In 1998, a fireball was invented – we all know that the biggest inventions and innovations start with the tiniest inception process. Don’t believe us? Take a glance at giants like Microsoft, Apple, and of course, Google. 

Google is the fastest-growing search engine in the world – but, you already knew that! 

There are several reasons why it’s considered better than search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, etc., and, Google has been with us longer than any of the other competitors. 

No one is arguing that Yahoo! And Bing are incompetent in comparison to Google, but the latter just has a piece of our heart – remember those times when the Internet was newly included into your computer and you had the golden opportunity to search the web instead of play games like Minsweep, Solitaire, Mahjong, etc. and the farthest you could go was search for online games?

We’ve been there, done that – and that is why, Google not only is the most popular search engine but it also remains a part of our childhood and hence, remains close to our hearts. 

So, Google has won our hearts – we’ve established that.  

Although Google has won our hearts and faith like a good search engine should – there are things and technicalities that we find confusing and difficult to comprehend – like Google’s updates and more importantly, algorithms.

For the longest time, Google algorithms have played a major part in shaping the search engine as it is, today, but very few understand the workings of the algorithms.

To understand the Google algorithm, it is important to know the basics starting from square one. Contact Monarch Web World – Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi.

What is an Algorithm?  

As per a standard definition, an algorithm is a set of rules for solving a problem using several steps within a finite reach.

In the language of computers, an algorithm sets the stage for the computer to perform a very specific task. For instance, the computer may be programmed to come up with numbers as random as 1 to 100. This is a task involving a fixed beginning and endpoint. Thus, it is considered to be finite.

What is the Google Algorithm? 

In simple words, Google follows the same steps followed in a normal algorithm. Remember the last time you searched for those cute Manolo pumps? Or the last time you searched for that amazing cabana café by the waterside where you took your family for their 50th anniversary?  

Google did that for you! You typed in some keywords like “ManoloBlahnik” or “Waterside café on Woodford Street” and you got the results that you were hoping for. 

The question is, how did Google know what to show you and in which order?  

Well, this is where Algorithms take center stage. 

That’s great… but how does Google Algorithm actually work?  

You see, Google has a very complex algorithm for serving search results, and it changes relatively frequently. 

With the endless amount of information available for free online finding what you need would be nearly impossible without some help. Google ranking systems are designed to do just that – screen through billions of web pages in our Search index to find the easiest, most useful, and convenient results in a fraction of a second, and present them in a way that helps you find what you’re looking for – sound easy?

These ranking systems include not one, but a whole series of algorithms. To give you the freest information, Google algorithms look at several factors, including the keywords mentioned in your query, relevance, and usability of pages, the expertise of source, location of the web user, and settings. 

What you must remember is that the relevance applied to each factor depends on the nature of your query – for example, the freshness of content plays a major role in answering queries about trending topics, in comparison to dictionary definitions. Connect with Monarch Web World – Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi.

The algorithm is adjusted for each search and can be altered by even the slightest change in spelling and word order. The results are then given to the user, who can decide which site to visit. Not surprisingly, these happen rapidly. Additionally, it shows that the Google algorithm has been designed to offer a library of personalization. 

We’re not saying that comprehending it, is easy, but it certainly is not the mystery it once was and the individual factors which it is made up of, are fairly well documented. However, we believe that it’s imperative to simply acknowledge the power the Google algorithm has and try to produce the best website possible. Consequently, visitors will be pleased with what they see, which is always a positive thing! 

If you still have queries about understanding the workings of Google algorithms, feel free to contact us at Monarch Web World – Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, because we would love to help you out in every possible way!