel says to his followers that he will talk only about white hat SEO since white hat SEO will help us to build up an online business which will sustain for longer periods.

Neil Patel is insisting the followers of white hat SEO provide the very best content and make the same easily accessible to the audience. He also insists on strict adherence to search engine rules.

5. Brian Dean

top seo experts in the world

Brian Dean is very popular in the field of digital marketing. The SEO training website launched by Brian Dean is one of the best training websites the world over. The website is indeed the storage of his tremendous knowledge of SEO. Brian is an expert not only in SEO but also in link building. In the year 2010, he launched Backlinko, the blog for online marketing. Backlinko has a record of rapid growth, and the site receives about 100000 visitors every month. Dean always tried to provide information to online marketers who will help them to flourish.

He urged the digital marketers to concentrate on link building, content promotion, and user experience. The case studies and other postings of Brian Dean in Backlinko are in fact precious resources for all those who have the quest for knowledge of content marketing and SEO. The highly useful tips and the best quality information provided by Brian had made Backlinko so popular.

Backlinko was successful in bringing fundamental changes in the SEO industry, and the website has provided many great lessons for beginners as well as the experienced online marketers. Backlinko specializes in content marketing, SEO, link building, and conversions.

The unique type of strategies mentioned by Brian in Backlinko will help those who failed to impress Google and got punished for increasing their search traffic and also to improve their ranking. The free newsletter offered by Brian contains a lot of proven SEO tips.

6. Bruce Clay

top seo experts in the world

Bruce Clay is the President and CEO of Bruce Clay, Inc. He is one of the founding fathers of SEO and is considered as the digital marketing expert who popularized SEO. The company Bruce Clay, Inc. was started in the year 1996, and basically, it is a company offering digital marketing solutions.

Bruce Clay, Inc. has offices in the US, Europe, India, West Asia and Japan. In appreciation of his contribution to SEO, Bruce was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award of Excellence in the year 2013. Bruce Clay, Inc. offers all kinds of SEO-related services, PPC advertising services, SEO-friendly web designing services, conversion optimization service and social media.

The company conducts the popular SEO training course. BCI created the popular SEO Tool Set. With its headquarters in California, BCI provides its services to internet marketers all over the world, and the training program offered by the company is aimed to promote white hat ethical practices.

7. Eric Enge

top seo experts in the world

Eric Enge is the founder of Stone Temple Consulting which is based in Massachusetts and is providing online marketing consulting service. Eric uses to give speeches at various SEO conferences like Pubcon, SEMPO, O’Reilly, MN Search, Rocks Digital Conference, SEO Meetup Conference and many more.

He has conducted many online virtual interviews with the search engineers of Google. Eric was also managing three popular publishing companies – Moving Traffic Inc., Optimized Internet Corp and FutureMeld, LLC. Eric was awarded the title “Search Marketer of the Year 2016” at the Landy Awards by Search Engine Land conducted in New York City.

Eric is a co-author of the book “The Art of SEO,” the other authors being Rand Fishkin, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola.Eric contributes his articles to various SEO websites including Moz, Forbes, Social Media Today, Copyblogger and Convince and Convert apart from Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

8. Barry Schwartz

top seo experts in the world

Barry Schwartz was born in the year 1990, and as a blogger, he writes about search engine marketing as well as search engines. Schwarts launched the news website Search Engine Roundtable, and he is the editor of the website. He is the news editor of Search Engine Land also which was founded by Danny Sullivan.

Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, Inc., the New York-based company which offers web development services. Schwartz has attended the interviews conducted by NBC as well as USA Today. The common topic for the interviews was Search Marketing. His deep knowledge of the search marketing industry made him so popular.

Barry Schwartz is the moderator at various search marketing forums and is also an advisor to Yahoo Search, Google, and Bing. Schwartz has hands-on experience in SEO, digital marketing, and web strategy for more than a decade.

9. Spencer Haws

top seo experts in the world

Spencer Haws is a well-known blogger at, and his blogs on SEO as well as small business strategies are trendy. Spencer’s experience as the head of a company that provides keyword research services made him understand that all search algorithms including those of Google and Amazon make use of keywords in some ways.

