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21 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Higher Rankings

SEO plugins for WordPress

Owners of WordPress websites, as well as blogs, have thousands of options to choose the Best WordPress SEO Plugins. While choosing them you have to consider the top SEO WordPress plugins which will help you to create the web content of superior quality. These SEO plugins for WordPress are very important for optimizing the sites and to achieve higher ranking on search engines. You have to ensure that you select only the best SEO plugins for WordPress since it is a known fact that all SEO plugins will not deliver good results. Those who are new to WordPress are more likely to find it difficult to identify the best SEO WordPress plugin.

The details about some of the best SEO WordPress plugins are provided in this article.

1. SEO Ultimate

SEO plugins for WordPress


SEO Ultimate is considered as the best free SEO plugin for WordPress, and this complete on-page optimization plugin for WordPress comes with a basket full of amazing features. The premium version of SEO Ultimate provides access to the dedicated email support in addition to many exclusive features as well as tutorials. You can optimize your site for higher ranking by editing your title posts with the help of the title tag rewriter of this plugin. Creation of deep links among related post is made possible by its anchor text driven internal linking feature called deep link Juggernaut. The pattern of internal ranking is enhanced by this plugin.

Your posts, pages, categories, tags, and attachments can have a Meta description with the help of the Meta Description Editor. The Meta Description can be optimized for the potential keywords. This plugin has a snippet creator which will provide good quality snippet codes for reviews. SEO Ultimate has the open graph feature to create open graph data automatically for homepages, user profiles, posts and attachments. The visitors to your site – users and spiders – will be redirected from “page not found” errors by the 404 monitor of this WordPress plugin and the highlighter of this plugin ensures visibility of the Google+ profile of the author along with the posts by way of creating codes.

2. SEO Framework

SEO plugins for WordPress

Here is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins that ensures an automatic solution to SEO which is very important for a WordPress site. With this best free SEO plugin for WordPress, you will be able to provide more SEO value to your content, and this plugin is ideal for both experts and novice users. With the same features of the WordPress interface this plugin looks like a part of WordPress and since it is not branded others cannot identify the tools you have used. With this plugin, you are able to set manually different standards for the posts, pages, terms and public CPT.

This plugin is without any advertisement. When you use SEO Framework you need not use caching plugins. The plugin’s code uses flexible and temporary caching and it can be enhanced on PHP-level. As a result, the page load time of this plugin will be reduced in spite of many Meta tags. bb Press, Woo Commerce, and other custom posts are supported by this plugin. SEO Framework effectively prevents duplicate content by way of creating a canonical URL with HTTPS support, the subdomain, and Domain Mapping. Another great advantage of this best SEO WordPress plugin is that for many websites it ensures the best starting point since it is preconfigured.

Numerous site settings like the Structured Data Output options are possible with this plugin. SEO Framework enables you to make use of global options to adjust SEO. 404 pages and empty classifications are prevented from getting indexed. All hidden HTML comments can be disabled with the help of filters. Sitemaps will be enabled to automatically notify Google, Bing, and Yandex on the website.

3. Yoast’s WordPress SEO

SEO plugins for WordPress

WordPress SEO by Yoast, one of the best SEO WordPress plugins is used for on-page optimization of pages and posts by millions of webmasters. The Yoast plugin enables you to set your URL, preferred page titles, Meta description and sitemap. Apart from creating a sitemap, this plugin allows linking of your website with Google Webmaster console as well as Bing Webmaster console for the purpose of verification.

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins for multisite and since this plugin has social media integration you can easily optimize your content for sharing on social media. From the color of the SEO indicators, you will know whether the page is optimized or not and the plugin provides a complete analysis of pages and based on the focus keyword it scores the pages.

The free Yoast SEO plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository and the premium version can be downloaded from the official website of Yoast. With the premium version, you can add more keywords so that your posts and pages can be optimized for multiple keywords.

4. All in One SEO Pack

SEO plugins for WordPress

Downloads of this popular WordPress plugin have exceeded the 3 million mark and is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, All in One SEO Pack is widely used for optimizing posts and pages individually. This WordPress plugin is ideal for optimizing pages for mobile search since it supports the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. The new users of WordPress find this plugin very easy to use since it can be used straight away after installation without configuring the settings.

In order to obtain a higher ranking on search engines, the experienced users can tweak the features. This WordPress plugin will automatically generate Meta tags and also automatically optimize pages, posts and custom post titles for search engine ranking. By supporting Google Analytics this plugin enables the users to track traffic on all the pages of the website. You can create XML Sitemap using this plugin and can get a higher ranking by submitting the Sitemap to Google and Bing. Canonical URLs are also supported by the All in One SEO Pack and Google and Bing can be automatically notified. The inbuilt API of this plugin can be accessed by other plugins and themes and thereby extend its functionality.

