In the words of Matt Cutts from Google, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” 34% of the web is occupied by it. It is for a B2C business that 86% of marketers find content marketing crucial for their business. 

In a real sense, WordPress is an SEO friendly platform that offers numerous tools through which you can optimize your posts and pages. It is also user friendly. This helps in making the site enticing for the search engines. WordPress is considered the best Content Management System(CMS) for SEO. It was launched in the year 2003, and since then, there has been no turning back.

WordPress was a blogging platform during its initial days, but since the last few years, with its increased versatility, it has provided its users to create a fully functional website. If this still doesn’t convince you that WordPress is the best CMS for SEO available, you should check out the following rock-solid reasons to make an informed decision.

8 Reasons why WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO

Enhanced user experience

WordPress provides a website that is user friendly, attractive, and easy to use. This reduces the bounce rate for the website. The users visit the website and stay there for a more extended period. The SEO rankings of the page are also improved as google prefers sites that provide an excellent user experience.

WordPress is free and open-sourced

WordPress comes at zero cost until you opt for the premium version. That simply implies that you can check the platform without paying for it. The themes provided are beautiful and come either free or at a low cost. The platform is updated frequently and can be customized as per the user’s requirements.

It is beginner-friendly

New to the creation of a website? No problem as WordPress is designed for beginners to have a hassle-free experience. You don’t require any knowledge of coding for a perfect website. Plus, you can customize it according to your needs.

Optimize image more simply

WordPress allows you to optimize the image in a much simpler way. Images, as we all know, add visual appeal to the content. You can add a description with keywords to the image as well. This helps in improving the SEO ranking of the site. Moreover, images with lesser size take less time to load and hence increase the site speed.

No disappointments with slow speed

The site created through WordPress takes less time to load. With amazing plugins available with WordPress, they act like speed boosters. Page speed is a Google ranking factor. Hence here on WordPress, you get a hassle-free good website experience. 

Share the contents on social media

Today, social media has emerged as the largest platform to share content. Post your content on social media using WordPress. The amalgamation of the two will drive more traffic to your content. Even campaigns can be carried out on social media using WordPress.

Utilize the SEO friendly themes

Website design is also one of the components that search spiders catch to rank your webpage. A good Search engine optimization friendly theme is sufficient to entice those search spiders to your webpage. 

High-quality security design

WordPress is designed in such a way to provide high-quality security to the content that is put up. So whether it is a blog or a website, with WordPress, your content remains safe. There are regular security updates available to ensure the best security measures are provided to the end-user.

Why does my business require a WordPress site?

WordPress is the best content management system. A CMS provides you with the benefits of altering and editing your website without using any code. WordPress offers some amazing themes. It acts as the decorative material for your website. 

Even website design affects traffic. Today 30% of the websites that operate on the internet use WordPress. It allows you to create and publish your content. WordPress provides an innovative and more accessible user interface. Any website needs to reduce the complications that go into maintaining it. 

The fewer audience is capable of dealing with the coding part. So if I don’t know to code, does that mean I have to opt-out of it? The answer to this is a big ‘No’. With WordPress, you don’t even require someone to do this for you. It all comes wrapped in it. All that you have to do is utilize the plugins to build a website of your own choice. Take your business online with WordPress and bring about constant growth in it.

How does the WordPress website allow you to gain more presence on Google?

WordPress is the best cms for SEO and content marketing. It allows you to take control of your website, but at the same time, it would not benefit anyone if your website doesn’t appear in the searches. To get the best out of it, you need to take care of both the content and the website performance. 

Contrary to the popular opinion that WordPress is search engine optimized, it is search engine friendly. The themes available are SEO friendly. To gain more presence on google, design your website in such a way to attract more customers. Here are some tips to follow to improve your visibility in the searches.

Analyze your competitors

Just like you plan to invest in your website, your competitors would also leave any stone unturned to achieve this. Review their website and identify the parts that are missing from your website. 

After reviewing it, add those features to your website so that you remain abreast of the challenges that are bound to cross your way. Work only on those factors that bring about improvements to your website. It is essential to understand that what works for others may not work for you.

Have a mobile-friendly website

Since most of the searches today are done using mobile phones, it becomes mandatory for all websites to have a mobile version attached. Create your website with a navigation menu and streamlined content. The main aim behind creating a navigation bar is to allow the users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Create interest amongst the audience

To achieve this, add exciting images to your website. Images enhance the visual appeal of the content. They improve the design of the website, thereby making it attractive for the users. Try using original pictures. These could be images from your business or perhaps your company’s logo. The users will find your content relatable and will easily connect with your business.

Implement Call to Action

A call to action is meant to guide the users to the landing page. A majority of them are present in the form of image links and are meant to persuade the audience to make a purchase decision, subscribe to a newsletter, download a file, or read an article of their interest.

Is WordPress beneficial for small businesses?

Initially designed for blogging, WordPress remains attached to its basics. There was a time when developers were required by business owners to make minor changes to the website. With WordPress, no technical knowledge is needed to maintain the website. Most of the features come for free or are low priced. 

Even a small business with a lesser budget can afford a website and take the online business forward. Despite being an open-source development tool, an enormous amount of security and customization is available with WordPress. SEO features are included in it. There are metatags available. 

There is also the WordPress eCommerce plan. Instead of investing in setting up a brick and mortar store for your business, you can simply choose the eCommerce model. Start selling your stuff through the eCommerce website. This entirely reduces the cost. You can even accept payments for your online business.

Content marketing and WordPress go hand in hand. Content marketing is also dependent on SEO. WordPress allows you to do custom posts. You can segregate different types of content and ensure that each one is structured in the way you specify. 

Moreover, the landing page will be incorporated with keywords. This would drive more organic traffic to your content. A well-defined content is essential to reduce the bounce rate. Along with this, social media could also be used to share the content and increase the number of views made on the post. 

Quality content is required for the retention of the audience. If the content provides the right amount of information that the users are looking for, they will keep coming back to the website. As we can see, WordPress comes as a compelling platform for providing content management systems. It is a viable option for both personal and commercial websites. Let this magnificent tool drive your business to greater heights of success.

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