Based on this understanding, Spencer conducted extensive research on keywords that are relevant to all his Amazon Private Label products, and he could get excellent results. Through his research, Spencer learned to rank for the keywords that are used by the real customers.

His unique and highly creative methods for keyword research enabled him to stand out among his competitors. Spencer spent the profit that he could make from his first product to finance the successive products of his niche.

10. Larry Kim

top seo experts in the world

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream which is one of the popular PPC marketing software companies of the world. Larry is also the CEO of MobileMonkey, the company that offers chat bot building service to enable online marketers to send and receives mobile messages from customers using Facebook Messenger. Chatbots and AI are favorite subjects of Larry Kim, and he is enthusiastic about making the highly exciting applications of Chatbots and AI available in the market.

MobileMonkey is his platform to build the marketing bots that can be used by messaging platforms. Larry’s ultimate goal is to fill the gap between the conversion rates of desktop and mobile by developing the suitable technology.

Larry is confident that for many types of businesses Chatbots and AI will be of great use to fill the gap. MobileMonkey has already started functioning, and Larry has already developed about 40 customers. Larry continues as the owner of WordStream also and will continue to work for the success of WordStream.

11. Vanessa Fox

top seo experts in the world

Vanessa Fox is a well-known SEO consultant. From 2005 to 2007 she worked in Google as a technical writer. Fox founded the marketing consultancy firm Nine By Blue which focuses on search. Fox was born in California in the year 1972. Vanessa Fox created the Google’s Webmaster Central.

Google’s Webmaster Central helps website owners who want to develop more new customers from organic search. Webmasters are provided with the tools as well as community support. Vanessa is now working on the Key Lime Toolbox to ensure more qualified traffic from free search. Key Lime Toolbox provides SEO and engagement metrics online and also training for companies of all sizes.

Vanessa’s very famous book “Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy” is considered as the “first must-read-to-survive business book of the 21st century”. Vanessa is one among the Top Innovators and Entrepreneurs of Seattle” and also one among the “Top 100 Seattle Women in Seattle Tech.

Vanessa has written numerous articles on the search engine industry, search behavior and designing of technical sites. Vanessa had a key role in bringing up the alliance with Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft with

12. Eric Ward

top seo experts in the world

Eric Ward is synonymous with the search industry. He is considered as the pioneer of link building, and he was an expert in everything related to link building. Ward believed that links are created to promote the website and not for the algorithm. Eric used to write on “Search Engine Watch” and “Search Engine Land.”

Eric Ward helped to develop more than 1000 websites and also showed how to create content linking as well as strategies for business promotion. Eric said that one could achieve a higher ranking on the Google search engine when he gives more importance to link building strategies.

Eric Ward managed linking campaigns for,,,, and AMA. In the year 1995 Eric won the Award for Internet Marketing Excellence. Website Magazine selected Eric as one of its 100 most influential people. He used to write for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Guide, Click Z, Marketing Profs, Search Marketing Standard, Ade Age Magazine and Web Marketing Today.

13. Stephan Spencer

top seo experts in the world

Stephan Spencer is an SEO expert, podcaster, and inventor. He is the founder of Netconcepts, the famous web design agency. Netconcepts later started to specialize in SEO. Spencer is a co-author of “The Art of SEO,” the others being Eric Enge, Rand Fishkin, and Jessie Stricchiola.

O’Reilly published this book and was recognized as Search Engine Land’s Best SEO book of 2009. “Spencer wrote Google Power Search,” and it is an advanced Google search manual. Spencer is a co-author of “Social eCommerce.” Spencer created the three day SEO seminar “Traffic Control.”

He invented the SEO proxy technology, “Gravity Stream.” Spencer hosted the two famous podcast shows – The Optimized Geek and Marketing Speak. Spencer wrote, “The Ultimate Guide to Bot Herding and Spider Wrangling, Part 1, 2 and 3”. In this book, he explains what a bot and also the importance of crawl budget is. YouTube SEO 101 is a guide to YouTube SEO by Spencer, and in this book, he explains the basics of YouTube optimization.

14. Eric Siu

top seo experts in the world

Eric Siu is the CEO of Single Grain and also hosted the podcasts Growth Everywhere and Marketing School. Single Grain has helped leading companies like Amazon, Uber, and Salesforce to develop more new customers. As the CEO of Single Grain Eric concentrates on content marketing and advertising. Eric writes regularly for Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and Fast Company.