This best free SEO plugin for WordPress can be used for SEO integration of e-commerce sites, and moreover, this plugin supports WooCommerce. The inbuilt Nonce security ensures protection from hacking and this plugin is compatible with PHP7. This Plugin can override the automatically set title and Meta description and you can provide your own custom titles and Meta description. Being one of the best free SEO plugins for WordPress, this plugin is rated as one of the top SEO WordPress plugins on millions of sites. The free version of this plugin can be upgraded to the premium version.

5. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This free WordPress plugin is known for its speed, quality and image enhancement capability. Using this plugin you can resize your images as well as files without affecting their quality. The image will be smushed using WPMU DEV’s super servers. The unwanted data will be removed without affecting the speed of the website. This plugin is compatible with all plugins of the media library and provides individual as well as global settings.

The attachments can be manually smushed either separately or sequentially in sets of 50 attachments. WPMU DEV’s Smush API effectively prevents slowdown while smushing. The attached images are automatically smushed for fast compression asynchronously. For large images, you can choose the maximum width and height.

6. Broken Link Checker

SEO plugins for WordPress

This WordPress plugin is used to check for broken links on your site. In addition to broken links, it will also detect missing images, redirects and the links that are not working. The broken links will appear differently in the posts and this plugin ensures that the broken links are not followed by the search engines. This WordPress plugin allows you to search and filter using either URL or the anchor text. It is easy to configure this plugin and without updating each post the broken links can be edited from the plugin’s page directly.

7. Rankie Rank Tracker

SEO plugins for WordPress

This premium SEO WordPress plugin is used to check the rank of your Google website. Using this plugin you can monitor the keyword position. By way of regularly updating the ranks, this plugin enables you to track the WordPress ranking on Google. Reports are provided monthly, annually or at regular intervals and can be downloaded in PDF format. This is considered as one of the best WordPress SEO plugins because it functions as SERP tracker as well as keyword research tool.

This plugin provides a long list of quality keywords including auto track searched keywords to the dashboard. The site location positions are Google Directly, Google Custom Search API, Google via and Google via proxy. The plugin sends a daily email with each position change. The plugin provides a ranking graph for each of the tracked keywords and it uses proxies while retrieving Google for search. The action log provided by the plugin shows the actions completed by the plugin.

8. Redirection

SEO plugins for WordPress

This is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress that helps you to track all 404 errors, handle 301 redirections and organize all the loose ends on your site. In addition to 301, you can manually include 302 and 307 redirections also. This plugin supports WP CLI and also the ‘pass-through’ redirection to enable you to pass a URL through to another website, file or page. With this plugin, you can have all URLs to be redirected and there can be full logs for all redirected URLs.

This plugin supports Apache and Nginx and provides all redirection data including a number of times redirection happened, the last redirection, the person who tried the redirection and the location of URL. The Redirection Plugin allows import and export to JSON, CSV, Nginx rewrite.rules and .htaccess. to work. This plugin is available in different languages and is completely localized.

9. WooCommerce – All in One SEO Pack

SEO plugins for WordPress


This is, in fact, an extension of the All in One SEO Pack Plugin developed by Michael Torbert. With this plugin, you can edit, add and organize All in One SEO Pack Meta information. The plugin shows the dialog of All in One SEO Pack on the Add/Edit Products Screen in WooCommerce.

10. W3 Total Cache

SEO plugins for WordPress

This free WordPress plugin provides transparent CDN board with Media Library, WordPress and theme files. This plugin supports SSL, AMP and also mobile support for individual caching of pages. This WordPress plugin enables caching of compressed pages and posts either in the memory or on disk. It also supports caching of compressed CSS and JavaScript files in memory, either on CDN or on disk. Caching of feeds, database objects, objects, and fragments in memory feed and search results pages are allowed.

11. WordPress Ping Optimizer

This plugin enables you to protect your blog from getting marked as a ping spammer. Whenever you click the “Save and Continue Editing” or “Save” button, the WordPress blog pings. This Plugin effectively prevents such unwanted pings.

12. All in One Rich Snippets

SEO plugins for WordPress

Schemas including articles, reviews, people, products, events, and recipes are supported by this plugin. When the users share the links of your posts on Facebook, this WordPress plugin enables Facebook to provide correct information. With this plugin, you can get higher ranking on search engines and it will also help you to improve the CTR.

The snippets with images, author, price and star ratings provided by this plugin are highly interactive and will help you to beat the competition. It serves the search engine with specific information that is actually required to show in the search result snippets.

