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50 Ways to Make Your First Sale (E-Commerce Sale)

Ways to Make Your First Sale

After setting up the online store, the online businessman has to provide the best quality content and then launch the website to the online customers. The owner of the website will be curiously watching the traffic to the site and eagerly waiting for the sales to begin. The first sale from the website is indeed a remarkable event for the website owner.

But, making that first sale a reality is indeed an arduous task. The business can be successful only if the sales increase. The online businessman who can get subsequent sales to the first sale will be able to improve his funnel, and ultimately he will add a maximum number of customers into his fold.

This article is about

50 creative ways to make your first sale from your e-commerce website:

There are various ways to make your first e-commerce sale through content marketing, social media, Paid ads, PR, traditional advertising, search engine marketing and various other methods.

Ways to Make Your First Sale
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1. Write guest blog posts for other websites

Writing guest blogs relevant to your products and posting them on various websites is an effective way to grab the attention of at least a few potential buyers to your website.

2. Start a Blog

The easiest but, most effective to attract a lot of customers at a time is to start your blog. Also, starting a blog is not an expensive task.

3. Make a viral video

Learn how to create a viral video and then create your video which should go viral.

4. Ensure that you have a YouTube channel

YouTube channel is one of the most effective marketing tools and hence it is essential to have a YouTube channel of your own.

5. Create your Email List

Email marketing is essential for the success and growth of an e-commerce business. For the money you spend on email marketing, good returns are assured.

6. Get reviews from other sites

Product reviews from other websites will facilitate word-of-mouth marketing. By way of getting the reviews from other websites, your brand credibility will increase.

7. Stand Out from the Crowd

Making the first sale in a market where there is severe competition is a big challenge. The best way to pull the customers to your side is to offer unique products.

8. Give a Press Release

When you give Press Release, the news about your business spreads very fast, and some people will be showing their interest in your product.

9. Take advantage of the LinkedIn groups

Make your LinkedIn profile, make your postings and get connected with more people.

10. Take maximum advantage of YouTube videos

Those who have the expertise to market with the help of video and can create video content of excellent quality will find it easier to make their first sale. They should also know how to get started with YouTube analytics.

11. Use Facebook to develop more friends

All online marketers must learn how to start Facebook marketing. Your online store should possess a compelling Facebook page.

12. Engage your customers and followers on Twitter

Set up your twitter and make use of the same to engage the potential customers as well as followers.

13. Create an audience with Instagram

Owners of e-commerce stores can effectively engage their customers in Instagram by posting winning photos and running interesting contests.

14. Get more traffic through Pinterest

Ensure to have the ‘Pin It’ button on your website and make your customers follow your Pins.

15. Get started with Tumblr

Learn to pick a theme on Tumblr, add content and build links that lead to your store.

16. Take advantage of Comparison Shopping Engines

The buyers who are very particular about prices make use of the comparison shopping engines before they buy the products. You can make your first e-commerce sale very easily if you know how to beat the competition and take your product to the forefront through these shopping engines.

17. Have a place on Google Places

Google Places are considered as the yellow pages of Google. If your e-commerce store appears on Google Places, it will be easier for you to get potential customers.

18. Ensure that your website is search engine optimized

Search Engine Optimization is significant for internet business. When your e-commerce site is optimized for the major search engines, your site will be ranked higher on the search engines to drive more potential clients to your website.

19. Ensure that customers can access your online store on their mobile phones

Making your e-commerce site accessible on mobile devices is one of the best ways to make your first sale.

20. Make use of Yahoo! Bing Network paid search ads

The targeted customers can be easily driven into your website by knowing how to use the paid search ads on the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Ways to Make Your First Sale
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21. From Web Analytics know the activities of customers

From the Web Analytics, you will come to know about customer activities on your website and other information about the customers which will be useful for you to sell your product to them.

22. Go for Print Ads

In these days of online ads, Print Ads are very rare. However, you can make use of Print ads as an unusual way of advertising and grab the attention of a few people to whom you will be able to start selling your product.

23. Make use of Banner Ads

If you have the right form of Banner Ads, it will be easy for you to start selling your products online.

24. Make a controversial blog post

You desperately want to grab the serious attention of at least a few potential customers to start selling your products to them. When you create controversy, many eyes will turn to you and your product. Hence by writing controversial blogs, you can take your product right in front of the audience.

25. Buy Google Adwords

You have just launched your e-commerce website, and you are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to make your first e-commerce sale. The best way for you to get the fastest results is to start using the Google Adwords platform and drive targeted traffic to your site.