The free eBook “29 Growth Hacking Quick Wins” by Eric Siu tells how to grow a business faster. Eric provides the tools as well as the methods for personal as well as professional growth. He reveals the secrets that helped entrepreneurs to grow to the levels of billion dollar companies.

Eric has helped many companies to increase revenue from their online business. Single Grain has helped many Fortune 500 companies as well as startups to increase their revenue in a scalable way. Being an SEO expert, Eric had served HostGator, Café Press, TurboTax, Yahoo, Salesforce, KitchenAid, Intuit, Sony and Random House.

15. Dave Naylor

top seo experts in the world

Dave Naylor is a world-renowned SEO expert, and he manages two websites – Becky and Bronco. In Bronco, Davae had written in detail about the search marketing world and also about the digital trends since 2005. Bronco is one of the reputed digital marketing agencies in the UK and is offering a wide range of online services. From the Bronco Blog, one can get the latest news about SEO updates, web development, social media and paid search. Dave’s new website is, in fact, a library of his SEO articles.

From this website, one can gather a lot of information regarding SEO during the past decade. At Bronco, Dave is the leader of a highly skilled search marketing team that consists of dedicated and highly efficient professionals. Dave has more than 16 years of experience in the SEO industry.

He has helped many leading corporations to create their database, create internal link structures and improve usability.

16. Bill Slawski

top seo experts in the world

Bill Slawski is the founder President of SEO by the Sea. Right from the year 1996, Slawski had been very active in the fields of professional SEO and internet marketing consulting. SEO by the Sea blog is in California and it focuses on the information that is received directly from the search engine like white papers.

The purpose of this blog is to share with the readers the processes that explain the working of search engines, the ranking of web pages by the search engines and find out whether in future there will be a few surprises by the search engines.

The SEO services provided by SEO by the Sea enable the users to easily find out the sites on the web and the service team at SEO by the Sea adopts proactive measures to enable the audiences to find out the websites. Bill Slawski writes regularly about SEO and related topics. He also writes about the patents and white papers Of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

17. Lee Oden

top seo experts in the world

Lee Oden is an SEO expert from Minneapolis. Lee is the CEO of Top Rank Marketing, which is a digital marketing company that specializes in internet marketing consulting. The services offered by the company include content marketing, conversion optimization, Organic and Paid social media, influencer marketing and Organic and Paid Search Marketing.

Leading B2B and B2C companies like McKesson, Oracle, Virgin Plus, Dell, HP, LinkedIn, Dell, Microsoft, General Mills and Copyblogger Media are the client companies of Top Rank Marketing. Many business publications like The Wall Street journal, The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, The Economist and Forbes frequently report about the digital marketing expertise of Lee Oden.

Lee had contributed to various industry publications. He publishes the TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog which is one of the most popular marketing blogs. Lee also contributes his writings to and B2B Marketing. Oden is the author of “Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing”.

18. Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall is a famous blogger and search engine marketer. The popular SEO website “SEOBoScott Smith at ok” was launched by him and this website provides the best training in SEO. The training program is equipped with a variety of tools, private forums, videos and various other resources. The website is regularly updated and it offers marketing tips, tips for online business, search analysis and many more.

Aaron in partnership with WorldTracker created the “50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies:. This guide provides a lot of useful tips to online marketers to gain profit from keywords. Aaron has the passion for marketing new ideas and to develop them further.

Aaron revised SEOBook several times and made it a membership site that offers tutorial videos, training modules, SEO spreadsheets, advanced SEO tools and a community support forum. Aaron is also business partner of Scott Smith at Clientside SEM.

19. Chris Dyson

Chris Dyson is a well-known SEO consultant and he specializes in competitor analysis, SEO audits, consulting and Google penalty recovery. Dyson helps many small companies from the various issues like unnatural linking and pure spam which are related to either Google Panda or Penguin updates.

The beginners who want to create website will find the free website set up guide of Dyson very useful. This guide is very easy to use and the beginners can create a website in less than one hour using this guide. The guide is updated regularly based on the feedback from the users.

