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How to Optimize for Voice Search – 7 Simple SEO Strategies for Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization

Online marketers and small businesses the world over are now keen on voice search optimization because of the way people conduct online searches for information is rapidly changing. Far more people search on the internet for information by using voice search on their mobile devices.

According to the recent estimate, about 60% of online searches are conducted using mobile devices.

Since it is not so easy to type on the tiny screen of the mobile phone, the mobile phone users find voice search more suitable for them.

The SEO professionals are now caught up with voice search optimization 2018, and now SEO experts are planning a new search strategy for voice searches.

Now the users of Smartphones, Smart home devices, and other mobile devices find it very easy and straightforward to get the required information from their device just by asking a question, thanks to the new technology as well as the new devices.

Voice search optimizationVoice search enables people to converse with devices and get the information or place the order or play music. When we were using the computer to search for information on the internet, we used to enter keyword phrases on the computer to get the information.

Unlike the keyword phrases, voice search is purely conversational and has a natural tone. Another important aspect of voice search is that it is mobile and is often focused locally.

Being conversational, the queries of voice search are longer than the keyword queries.

The device must be able to provide search results of the best quality to the searchers for which it should identify short content pieces that are relevant to the query to answer the searcher. It is essential now to optimize for voice search.

The following SEO Strategies will help you do Voice Search Optimization

1. Make The Website Mobile-Responsive

Voice search optimizationThe mobile-responsive website is the need of the hour. Nowadays more people are conducting voice search on their mobile devices.

So, naturally, they expect the website to be perfectly mobile-responsive. In case the website fails or takes too much time to adapt to the mobile device there will be a wrong impression about the website and the searchers will immediately jump over to competitor’s website.

Hence a mobile-responsive website is all the more important for Google voice search optimization.

2. Get The Benefit Of Content Marketing

The most effective way to satisfy the searcher and make him come back to the website and purchase the product is to provide him useful as well as relevant content.

Content marketing is the most effective weapon to take maximum advantages of the “how-to” searches. Content marketing facilitates generating traffic to the website.

Top-of-the-funnel generation will be possible if and only if the searchers enter the funnel. Before creating the content for the website, keyword research may be done to identify the top questions asked by the searchers and the content may be created targeting those keywords.

3. Optimize Load Time And Make It A Fast Website

It is essential to make the website quick. A fast loading website is a crucial voice search optimization strategy. The success of the website depends on its load time.

When the searchers find that the website is slow, they will immediately switch over without waiting even for a second.

Moreover, those who do voice search will be in more hurry than those who type the keyword for their search. Hence a slow website can’t achieve anything from voice search.

4. Take Advantage Of Micro-Moments

The micro-moments have more potential for lead generation as well as conversion. Micro-moments are great opportunities to make the searcher try or buy.

If the content of the website can target people precisely during micro-moments, the website can achieve high conversion rate.

Micro-moments are more critical in voice search. By way of targeting the right keywords, one can focus the critical moments during which the searcher will be in a hurry to take a decision.

Targeting the right keyword on the website is very important. Keyword research using suitable resources is necessary to identify the right keywords.

5. Give More Importance To Long-Tail keywords

Voice search optimizationLong-tail keywords are more extended and are not as common as the short keywords. Unlike typing searches, voice searches will have more long-tail keywords.

While optimizing for voice search one should pay more attention to long-tail keywords since while talking, people will be using more extended keywords.

The keywords should contain prepositions and filler words. Long-tail keywords are very essential to optimize for voice search because while talking, the searcher will be more conversational, in a hurry and will be very specific. Hence long-tail keywords will be dominant.

6. Know And Understand The Customer

It is well known that people who speak into the mobile device are in a hurry and in case they receive the irrelevant information they get annoyed. Unless you understand the customer clearly, you cannot make the customer buy from you.

You must know who the searcher is, what he requires and how he thinks. Understanding the customer is a critical requirement for voice search. After clearly understanding the customer, create the web-page and prepare the content which will address the needs, problems, and wishes of the customer.

7. Create FAQ Pages

Creation of content that target on longer, as well as conversational search terms, is very crucial for successful voice search optimization. The best way to make use of that type of content is to create FAQ Pages on the website.

FAQ page will be rich in long-tail as well as conversational keyword phrases. The standard queries made by people may be posted on the same page. The questions must be natural and also they should be direct questions.

For the direct questions, the answers must be quick, precise, clear and succinct.

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