Books are the best source of knowledge (and sometimes wisdom). Digital marketing is no exception in this aspect. Finding and reading books is much easier than in the past since the onset of Internet usage. Here we have chosen the top digital marketing books that every marketer should read. Scroll down to find more about the sources of knowledge in the field of Digital marketing.

Top 5 Digital marketing books that every marketing professional should read in 2020

Digital Marketing for Dummies by Ryan Deiss

This is the guide the world turns to, to stay afloat in the quicksand of ever-changing trends. Ryan explains the how-to-dos of a wide range of topics from the art of ad campaigns to the basics of Social media marketing.

Google AdWords for Beginners by Cory Rabazinsky

Google Ads can easily be the most powerful tool for advertisement in the digital realm if used wisely. Explore the labyrinth of procedures and processes behind the scenes of AdWords to understand and use it for your business’ progress.

Spin sucks by Gini Dietrich

A widely ignored fact by companies in social media: followers are humans and they expect human communication from companies. Spin Sucks explains this concept in-depth to establish an ethical communication system between the audience and the companies to foster trust.

The Clarity Project by Liam Thompson

In this book, Liam explains the ways to identify the target audience,  digital marketing strategies to increase visitors and conversion rates, building a relationship with clients, and many other mind-bending concepts of digital marketing in easy-to-grasp concept bits and with clarity.

Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer

Ego stands in between negative feedback and an effective solution. Hug your haters explains exactly how to overcome it to avoid both ignoring and reacting to haters by drawing in crazy case studies to show us what went wrong. This book on digital marketing is the perfect solution to turn your haters into stepping stones for success.

Search Engine Optimisation for Dummies by Peter Kent

Keywords linked to the webpage are what help search engines to save us the pain of wading through the heavily crowded Internet. In this digital marketing book, Peter helps you to unravel the secrets of optimizing these keywords for your company’s Ads to be readily found by search engines.

These digital marketing books will be an unequivocal power in our hands. However, always do remember that books can only do so much. Learn from them and never hesitate to put what you learn into practice. After all, the experience cannot be dug out from books.  

Mantras for Writing Great Content

Once upon a time, writing was a tool for the rich and the powerful. In this digital era, it is no longer a privilege reserved for the elites. Anyone can write to express their views on anything they wish to. However, the art of creating great content is an elusive dream for many. Slide down to make the dream come true.

Read, read, read….

Reading is the unequivocal solution to sow and grow ideas. It doesn’t matter what one reads. Time spent on reading is never wasted. Besides, it comes with an added benefit- increased vocabulary. Great ideas to present content and good vocabulary to write it downturns good content into great content.

Know what you write

Lengthy and purely opinion-based writings are no match to the compelling and short articles out there. If one decides to write more, then the length of the article must reflect the depth of his research. Not knowing what one writes is the quickest way to lose track of the point.

Draw a picture

Humans are visual beings. We love visual content rather than text. So, painting a scene with visually stimulating vocabulary would help to process and retain content. To make them more enjoyable, literally inserting relevant images can enhance the reading experience manifold.

Don’t settle for it

Losing the will to push harder is the difference between a trending writer and a former writer. Trying to learn and practice new techniques and subjects will make one stay on track. In the long run, people read content for what it is, not for who wrote it.

Keep editing

Never submit the first draft for publishing! However appealing it may look, it is not the best. Simple errors like a typo and grammatical glitches will ruin the overall feel of the piece. So, editing drafts repeatedly with a short time between each draft will make wonders for the final copy.

Be an SEO expert

As we are focusing on digital content writing, being discoverable is very important to reach the potential audience. This requires the need to be listed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Learning to incorporate keywords that have a high potential to be searched for will go a long way to gain a wide outreach.

2020 Digital Marketing trends

One may call 2020 the year of reform. Changes are happening in every possible social, medical, and technological setting. Marketing trends are no exception here. Keep scrolling to learn the emerging trends in digital marketing

Voice searches see an upward slope

With the advancement in voice assisting tech like Alexa and Google Assistant, voice searches have gone up by around 20% and are still increasing. Optimizing the keywords for marketing ads for voice searches by switching from broken groups of words to full sentences are helping businesses gain greater outreach.

Position zero- nothing less

Position zero- the first result in a SERP- is the most coveted position in 2020 for any business. Being on the first page alone is no longer enough. Increased optimization of SEO is done to fight for the top position.

Personalization to a new level

Consumers now readily dismiss irrelevant ads, without even a glance. Utilizing modern tech like AI and chatbots with human backup is done to extract details from every single user. These data are promising in displaying highly personalized ads for every denizen of the internet.

New tech: VR and AR

People love to know more about a product before buying it, with very little difficulty. Virtual and Augmented Reality are the most informative means available in 2020. Their realistic feel is being used by companies to sell large products like a car, furniture, or even a house that conventionally relied on video ads and personal visits. 

Finding the right influencer

More than 72% of Instagram users buy products via the app. Of them, 70% of teens trust products supported by an influencer rather than a celebrity. Putting this knowledge to use by partnering with the right influencer has guarantee increased sales for all kinds of products. 

A video ad is a must

More than 49% of Internet users watch at least 5 videos per day!

That means people are more willing to watch video ads than any other ad forms. This has made all companies scramble to make video ads.

Content marketing is not dead, yet

Even though the technological advances may seem to say a different story, they all are diverting the traffic to the contents! People now wish to learn more about a product than ever before. So, it is imperial for companies to deliver quality content with more focus on the context.

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