13. SEO Squirrly

SEO plugins for WordPress

This WordPress plugin is compatible with most of the themes and plugins on your site. Real-time optimization of your articles is provided when you write or edit them. By way of finding the topics and keywords preferred by most by your customers, you can get ranked higher and can thereby push back your competitors. This plugin enables you to email your reports to your SEO team. The reports enable you to learn various SEO strategies as well as content marketing.

Copyright – free images are provided and with the help of social intelligence as well as Inspiration Box you will be able to write the content of superior quality. With this plugin, you can concentrate on your SEO strategy with just a few clicks. This plugin creates XML Sitemap of your site for Google and Bing. When you share posts and articles on Facebook, this plugin allows you to preview the videos and images. The users can easily know whether the pinned image indicates a product, recipe, article or an app with the help of the Integrated Pinterest Rich Pin Validator.

14. Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP

SEO plugins for WordPress

Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP is one of the best free SEO plugins for WordPress which will incorporate Yoast SEO into your AMP pages. The plugin executes all the technical specifications of AMP so that the pages of your site get valid AMP code.

This plugin ensures proper application of your meta-data. You can easily modify your AMP pages with this plugin and also you can change the design of your AMP page if required. This plugin makes your AMP pages similar to your main pages by providing rudimental link styles and colors.

15. SEO Optimized Images

SEO plugins for WordPress

This WordPress plugin enables you to provide title attribute and alt attributes to your images that are SEO-friendly. It will automatically switch the title tags and alt tags without changing the database. With this plugin, you will find it easy to bring your site back to its original state. Also, with this plugin, you can include image name, post title and post category in title and alt attributes of images.

16. EWWW Image Optimizer

SEO plugins for WordPress

This is one of the Best WordPress Plugins that help you to increase the speed of your page with the help of image optimization and by increasing the speed you can achieve higher ranking on search engines. It will also improve your conversion rate and ultimately your sales go up. This plugin will also enhance the newly uploaded images. It will also modify the already uploaded images and will bring them to the ideal file format. In order to ensure safety, high-quality SSL encryption is used by this plugin for all communications.

Similarly, in order to prevent upload delays, this plugin makes use of optional Parallel Optimization and automatic Background Optimization. With the free image backup, you can store your original images for up to 30 days. This free plugin provides you API so that you need not pay for the image which cannot be compressed. It offers top compression quality ratio with numerous options for JPG, PDF and PNG files. The plugin ensures sufficient coverage and optimizes everything on the website.

17. All in One WP Security and Firewall

SEO plugins for WordPress

This plugin will ensure the maximum security for your WP site. Though WordPress is highly secure, it is advisable to go for extra security to cover all the risks. This will ensure efficient as well as the smooth running of your website.

This WordPress plugin will show your security points score so that you will know whether your site is secure or not. When your website is found insecure, the reputation will be spoiled and your ranking will be adversely affected.

18. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

SEO plugins for WordPress

Now it is very important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Instead of spending your resources, time and money to make your site mobile-friendly, you can go for this WPtouch mobile plugin which will automatically provide an attractive mobile theme for your site to attract the mobile visitors.

Once installed, the mobile appearance of your blog can be customized using the admin panel. The code need not be altered to bring the changes. The desktop theme will not be affected by this plugin so that the non-mobile visitors can also use your website.

19. Google XML Sitemaps

SEO plugins for WordPress

This WordPress plugin creates XML Sitemaps so as to enable Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines to index your website easily. In this way, this plugin improves the SEO of your website. When you make a post of a new product or new content the plugin sends notifications to the search engines.

As one of the top SEO WordPress plugins, it helps you to create the Sitemaps for search engines. This is a free plugin available in different languages. It is compatible with different types of pages created by custom URLs as well as WordPress. With this plugin, it is easier for crawlers to see the website.

20. Auto Clean URL for SEO

SEO plugins for WordPress

It is very important to maintain the URLs carefully. When there are bad words in the URL search engines may not index your site. Temporary stop words are not good for the URLs. The Auto Clean URL plugin will automatically scan the URLs of your website and clean them so that they will be more visible as well as exposed to the search engines. As part of the automatic clean up the length of the URL can be reduced and some database space also can be saved.

21. APH Merge Scripts

SEO plugins for WordPress

The performance of your website will be adversely affected due to an extensive amount of HTTP requests made by each page load when the website is loaded by the user. The performance variation occurs depending on the structure of the theme as well as a number of plugins used.

The APH Merge Scripts facilitate merging of the CSS and JavaScript files so as to reduce the number of requests considerably. By way of detecting the essential script parts and merging them together to form a single file, the plugin manages to reduce the load time to the minimum. This plugin supports Content Delivery Networks.

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