Dyson’s article “7 Ways to Get More Links From Every Piece of Content You Produce” shows the readers how to plan the strategy for promotion effectively and reach the content to the right audience and increase the reach of the content. Another article “How to Remove a Penalty for Unnatural Outbound Links” tells how to resolve the issue created by a notification from Google about a manual action in the webmaster’s tools account. The traffic will return quickly.

20. Dennis Seymour

top seo experts in the world

Dennis Seymour is a digital marketer, blogger and SEO expert. When he was a student in Beijing, Dennis started learning how to sell online. He is an entrepreneur. He wanted to start an online business and also started learning affiliate marketing, SEO, digital marketing and PPC.

He gained a lot of experience from his failures as well as achievements. He tried different strategies and compared the results. Dennis says that one can learn it only by doing it and going through the actual process. Dennis is the co-founder of LeapFroggr Inc.

The company helps businessmen and entrepreneurs to understand technology and get the advantage. Dennis writes a lot of articles for the LeapFroggr blog. He also prepares the content for the weekly newsletter. Dennis, along with his team of experts had worked for several companies all over the world. His blogs provide detailed information about all kinds of SEO and also he writes about various topics related to online marketing.

21. Jordan Kasteler

top seo experts in the world

Jordan Kasteler is a digital marketing consultant and he specializes in SEO and social media marketing. Kasteler had been the SEO Director at Hennessey Consulting and at PETA he was the Online Marketing Strategist. He was the SVP of Content Development and also Managing Partner at BlueGlass Interactive, Inc. who are leaders in social media marketing as well as SEO.

He was the CMO of SteelCast and is also the co-founder of Search & Social, an Internet marketing agency. He focused on developing linkbait content and promoting the same on social media. Jordan regularly gives speeches at various online marketing conferences.

He also published a book on social media marketing. Jordan Kasteler regularly contributes to Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Addicted2Success, Startup Grind, and Search Engine Journal.

22. Matthew Capala

top seo experts in the world

Matthew Capala is the founder director of Alphametic which is a boutique search marketing agency. Matthew helps the clients of Alphametic to improve their online visibility for which integrated SEO and SEM solutions are provided so as to ensure higher ROI. Matthew’s clients include Novartis, L’Oreal, Ilani Resort, Hoval, Primoprint and Quest Diagnostics. Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Mashable, The Next Web and eMarketer regularly feature the works of Matthew.

He has given speeches at various places. Matthew is the author of “SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization”. Matthew Capala is also the founder of SearchDecoder SEO Training Institute, the popular platform for bootcamps and action workshops.

23. Garth O’ Brien

top seo experts in the world

Garth O’Brien has years of experience in SEO, social media, SEM and community management. Garth has the expertise to increase referral traffic from various channels and also he knows how to convert the valuable leads when they are on a website.

The major part of his experience is with Fortune 500 companies. Garth O’Brien provides social media and management consulting services to B2B, B2C and eComerce websites. Initially he was practicing law and Garth started his digital marketing career in the year 2003. While practicing as a young attorney in a law firm, Garth got the opportunity to learn and manage SEO and SEM.

24. Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is a well-known digital marketing consultant based in Manila and he focuses mainly on SEO, link building and content marketing. He is also co-founder of two digital marketing agencies in Philippines. is the personal blog of Acidre He started working as a Technical Writer/Editor and later on he became an SEO expert.

Jason keeps on acquiring new skills in order to boost up his creativity. Presently Jason is the CEO of Xight Interactive which is based in Philippines. He is also its co-founder. The company provides consultations and online marketing services to the leading brands.

The company specializes in developing scalable and creative online marketing strategies for search marketing, link developing, social media, content marketing and conversion optimization. Jason is in charge of marketing and strategy development of the company. Jason is also a marketing consultant at Doubledot Media, a Web Development company based in New Zealand.

25. Nick Stamoulis

top seo experts in the world

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Bric Marketing, an SEO firm based in Boston. Nick had been in the Internet Marketing field for more than a decade and has vast knowledge of B2B SEO. He regularly contributes to the Bric Marketing Blog. The Bric Marketing SEO Newsletter published in the blog is read by more than 160000 subscribers.