26. Go to the Flea Market and talk to customers directly

When you want to make your first sale from your e-commerce website, the most effective way is to talk to the customers one-on-one and sell your products directly to them. This is the very best method to get your first sale.

27. Reap business through the local business network

You should learn how to network effectively in the real world scenario to get the best results to ensure the success of your business.

28. Promote your brand through Meetups

When you can find out meetups in your locality, you can easily establish industry connections and promote your products through them.

29. Sell to Retailers

When you sell your products to other retailers, you get introduced to the market.

30. Go for Door-to-Door promotion

This is an ideal way for the startups to make their first sale.

31. Start to distribute Flyers

Distributing Flyers is a very effective way to start selling your products.

32. Advertise on Billboards

The e-commerce site owners who are in a hurry to get their first e-commerce sale can go for offline advertisement on Billboards.

33. Communicate to your Family and Friends

You can easily make your first e-commerce sale to your relatives and friends. By doing so, you can get an effective introduction.

34. Get listed on Craigslist

The easiest and the most effective way to launch your e-commerce website is to launch it through Craigslist. This is a free marketplace where you can sell anything.

35. Convince people that you are trustworthy

New online marketers have to pass through the hurdle of getting the potential customer to trust them. Ensure that your e-commerce site appears trustworthy because then only you will start getting sales.

36. Make persistent efforts

Making your first sale may require a lot of efforts, and sometimes it may take some time to get the desired result. Hard work and persistence are vital to getting your first sale.

37. Promote your website in different languages and different regions/countries

To get your first sale targeting customers who speak a different language and who live in a different region or different country is indeed a powerful strategy. This strategy will also enable you to take your business to the next level.

38. Provide social proof so that customers will be more willing to buy

Customers will give more attention to a particular product when they come to know that a particular group of people is using the same product. When you use phrases like “the No.1 brand in the country” or “the favorite brand of leading professionals,” those who go through your content are more likely to take favorable decisions.

Ways to Make Your First Sale
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39. Though you sell online, provide your contact information

Online marketers who are waiting for the first e-commerce sale may ensure to include mailing address, email address and phone number in the website. B2B customers may feel disappointed if they find that there is no contact information.

40. Include images related to testimonials

Customers are more impressed and convinced when they find that people are satisfied with the product. Hence, you may include pictures and other specific information also about those who had endorsed the products.

41. Mention compelling reasons for people to buy immediately

Many customers decide to wait and buy the product later. But those who decide to wait may not buy ultimately. Hence, to speed up your first sale, provide a compelling reason such as the last date for the special promotional offers or special discount sale only for existing stocks, etc.

42. Offer money-back guarantee

By offering the money-back guarantee, the customers who are in double mind can be made to take the favorable decision.

43. Make the checkout process simple and with minimum steps

Those who want to start their e-commerce sales should ensure that the checkout process is easy and with minimum steps. When there are too many steps, the process becomes complicated and as a result, a few among the potential buyers will opt out. See to it that all details pertaining to the checkout process are given on one page and until the customers enter the previous information hide the options.

44. No navigation bar with the checkout process

When the customer finds that either he has to proceed with the checkout process or leave the website, it is more likely that he will confirm his order. In case there is a chance to go for navigation from the checkout process, he may decide not to place the order and ultimately you lose the sale. Hence, navigation bar must be removed from the checkout process.

45. Split-test the way you display the headlines

The image surrounding the headlines and the display of the text can also influence the conversion rates. Hence you should split-test not only the headlines but the way you display the headlines also.

46. A PR Stunt can make your brand well-known

A properly executed PR stunt can provide instant publicity to your brand so that you can attract a number of loyal followers as well as potential buyers.

47. Conduct consumer survey

Consumer survey will fetch you correct and true feedback and you will come to know the desires as well as grievances of the customers. This will enable you to take corrective measures so as to pave the way for your first e-commerce sale. Online apps can be used to run the survey.

48. Provide more information through Infographics

Through the Infographics you can provide information that covers all facts and figures in a way which is quite easy to understand. Infographics are very effective in increasing search engine traffic as well as social searches.

49. Provide impressive design for your e-commerce website

For online business also the first impression is very significant. As far as the e-commerce website is concerned, the first impression depends mainly on the design of the website. When the first impression is good the first sale is more likely.

50. Post on Online Discussion Forums

Using Google you can easily find out active online forums that are related to your products. You can use these forums to promote your brand after ensuring that you are not breaking the rules of the forum. You can post useful tips, advice and answer to questions and in that way, you will get at least 2 – 3 customers. This is one of the best ways to make your first sale.

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