Nick helps website owners to recover from the negative impact of Penguin 2.1. Nick Stamoulis had worked with hundreds of small, medium and large companies and had helped them to increase their online visibility as well as sales. Nick has delivered speeches at various internet marketing conferences including PubCon, AMA Webcasts, Boston SEO Meetup, eBusiness Symposium, Marketing Profs B2B Forum and many others.

26. Chris Winfield

top seo experts in the world

Chris Winfield’s wife Danielle started the Internet marketing company 10e20 in the year 2002. Chris specializes in social media marketing and search. The company helps the clients to get qualified traffic to their websites and thereby increase the sales. Chris started his career with a small web designing company. After coming out of that company he learned about SEO in detail.

He went through the articles on Search Engine Watch. Subsequently they started 10e20 and focused on organic SEO. According to Chris, One should be clear about his/her goals and objectives in social media marketing. Great content and great ideas are very important to achieve the goals because one must be able to provide the people something special so that they will come forward to know more about the company.

The online marketer should know the needs of the people and how the company can help them to get the same. The marketer should also identify the communities and networks that suit to him. The marketer must find out his customers and should also identify the people who can effectively spread the message.

Chris Winfield is also known as the ‘Super-Connector.’ For the benefit of the entrepreneurs and the technical experts, Chris organizes the publicity event Unfair Advantage Live. Chris is a columnist for TIME, Business Insider and INC. He is an editor for Huffington’s Thrive Global.

For Entrepreneur, Chris hosts a show. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Forbes and many other media outlets regularly feature Chris Winfield. Chris had worked with people from various best-known companies like NBC, Virgin, Intuit, Conde Nast, Viacom, Macy’s, Disney and Virgin.

27. Laura Lippay

top seo experts in the world

On Page SEO, advanced SEO, analytics, branding and competitive research are the favorite topics of Laura Lippay. She focused on optimization and content strategy for Fortune 500 as well as 1000 companies. She worked in this field for more than 10 years. Presently Laura is in charge of the Organic Search and Technical Optimization at Netflix.

She had been running various boutique agencies. Laura had been the Technical Marketing Director for Yahoo Media and SEO Specialist at CNET. Laura used to deliver speeches at conferences all over the world. At Yahoo Media, Laura was determining monetizable search and social media opportunities in their verticals. When she was the SEO specialist at CNET, she was instrumental in developing the in-house SEO program.

28. Meg Geddes

top seo experts in the world

Meg Geddes is an Internet Marketing consultant and is based in Ann Arbor, MI. Meg focuses on SEO, PPC, e-Commerce, and usability. Meg regularly posts articles on Meg points out the mistakes made by people and helps them to fix the same. Meg Geddes had been in sales, marketing, and web designing also.

He had been Technical Support Manager of a networking company which specializes in UNIX and Netware. Meg is also running his own publishing company, Nutmeg.Inc and in addition to that he is the President of Michigan Integrated Solutions, Inc. Meg Geddes can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

29. Greg Boser

top seo experts in the world

Greg Boser started his SEO activities at the very earlier stage of SEO. He could develop and implement various organic search strategies which were quite successful. He had worked with various companies that are in diverse fields.

They include Fortune 500 companies, startups which were funded by VC, Madison Avenue ad agencies and a few search engines. Greg gives speeches about organic search at large conferences as well as small private events like PubCon, SES, SMX, Affiliate Summit, Web 2.0, Elite Retreat and many others. Boser is the President and Co-founder of Foundation Digital.

30. Lyndon Antcliff

top seo experts in the world

Lyndon Antcliff is a consultant of online publishing. In his articles, Antcliff highlights the positive aspects of the cognitive SEO tool related to content marketing and SEO. Antcliff is the author of the book “Create Magnetic Headlines: The Killer Guide to creating great headlines for maximum attention.” Lyndon’s blog has a CTR of 100%. His headlines are compelling and catchy.

The headlines are highly appealing, and those who read his blog will be able to learn a lot. He writes compelling content for the World Wide Web. In his famous article “12 Free Tools to help increase your traffic and SEO” Lyndon describes 12 different tools that are offered free.

They include, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog Spider, Google Webmaster Tools, Open Site Explorer from, Google trends, Similar Web, Check Your Rank for Free, Create an XML Sitemap, Google Mobile Speed Test, Robots Text Generator and WP-Smushit image optimizer.

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